The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 02 Ch. 06

I was surprised, as the chapel didn’t say anything after signing the document. I added vital points to the agreement. If the chapel insults or senselessly offends our people, the offender will be sent directly to us for us to judge. Further, they are prohibited from doing anything to our people’s beliefs. I, genuinely, didn’t expect them to be able to accept the conditions. I was slightly perplexed when I watched him sign the triplicate document. The bishop generously signed the agreements, but that made it more concerning for me. If they could accept the agreement, then that proves that the chapel wasn’t after the authority to rule this region or some religious matter.

‘What exactly is the chapel after then?’

‘Is it related to Veirya? This agreement would only serve to restrict them, if they want to harm Veirya, wouldn’t it? Could it be that the chapel wanted to use their doctrine to forcefully stir up conflicts here in order to force their way into our town and eliminate Veirya? But then, since the agreement has been signed, they don’t need to restrict Veirya with their doctrine. Based off these logic flows, they don’t intend to harm Veirya, either. However, that then leaves the question standing. What exactly is the chapel after?’

“So then, Mr. Lin Dongqing, our agreement has been established. Please do not forget that you signed this agreement in the presence of God. Do not forget our previous contract.”

“I won’t, but I’m very worried that you will.”

“Hah, you do not need to worry about that. We are believers in God. Lying is a shameful act to our God, so we would never do anything that violates an agreement. I shall wish you and the Demon King slayer, Warrior Veirya good luck, then. It is a pity that Lord Veirya was not here this time.”

“Not at all. She would only cause trouble if she was here.”

I smiled helplessly. We walked to the entrance of the tavern. The townsfolk around gathered around. It appeared that a few townsfolk were still insistent on having us avenge their so-called Wolf God shield. Although the followers called others heretics for the sake of their beliefs and were very aggressive towards the people, the townsfolk were very aggressive to them, as well. The Bishop didn’t care about the soldier that died. In fact, the lives of these soldiers were nothing to them.

‘I’m now slightly concerned. I don’t have the foggiest idea as to what the Bishop is after. He didn’t make use of the trap he initially set up.’

I picked up the shield on the ground and gently placed it in the hand of the tavern owner’s daughter. I then reassured her in a soft voice, “Don’t worry. There won’t be a second time. I’ve spoken to them.”

“Really…? Thank you, Sir!”

I looked at the townsfolk around and loudly explained, “I have discussed it with this Bishop. In the future, they will not disturb your lives, but they will promote their religion here. Those of you who are interested can go and see for yourself when the time comes. If they disrupt your everyday lives, come and see me. I will most certainly ensure a just adjudication!”

The townsfolk chattered among themselves. They didn’t seem to trust these people too much. The Bishop stepped forth. In a solemn tone, he said, “We signed an agreement in the presence of God. We will most certainly abide by the agreement. I apologise on behalf of the children for the initial rude behaviour. We will be delivering our God’s teachings here in the future. Should you be interested, you can come and have a listen to the true god’s teachings. Our God protected our soldiers that slayed the Demon King…”

“It wasn’t your God.”

Suddenly, an ice-cold voice came from the crowd. I swiftly turned to look in the direction of the voice after a short pause. Veirya and Leah crossed over from the crowd. Angelina immediately flashed out before me and stood before the Bishop with her right hand placed on her sword handle. Veirya gave Angelina a cold look, “I was the one who slayed the Demon King. I never believed in your God. Your God never protected those soldiers. Your soldiers never appeared on the frontlines. I was the one who slayed the Demon King, not you!”


Leah vigorously broke free of Veirya’s hold and tightly hugged my leg. In an excited voice that was akin to finding something that she’d lost, yet admonishing tone, she shouted, “Papa, why did you leave without a word?! Why?! Why didn’t you tell Leah?! Why?!”

“Sorry, Leah, Papa honestly didn’t think it would take so long. Papa thought Papa would be done soon, but unexpectedly took so long.”

I rubbed Leah’s head with a helpless smile. Leah hammered my belly with her small fists in a very grumpy manner. She then angrily exclaimed, “It was all because of Papa! Leah wouldn’t have been subjected to that embarrassment, if it wasn’t for Papa! It was all Papa’s fault! It was all Papa’s fault!”

“Huh? What’s the matter?”


I had no idea what happened between her and Veirya, but it appeared that Leah didn’t want to even mention the part about being shamed one more time. On the other side, Angelina watched Veirya. In a serious tone, she said, “Veirya, you don’t actually think that you, alone, killed the Demon King, did you? Had we not intercepted him a day before, and I wounded him a day earlier, do you think you could’ve defeated the Demon King without a weapon?”

“I slayed the Demon King! You people never showed up when we were isolated and without reinforcements. Your so-called knights never assisted us. You people were nowhere to be seen in dangerous zones! You were always at the rear, killing the wounded soldiers!!”

“They had already been infected. They would’ve transformed into demons if we didn’t kill them!”

“You never even considered saving them!”

It was the first time I heard Veirya mention the past; but nonetheless, seeing how infuriated she was at the mention of it, I could tell that she was, indeed, furious with the chapel. Angelina’s gaze didn’t show the same anger as Veirya’s; rather, Angelina’s eyes were filled with pain and regret. She looked at Veirya and softly responded, “Veirya, you look very courageous when you wield your sword, but why do you forever sound the same as a kid when you speak?”

“You shut up, you traitor!!”

Veirya roared at Angelina. I hurried over to stop Veirya from continuing to approach Angelina by hugging her tightly around her waist. She would’ve charged at Angelina had I been one second late.

I looked at Veirya and shouted, “What are you doing?! Veirya! Stop! Stop!! Now is not the time for you to be thoughtlessly killing people!”


Veirya grabbed my clothes and threw me aside without any mercy. I don’t have a chance against Veirya in a contest of strength. Leah then rushed over to stand in front of Angelina, and she spread her arms out to her sides.

“Leah… Leah doesn’t know what happened… but, Leah knows that Papa is right!”

Leah’s legs violently quivered as she looked at the sword in Veirya’s hand. Her voice was totally shaky. Angelina swiftly pulled Leah into her embrace and vigilantly watched Veirya. Stunned, Veirya looked at Leah and then me. Her gaze showed that she was very disappointed and hurt. I thought that she was going to cry in that moment.

“You both… aren’t… taking my side… am I right?”

Veirya meekly put her sword down. She had never placed her sword down in such a tired manner before. She looked at Leah and I one last time, then turned around and left with fast strides. She didn’t turn back or lower her head. As a matter of fact, she maintained her usual walking posture. Thus, it looked as though nothing happened.


I quickly called out to her, but Angelina glanced at me, and then gently pulled Leah over before giving me a shove on my shoulder. She softly said, “There are some things I can’t talk about, but you might be able to. Go on. I’ll take care of Leah.”

Although I knew that I couldn’t thoughtlessly leave Leah with another person, I had no way of suspecting her judging from her facial expression. Leah, too, nervously watched Veirya. I gently stroked Leah’s face, and then gave chase.


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