Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 35

“Nier put a lot of strength into it. It took a lot out of me to get the child out. I never thought that her wound would recover so rapidly.”

Elizabeth shut the door and wiped her hands that still had traces of blood on them. Vyvyan hugged me from behind. She gently rubbed her face against mine. I looked at my two moms and smiled: “Thank you, moms…”

“No, you only have one mom.”

“No, you only have one mom.”

My two moms responded simultaneously, and then shot each other an angry glare. A second later, Vyvyan shook her head: “No, Son, I didn’t do anything. Elizabeth was the one who bandaged her, but she healed on her own. I wanted to use mana to help her heal, but all of the mana I transferred to her vanished. Ying seems resistant to mana. There seems to be something in her chest wound that’s preventing her power from healing herself. Judging from that, it seems that the wyrm contains poison.”

Vyvyan pressed her hand on my right shoulder, and then the pain vanished in just a few seconds. Elizabeth looked over to Nier and Lucia, who were dealing with the corpses. She clenched her teeth: “Those people deserved to die. They were so cruel to a girl and rude to loyalty. Worst of all, though, is they dared to hurt my son! Nier did a good job. If I was in her shoes, I’d have ripped their limbs off while they were still alive.”

Without changing her expression and, while looking in Nier and Lucia’s direction, Vyvyan coldly remarked, “If I was there, I wouldn’t be so bloody. I’d poke holes in their sockets, and then pin them up at the entrance of the shrine so that they slowly wither in the wind.”

Boy, I was glad my moms didn’t come earlier. Letting Nier hack them to death was a nicer way of dying – relatively speaking…

Elizabeth pinched my face: “Your wound isn’t serious, fortunately. Let’s head home now, Son. We have no need to continue staying here. The creature shouldn’t be active. It fears Vyvyan, apparently. After all, wild animals fear wilder wild animals. We’ll arrive home in one week if we leave now.”

“She’s right, Son. Let’s go back. This isn’t our land. Nothing that happens here has anything to do with us. We can just leave this place. Nobody will locate us even if they find this place.”

Vyvyan kissed the side of my face. Elizabeth then slapped Vyvyan across the head. The two of them angrily glared at each other again. They definitely would’ve fought if I wasn’t present.

I didn’t want to leave. I looked in the direction of the room. Xia and Ying were resting inside. They were resistant to mana; therefore, not even Vyvyan could heal Xia. I assumed the sisters were conversing inside. The two of them probably never would’ve had the opportunity to talk had none of what transpired took place.

Ying didn’t overreact; she didn’t leap over and fight Nier to the death as I imagined she would despite Nier killing all the villagers. She just gazed at the entrance of the shrine with a very sorrowful look. We helped Ying back into the shrine, and my two moms took care of her. The Valkyries surrounded the entire shrine. There was no actual need for that, though, since it was absolutely safe in the village. After all, there was nobody left.

I didn’t speak. Vyvyan sighed then stood up: “Son, do you really plan to help her? This isn’t our land. Her tragedy is unrelated to us; or rather, you’ve already helped remove her restraints. You can leave now.”

Elizabeth pressed her hand onto my shoulder and clasped my face. She pleaded, “She’s right, Son. We should leave now. You have children! Your children are waiting for you. Your safety should be our top priority right now; we should leave now! This is their business, not yours! Let’s go, Son!”

I went to speak, but didn’t say anything in the end.

“Mommy is doing this for your own good, Son. If you need Mommy, Mommy will certainly help you. Mommy doesn’t think you were wrong, either; nevertheless, you can’t continue taking risks for no reason. This is an unnecessary risk. You have children now. Don’t go risking your life for just one side of the picture. Son, you can’t do this; you absolutely cannot. Do you want your children to be without a father from childhood as you were?!”

In a serious tone, Vyvyan argued, “Don’t say that! Elizabeth, you’ve gone overboard. Isn’t our job to protect Troy? If he wants to protect this Ying, let him do so. We’re both here. My son will be fine.”

Sternly, Elizabeth exclaimed, “To begin with, we shouldn’t have let him go and put himself at risk. Do you still not get that?!”

“As if he could be stopped,” rebuked Vyvyan, letting out a heavy sigh. She stroked my head and affectionately hugged it. With a helpless smile, she explained, “Obviously I’ve tried to stop him before. I’ve tried to stop him from going to dangerous places countless times, but he never listened. Do you still not understand my son? Troy can risk his life for everyone. If we want to stop him, we have to lock him up, so instead of stopping him from going, how about going into danger with him? With us here, he won’t have to face danger.”

Elizabeth scratched her head. She displayed the same mannerisms as Vyvyan did whenever she found herself in a dilemma, demonstrating they were friends who had been together for a long time. They both shared the same small mannerisms. Seeing Elizabeth wrestle with herself, I grabbed hold of her hand. In a sincere tone, I explained, “Mom, even if I do have kids, I’m still just a child to you. Therefore, let me be wilful one more time. I really want to help Ying. Furthermore, I was the one who destroyed all of this, so please let me help her!”

Elizabeth looked at me with an eager look. I looked at Vyvyan, who was behind me. I went to hug Elizabeth, only for Elizabeth and Vyvyan’s heads to collide….

“Ouch. Ouch. Ouch…”

“That hurts!”

The two of them held their hands to their foreheads and trembled. I was dumbfounded. The two strongest women on the continent were quivering in pain before my eyes. It was seriously awkward. The two of them exchanged angry eye contact as though they were blaming each other’s foreheads for their pain. However, after giving her forehead a rub, Elizabeth shoved Vyvyan aside with one hand then hugged me. With a smile, she said, “All right, all right, Mommy shall accompany you, then. It’s just a creature. As long as it’s a living creature, it can be killed. I don’t believe anything can live if it’s beheaded, amputated or had its heart pierced!”

“Hmm…” hummed Vyvyan.

I sensed a terrifying gaze from Vyvyan, who was behind me. I turned around to see her angry expression. Vyvyan’s was renowned for her possessiveness. She was enraged after Elizabeth shoved her away… I suddenly shuddered. I had a feeling Vyvyan was very likely to lay her hands on me at night… No, she definitely would.

I told myself, “Lock the door, Troy. Lock the door. I’m going to sleep with my wives tonight.”


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