Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 17

“What are you planning to do, Empress Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth wore on her cape. She looked at Freya, who was by the door and, in a cold tone, replied, “I am going to Castor now. The empire’s navy is gathered there. I shall lead the entire navy out to where my son went missing. Put the matters in the North aside for now. What’s there to be formulating when the ruler of the North has been in an accident? Freya, I leave Daisy to you.”

“I… Me?”

Freya, stunned, trembled as she spoke: “Your Majesty, it is fine to leave the North to me, but taking care of Daisy… I have no idea how to take care of her…”

In serious tone, Elizabeth stated, “You don’t need to worry too much. You just need to be a guardian. The nanny and maids will take care of Daisy. You just need to be by Daisy’s side when she’s crying and causing a ruckus. She’s Nier’s child and my son, her father, is currently missing. I must go and find my son. I can’t be slower than Vyvyan this time. I must reach my son before anybody else can! Freya, I’m not discussing this with you, I’m giving you a command. It’s just that you’re not my vassal but my son’s.”

“All right…”

Elizabeth wore a normal expression, but Freya could see her gripping the buttons on her cape. The way she looked told Freya she was extremely anxious. If Freya continued prattling with her drivel, Elizabeth would most likely behead her on the spot. Elizabeth was right. She wasn’t discussing it with Freya; she was merely informing her of what she was going to do after leaving. Freya didn’t have a habit of refusing or making suggestions. Thus, she could only accept the outcome.

“However, Your Majesty, I have a request, just one.”

Irritated, Elizabeth asked, “What?”

Voice sincere, Freya said, “Please call Mr. Castell over. Mr. Castell is a very competent man. I believe we would be reassured with him in the North. I believe Onii-sama would not want to come back to see the North stagnant. This is my only request, Your Majesty.”

Elizabeth grinned: “Castell should be arriving soon as you wish. I just sent him a letter. He will rush here as fast as he can upon receiving the letter. I leave the North and Daisy with you. You are my son’s trusted sister. You won’t disappoint him.”

“Yes. I will not disappoint Onii-sama,” replied Freya, nodding then making way.

Elizabeth walked out of the Imperial Palace with big strides and rushed out of the palace on horseback, disappearing into the night. Freya sighed, and then called for a few guards. Freya walked along the corridor to the office. She gave them their orders in succession” “Go to the port first. Have our people form another fleet, and head to the location of where the ship sunk to conduct a search. Go through the night. One of you head to Ling Yue’s estate. Make sure to block the news from reaching her; do not let her hear of any rumours floating around. You, go find Mr. Alex, and have him prepare to reside in the Imperial Palace for a short time.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The guards nodded, and then quickly headed out.

Feeling burdened, Freya rubbed her forehead. Gerald said, “Miss Freya, you do not need to worry. His Majesty will definitely be all right…”

“Can you not try to console me with those sorts of pointless statements?” Freya responded with frustration: “How do you know His Majesty will be all right for sure? Aren’t you consoling me just for the sake of it? I don’t need any consolation; it’s pointless. What I want is Onii-sama alive in front of me. That’s the only way I can be happy.”

Gerald hesitated for a moment. He then scratched his head with a helpless smile: “Sorry, Miss Freya.”

Freya shook her head: “It’s fine. I’m not reproaching you. It’s nice that you’re consoling me, but I don’t need it. You didn’t make a mistake, so you don’t need to apologise.”

“No, I meant that I could not cheer you up this time…”

Freya smiled helplessly and stopped in her tracks. Gerald dawdled for a moment before realising what exactly happened. Freya stopped in front of Troy Galadriel Rosvenor’s room.

“I’m going in for a bit. Gerald, wait at the door. You are not to peep inside no matter what happens.”

Freya pressed her hand on the door. The door was locked. After a moment of hesitation, she crouched down and scanned the lock. Just as she went to grab the handle, Gerald booted the door open from behind.

“What are you doing?!” Freya screamed. Gaze on the the doors he booted open, she shouted, “This is Onii-sama’s room!! Do you have a death wish?!”

“You want to go in, don’t you? Go in if you want to. If somebody must be blamed, I was the one who booted the door open.”

Freya shut the door behind her after she entered. She looked at the pitch-black room and slowly walked in further. The room was very simple. There was a desk and a chair. On the side of the window were a small table and two armchairs. Behind the secret door at the end was the bedroom. Freya went inside. The bedroom wasn’t locked. There was a bed inside, a cupboard and a small table.

Freya took in a deep breath. She was overcome with sorrow when she realised the room smelt the same as the outside. It was her brother’s room, yet it didn’t contain a remnant of his scent. It was as though he never existed. She walked over and touched the clothes hung up to the side. A hint of her brother’s smell remained on the clothes. Freya took his clothes down and hugged it in her embrace. She took in a deep breath then fell onto the bed. Heartbroken, she curled up and quivered: “Onii-sama…”

She held his clothes up against her chest. Her tears coursed down her cheeks, dripping on to his bed and clothes. She bit his clothes to stop herself crying aloud. Nevertheless, she trembled violently. She vigorously smeared her tears on his clothes and bed sheets. She sniffed vigorously in an attempt to smell the barely remaining scent her brother left behind..

“Empress Elizabeth has left to find Onii-sama while Queen Vyvyan seemed to be doing something with magic. Everybody is running around for Onii-sama, and put everything in my hands. I’m worried about Onii-sama, too. I want to join the fleet in the search for my brother. I wanted to throw myself into Onii-sama’s arms and cry, too. However, I can only stay here. I’m stuck here…,” silently cried Freya.

“Onii-sama… Please… I beg you… don’t let anything happen to you… Please… come back… come back… Don’t leave me… Please… don’t… leave me…” Freya murmured whilst sobbing. Her tears blurred her vision, as they sat on her long eyelashes…


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