The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 02 Ch. 07

Veirya was very fast. It wasn’t easy to catch up to her. I kept calling out her name as I chased after her, but she never turned around. If she was spiting me, she had piqued my interest, as I never thought she’d spite somebody.

Veirya didn’t walk about randomly. She went to the house we stayed at. I chased her back into the house.

‘What am I going to do if she quickly shuts the door on me if she enters, though…?’

“Veirya! Veirya! Wait for me! Let me explain! You need to understand me!”

She spun around, grabbed me by my collar, and then dragged me into the house. She then aggressively hooked her left arm on the door and threw me up against the wall again. She aggressively grabbed my throat, causing my chin to lift up in reaction. She looked at me with eyes filled with rage. She shouted, “Why did you betray me, too?! Aren’t you my spoil of war?! Why did you speak up for that woman?! I did everything she did with you! What else did that woman do to you?! What do you want?! What more do you want?!!”

Veirya aggressively leaned in and kissed my lips without a hint of hesitation. Wait, no. It wasn’t a kiss. It was a teeth crash. I heard the distinct sound of our teeth colliding and a mind-numbing sensation as a result of my head being shook. However, Veirya didn’t care, and instead, tightly plastered her lips to mine. She then grabbed my hands and pressed them onto her breasts. Then, she removed her lips a short moment after, and shouted, “And now? Will you now stand on my side?! I forbid you from speaking to that woman! Remember that!!”

Veirya smashed me up against the wall again. It was as if she went mad. I felt my spinal column violently collide with the wall. My voice became indistinct, but I loudly exclaimed, “I’ve always been on your side!!”


“I never did!!”

Veirya slammed me up against the wall again then firmly pressed her knee onto my chest. She grabbed my shoulder and yelled.

I looked back at her and thundered, “Veirya! You’re no longer a soldier! You’re no longer a soldier in the military! You’re now merely the Lord of the North! You can’t kill people whenever you please!! Veirya! You could kill the demons to your heart’s content with complete disregard for the consequences, because you had the Queen’s orders and the trust of the people during the conflict between the races; however, when you swing your sword at a human, you must consider who or what’s behind them and what or who is behind you. The Queen might not take your side this time! I’m being so cautious for your sake! I’m doing all of this for your sake! I’ve always been on your side!!”

“I’ll never forget… I’ll never forget what happened in the past. What about the times they betrayed me in the past?! Is all of that just going to be swept under the rug?!”

I looked at Veirya and shouted in a serious tone, “It’s all in the past, Veirya! The Demon King is dead! The history of the battle with the demon race is all in the past! All of that history is in the past now! Humanity’s current era isn’t time to be calculating the things that happened in the past! The identities of those involved back then are no longer the same. Veirya, you must put aside your past for now! What you must focus your attention on now is this territory!! You’re a human. Humans fighting humans is forever wrong! Veirya! Regardless of what happened in the past, you’re all humans! You’re now the lord of a territory, so you must concentrate on the present and not the past! I’ve always been on your side! I don’t like the chapel in the slightest. I will help you. I’ll always be on your side! If you want the chapel to suffer, then I’ll definitely give you a hand!”

Veirya’s blue eyes were intently trained on me. I virtually couldn’t breathe, because of her knee pressed on my chest. I was practically out of breath by the time I finished speaking. I coughed intensely. My vision turned dark. Veirya looked at me and slowly shifted her knee away. She then grabbed me up again and threw me into a chair by the side.

I grabbed my chest and gasped for air. Veirya stood in front of me with a serious look, “You’re on my side?”

“That’s right. I’ve always been on your side.”

I looked at Veirya. I then raised my head to meet her blue eyes, before continuing, “I’ve always been on your side. Everything I’ve done is for you and Leah. Veirya, you need to believe me. Although I don’t know what happened between you and Angelina, I hope that you can trust me. I’ll definitely ensure that this is sorted out adequately. I’ll do my best to mend your relationship with Angelina, bel-…”

“I don’t want to make up with her.”

Veirya took in a deep breath then pinched her chin. Next, she shut her eyes; when she opened them again, her gaze was once again void of emotion. She looked at me, “You’re on my side, correct?”

“I’ve always been on your side.” I looked at her and paused. I then went on, “In any case, you saved us. We made an agreement, too, didn’t we? I promised to teach you how an ordinary girl lives, while you’ll always protect us. I’m a man of my word, Veirya, always.”

“I can’t kill Angelina?”

“She’s your mom!”


Veirya cut me off without hesitation. I shook my head with a helpless smile. Their enmity truly ran deep. However, I felt that it was a one-sided hatred on Veirya’s part, alone. Angelina was right; Veirya is ignorant and clueless more often than not.

“What about Leah? Are you getting along happily with her?”

Veirya looked at me and replied, “Leah, called me, Mama.”


I froze. I didn’t quite understand what Veirya said…

‘Leah called Veirya ‘Mama’? It sounds close to impossible no matter how you think about, doesn’t it? Veirya and Leah’s relationship may have slightly improved, but there’s no way she would call Veirya ‘Mama’ now, is there? Leah and Veirya’s relationship is merely you stay in your line, while I stay in my lane. It’s a long way away from calling her ‘Mama’, isn’t it?’

“She. Called me. Mama.”

I wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination or what, but I felt as though I detected a hint of boasting from Veirya. She looked at me and continued, “Leah. Called me. Mama. I’m definitely more of a mom than that woman. I won’t. Betray her.”

“No, no, no. Putting aside the matter with you and Angelina, why did Leah call you, Mama? That… that… that…”


Veirya didn’t answer my question.

‘I’m absolutely positive that there’s a problem somewhere in there! I’m absolutely certain! What sort of trick did Veirya use to get Leah to call her ‘Mama’?!  And who told her to get Leah to call her ‘Mama’?! Also, if Veirya was Leah’s mama, and I was her Papa… then… then…’

‘I’m Veirya’s husband?!”

‘While the reason why Leah called Veirya ‘Mama’ is somewhat important to me, the main reason that I was disturbed was because it made my mind restless…’


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