Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 10

“I know now,” Freya remarked .

Gerald blankly looked at Freya, who seemed to be back to her old self. He placed the cup in his hand down and smiled cheerfully. He said, “I am sure you comprehend it. Miss Freya, have you understood now?”

“I have no choice but to accept my most beloved Onii-sama’s departure. As Princess Lucia said, Onii-sama may never be able to return, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have him. Think about it: Tanya reminded me yesterday. She’d rather die searching for Onii-sama, but I can’t. I can search for him, though. I’m sure that everybody misses him and loves him.”

Gerald was perplexed. She seemed to be in high spirits again, but her gaze had a completely different light to what it had in the past. If Freya was considered confident in the past, insanity was holding her together then.

Freya didn’t care about Gerald’s reaction; instead, she excitedly waved her hands and loudly said, “I know now. I know now. I slept in Onii-sama’s room yesterday and dreamt of him. I could feel as though he was by my side. I know where Onii-sama is now. Onii-sama is right by our sides in our hearts. As long as we think of him, we’ll be able to see him. Onii-sama isn’t dead. He’s still by our sides. Except, we need to make sure that people can remember him at any given moment. They need to be able to recall the warrior who gave up everything he had for us, the North and the people of Troy City.”

Gerald nodded, “Yes. That is right. His Majesty is a very, very noble person. He will forever remain in our hearts, and we will definitely pass down his legacy. He may not have directly led us, but he founded the entire North.”

Freya’s voice sounded excited. Her face was flush red with excitement. She looked Gerald and responded in a loud voice: “Correct. Correct. That’s exactly it. That’s why I need to get everybody to remember my Onii-sama. Everybody should remember my Oni-sama, from Gallo Mountain in the North down to the Grand Canyon, and from the plains of the South to Duargana. Everybody should remember my Onii-sama. Every living organism must look up to his face!! Therefore, I need a statue. A shiny golden statue, like a lighthouse, built in the North. This is culture and a noble shore. Everybody into culture should be attracted by the lighthouse. Everybody should look at him. He is a symbol of greatness and this world’s greatness.”

“A statue? Mm, that could work. Indeed, we should have a statue of His Majesty. We should have it in the palace, and we should construct a water fountain. We can build it in the centre of the market, and use His Majesty’s statue.”

It wasn’t anything over the top, since it was normal to have a statue of a great monarch constructed. Troy Galadriel Rosvenor was the ruler of the entire North and left his mark on this world. He was at the forefront of the attack of the anthropoids in the South and stopped the waves of anthropoids.

Freya vigorously shook her head. She looked at Gerald with an unhappy gaze as though she was chiding him for his stupidity. Irritated, she said, “Don’t you understand what I’m saying? I’m saying that we need a shiny golden statue. I want everybody to see it; hence, it must be tall enough. It needs to be taller than the mountains and the current palace. Everybody must be able to see it. The first ray of sunlight in the morning must shine on my Onii-sama, and shine all of his greatness onto this world. The first ray of light people see should come from my Onii-sama. Only my Onii-sama shines with humility in this despicable, disgusting and ugly world; the entire world, therefore, must see his glory!”

“Gold?!” Gerald exclaimed, almost sounding as if he belted.

Gerald sluggishly looked at Freya. Freya was always calm and collected. She never mentioned anything unrealistic. Her suggestions were always realistic and plausible as well as being the most economical course of action. The statue plan was ridiculous.

Constructing a hundred metre tall statue out of pure gold was impossible, not because it was impossible to make, but because it required a lot of gold. A lot of gold meant a lot of money. The North, which had just been established, couldn’t afford it. Gerald may have just been ordinary guard, but even he could comprehend that.

“Yes, yes, gold. Only something rare and valuable such gold is worthy of my Onii-sama. Do you understand, Gerald? The light Onii-sama emits is the same as the bright shine gold emits, so we must use gold. Oh, right, gems, as well. We must use the most precious gems in this world. Pearls from Castor, gems from the desert, perfect stones from the North. We must use them. Only they will do.”

Freya excitement intensified. She was so excited that she could virtually prance around. She laughed hysterically: “Yes. Yes. Not just the North, but Troy City, too. Troy City is named after Onii-sama, so it must have an exact same statue. Onii-sama must be there. They must have my most, most, most, most, most, most, most beloved brother’s statue! We’ll put it in the plaza. Yeah, in the plaza. Destroy the statue of those two women! Destroy them and replace it with my brother. It’s my brother’s city, not theirs! It’s my most beloved brother’s city!!”

Freya was on the verge of madness. Loudly, Gerald protested, “Miss Freya… calm down. You need to calm down. That’s impossible. That’s impossible!!”

Gerald covered his abdomen as he stood up. He withstood the pain as he looked at Freya and, in a loud voice, explained, “We do not have the necessary funds. Miss Freya, do you not know that we do not have the funds to do that?! We cannot make them!”

“We have Troy City. We can do it with all the income of Troy City!”

“That’s not enough! We are already spending all the money Troy City can afford us, so we no longer have spare money here! None at all!”

“Raise the taxes ,then! Raise the taxes! Raise them!”

Freya thundered, “Same with the North. Raise the taxes! My brother is their ruler, their King. They should give up that much for their King! They must!! There’s also Karana and Nara! They promised to assist us. If there’s still not enough, then melt the coins! Use bronze. Kill all of the nobles of the North! Confiscate their assets! It’s easy to obtain money!! I only have one brother! I only have one beloved brother! He’s my most, most, most beloved brother. He’s my only brother! He’s my only brother! Money is the easiest thing to earn in this world, but he’s my only brother! I would exchange all the money in this world for my only brother even if it’s just his corpse!”

“His Majesty won’t be happy! You’re going to destroy everything if you do this!! Miss Freya! You need to calm down! Those ideas are impossible! Absolutely impossible!! Do you want to ruin everything your brother worked so hard to create?! Do you want to destroy all of it?!”

Freya thundered, “Everything ended when my brother died!!! My brother is everything to me!! My brother is everything that I want! This is an empty world if my brother is no longer here!! I don’t care! I don’t care about anything if my brother is gone! I want that statue! I don’t want anything else! I just want my brother even if it’s just his statue! Don’t try and stop me, Gerald! I’ll make sure this last job is done even if I must sacrifice myself, the North and Troy City! I want my brother! I want the entire world to see my brother!! I want the entire world to remember my brother, because I love him! Because I love him most!!!!”


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