The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 02 Ch. 02

Leah is a child at the end of the day. Though we have another former adventurer around, she didn’t care in the least. Instead, she was so excited about being able to go to the mountain that she couldn’t sleep at night. She clung to me all night and kept trying to play with my rocket, so I had poor sleep, too. She finally fell asleep in my arms when it was almost daybreak. However, I didn’t get any sleep. I raised my head up to check the weather. There were no clouds outside. The weather appeared to be great for going out.

I went downstairs and saw Veirya sitting properly in her chair as I expected. The other woman’s room was upstairs. She had yet to come down. She wasn’t lazy. I just couldn’t sleep.

Veirya turned her head and looked at me, “Have you packed?”

“Hmm?” I paused, and then asked “Do we need to prepare anything?”

Veirya calmly replied, “Tent, eating utensils, food, water, medication, weapons, fire torches, change of clothes, masks, stone for sharpening swords.”

I noticed that Veirya had a simple cloth bag next to her. It looked as though it was made from a cloth that was rain resistant.

‘I guess that’s Veirya’ luggage. We’re just making a trip to the mountain for some fun, not entering a mountain bandit’s den. What’s the point of all those things…?’

Veirya didn’t seem to really understand the goal of this trip. She prepared as they would in the military.

“You don’t need to take those things. Just take food and water. We’re just going to go play, not fight.”

“That’s too slack.”

“The war is over…”

Veirya didn’t respond. Instead, she opened her bag in a reluctant manner and took the things she neatly arranged back out. She only kept food and a water kettle. She looked at her long sword on the table and hesitated. In a serious tone, she questioned, “Sword, need?”

“Bring it along.”

Veirya made a small nod, “Uhm.”

 ‘It looks like that’s it for our conversation.’

Just when I went to go to the kitchen, I suddenly heard a knock at the door. Lots of people now came looking for Veirya, but this was the first time we had a visitor first thing in the morning. I wasn’t sure if it was a group or what.

However, I heard the sound of friction generated by metal behind me almost immediately. Judging from Veirya’s reaction, I presumed that the person on the other side of the door must’ve been armed. I turned my head back to look at Veirya. I noticed that her expression had changed slightly. If it was just an ordinary armed visitor, she’d have an expressionless look. This time, though, she gritted her teeth and seemed outraged. Her reaction told me who our visitor was.

I pushed the door open. It was Angelina at the door just as I thought. I looked at her face that was identical to Veirya’s. I immediately recalled that night with the clear moon and the smell of flames. I recalled those eyes that slowly approached and those cold thin lips. The memories that flooded into my mind completely occupied my thoughts. My heart rate began to speed up. I looked at Angelina and found myself unable to utter a word despite my heart having lots to say.

Angelina looked into my eyes with her gaze that was identical to Veirya’s; but, I couldn’t read her thoughts, nonetheless.

Veirya’s sword then scabbard then swung down in between us where our gaze met. She forcefully cut off exchange of feelings. She grabbed my collar and dragged me away without mercy. She then looked at Angelina with a cold look, “Speak if you have business. Otherwise, get lost.”

Angelina looked at Veirya with a serious look, “Veirya, this doesn’t involve you. I only came for him.”

“He’s my property. Not giving.”

Angelina looked at Veirya, who was in front of her, coldly, “This is about the chapel. You want to involve yourself? With regards to this town, the chapel hopes to have a word with this gentleman. I hope you that won’t involve yourself in this matter, Veirya.”

Veirya looked at Angelina with anger and shoved me aside with one arm. She then coldly responded, “You people from the chapel again, right? You plan to destroy this place again? This is my territory. I won’t allow your chapel to run amok here! Either get lost, or I’ll throw your corpses out!”

“Nothing good will come out of going against the church. And also, do you think you can beat me, Veirya? The chapel now runs the entire North, and that includes you people here.”

Angelina wasn’t afraid of Veirya. Rather, she was slightly excited. Neither looked as though they’d pull punches; actually, they’d love to have a fight, and the type where someone has to die. I quickly pressed my hand on Veirya and hurriedly asked, “Chapel? Is it because of the festival last time?”

“It’s related, but not the point of my trip here. I came here for something else.”

Angelina looked at me, but didn’t sheath her sword because of what I said. I looked at Veirya, who was behind me. She pulled me behind her with one arm, and then looked at Angelina with an indifferent look, “This is my property. There’s no chance I’m loaning him out. I won’t agree to anything your chapel comes to me with!”

“Is that your answer? Veirya, grow up. You’re no longer an ordinary soldier. You’re the lord of this town. You must be responsible for them with your words. Veirya, I’m reminding you as your mother that everybody in this village is a heretic. Your attitude right now is the equivalent of sending them to hell!”

“I can protect them!”

Angelina’s gaze contained a hint of ridicule, “You can’t always be by their side! Look, aren’t you planning to leave? What, you want to go out to go on a trip with him and that child like a family? By the time you return, this place might already be scorched.”

“If you dare touch anybody in this town, I’ll murder your pope!”

“You think that the chapel is as weak as the demon race?”

Angelina seemed to give up talking to Veirya. She then looked toward me and seriously said, “Mister, regardless of the circumstances, I believe that you understand if not Veirya. If I were you, I’d go and figure out what happened. The chapel is not easy picking. If this town and the chapel come into conflict, I won’t help my daughter.”

I nodded, “I know.”

I then turned to look at Veirya. In a soft voice, I said, “Veirya, whatever the case may be, it’s better to go and take a look. I won’t interact with her when there’s just the two of us, so come with me. Guess you could consider it protecting me. Some things are best solved without getting physical. After all, the war is over already. You’re now a lord. Violence is always the last resort.”

Veirya looked at me. Her expression showed she was slightly uncomfortable. However, she looked at my gaze and Angelina, who was behind me. A second later, she gently nodded, but then pulled me into her arms by my arms. She tightly wrapped her left arm around me and pressed my head onto her chest. She gripped her sword tightly in her right hand as she looked at Angelina. In a cold tone, she exclaimed, “This is my property, understood?!”

“I know.”

“… Hmph!”


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