Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 11

I lightly leaned into Mom’s neck again and bit in. Mom’s body tightened up. She locked me in tightly. The warm liquid from Mom’s neck ran into my body. It was the same feeling as trying to get as much water and oxygen – things you couldn’t live without – via sucking. I really cared about Mom. I really care about her. I didn’t want to hurt her for my own sake, but once I bit into her neck, I lost my rationality. I didn’t want to hurt Mom, but I greedily sucked her blood. Further, I felt as though the amount of blood I sucked increased every time. Mom’s health continued to deteriorate during the recent period, and she’d frequently space out.

“Ugh…” Mom shuddered, and then she hugged me tightly. She seemed to want to push me away.

I quickly came to my senses. I noticed that Mom’s lips were pale; therefore, I quickly backed off. I felt dizzy but wasn’t sure if it was because I didn’t finish sucking blood or not. Mommy Vyvyan’s blood-red eyes were trained on the ceiling as her body convulsed. Her gaze was lifeless and no different to a dead person.

I powerlessly lied down to the side. Blood from Mommy Vyvyan’s neck slowly leaked from her neck. I turned my head to see the traces of blood. Through my blurry vision, it appeared to be the most beautiful thing in the world. It was essentially the only thing I wanted in the world.

I wanted blood. I wanted to suck blood. I couldn’t suck her blood, though. I absolutely couldn’t. My mom couldn’t handle it anymore; I saw her body surrender. I couldn’t risk sucking more of her blood. I didn’t feel I sucked enough blood just now, but, if I continued sucking, I would’ve sucked Mom dry! I couldn’t kill my mom. I’d rather die than kill her.

Mom looked in my direction. After lingering for a moment, she panicked and pulled me tightly into her embrace. Her voice shook as she said, “Son. Son. What’s wrong?! What’s wrong?! Why did you stop sucking?! Why didn’t you continue?! You need mana right now! You’ll be just as you were in the past if you don’t have mana! Here, here. Son, Mommy can take it. Mommy can take it. Don’t worry about Mommy. Here. Here, Son. Keep sucking. Don’t worry about Mommy! Otherwise there’s no point in Mommy saving you!”

“I can’t… Mom… I can’t… You… You’re already in this shape…. If…. if I continue… Mom, you…”

“I told you: Mommy is fine!!”

Mom’s sudden yell frightened me. She lingered for a moment, and then apologetically hugged me but tighter this time. Voice soft, she said, “Sorry, Son. Sorry, Son. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. Mommy is fine. You don’t need to worry about Mommy. Mommy is using this method, because Mommy is confident. There’s no need to worry. You don’t need to worry at all. Mommy is a demi-god, remember?”

I leaned over with concern and bit her neck. Mom let out a soothing moan while keeping me in her light embrace. She sobbed, “Son, don’t be so gentle. Don’t be so gentle with Mommy. You’re on the brink of death. You’re in already in this state, so do you know how guilty Mommy feels when you’re this concerned for Mommy? It’s all right, Son. Mommy can do anything for you. Mommy will definitely save you. Mommy definitely will.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, Mom… You’re my Mom… I don’t want you to hurt you… Seeing you in pain is more painful than myself getting hurt.”

I let out a sigh of relief. Although I was still somewhat weak, I didn’t want to continue. I didn’t want to kill Mom. Mom tightened her arms around me. She stroked my back: “Don’t worry about Mommy. You don’t have to worry about Mommy. Mommy has Mommy’s own solution. Mommy definitely has a solution, so don’t worry about Mommy. Mommy will be fine. Mommy still needs to look after you, so Mommy will be all right, Son. You can rest assured.”

I tightly hugged Mom back and responded in a hoarse voice: “Uhm… Mom… Don’t get hurt. Don’t get hurt again… I now… don’t even have the strength to feel pain…”


Current time in the North.

An unresponsive body dropped to the ground. The soldiers emotionlessly looked at the corpse in front of them and the woman wailing in pain. They charged into the house. The horse carriage outside was on standby. Groups of soldiers carried out chests of gold and jewels, and threw the chests onto the carriage. They didn’t even leave behind crystal candles. In fact, they even took flower vases. The soldiers diligently plundered the property’s valuables.

They basically took everything aside from the house.

“The nation is very grateful for your husband’s understanding. The nation shall use the assets your husband left well and shall also record your name on the statue to be erected…”

The soldiers walk up to the woman and her child in her arms. They thoughtlessly tossed the document to one side after reading it out loud. They then raised their sword: “Princess Freya will provide your family with a dignified funeral. We are very sorry for doing this. We hope you and your husband can find happiness on the other side.”

The sword whistled through the air. Their warm blood sprayed and heated up the lawn below them. The weight of the blood caused the grass to bend over. The soldiers stepped through the blood, grass and leaves, mixing them in with each other…

A fire went up. The guards surrounded the structure and threw the fire torches in their hands into the house through the windows one after another and sealed the main door. Cries came from within. There was loud banging on the door that was sealed. The soldiers had thrown all their fire torches, so they raised their rifles and aimed them at the main door.

“Get ready!!” The Officer shouted his commands: “Fire!!”

The intense flares tore down the flames. Even the flames that destroyed everything in sight appeared to be afraid of the bullets humanity fired. The barrage of bullets tore down the timber door. Blood spilt and seeped out. The soldiers rushed over after emptying their bullets and used their bayonets to shove the surviving maids and servants back into the fire.

The cavalry nearby crossed the plains. Hidden passageways were discovered. The cavalry chased survivors who went through so much to escape and cut them down. Everybody in the house was slaughtered. Not a single soul escaped. Freya’s plan was impeccable. She researched all of the entry and exit points of the house long before to ensure that nobody could escape. Their corpses were thrown into the flames. Nobody would ever know what happened.

Freya looked at the massive flames before her. There was no sympathy or kindness on her young face. There was only the joy of revenge and brutality; they once insulted her brother. She looked at the assets next to her and quietly giggled: “These people clung to their money and refused to help my dear brother back then. My brother was too kind and didn’t punish them. However, that doesn’t mean their fault is absolved. Their money is their repentance. All of the people here are to pay with their lives for my brother. They must pay with their lives and their money!”

At the same time, Troy’s personal guard unit that had broken off into smaller teams to massacre the merchants and nobles back then in their own homes. Then, they ransacked their assets. The soldiers in white uniforms were stained with the blood of countless people. They transported the money Troy previously needed back to the Imperial City on carts.

The Imperial City in the North had now acquired a new name: Troy Noah. Troy Noah was translated as “Long live Troy.”


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