Son-con – Vol. 12.2 Ch. 01

Secret Between the Young Girls

Vyvyan opened her eyes to look at the young girl in front of her. The sun outside gently shone onto Elizabeth’s face; her long black hair seemed to emit a gentle light. A few strands lightly rested on her cherry-blossom lips. Her gentle breaths blew Vyvyan’s blonde hair. The two girls were locked in a tight embrace. Their faces were so close that it appeared as though they were about to kiss.

Vyvyan watch Elizabeth sleep in peace through her blue eyes. Elizabeth’s cheeks were without a blemish even under the sunlight. Their black hair and blonde hair overlayed each other as if they caressed each other with the refreshing breeze the exact same way they embraced. However, underneath the blonde hair was a pair of long ears, while underneath the black hair was a pair of normal human ears. The two incredibly beautiful girls were of different races.

Vyvyan really liked Elizabeth, though. The elves, themselves, also considered Elizabeth to be a very pretty girl. Elves had a fondness for aesthetics, and Elizabeth happened to be a human Vyvyan was particularly interested in. Having not interacted with humanity for decades, Vyvyan was extremely interested in Elizabeth. Elizabeth wasn’t as frightening as the humans in legends; her kind and pure traits made Vyvyan even fonder of her.

The two of them had been together for a week. Their first time meeting was very much a scene out of a story. However, the two found themselves attracted to each other. Both were very pretty, kind, naïve and innocent. Looking at the other was the same as seeing their own reflection in a mirror.

The two girls quickly became good friends. Elizabeth was very interested in the lives of elves, while Vyvyan, who was an elf, was very interested in humanity. She had a strong desire to learn more about humanity’s lifestyle. The world outside was highly attractive to both of them.

The two of them always chatted with each other all night. They initially had to often resort to hand gestures or their facial expressions to get the other to understand what they meant.

Elizabeth opened her eyes to see Vyvyan’s blue eyes. Vyvyan looked at the black pair of eyes in front of her. In a soft voice, she said, “Good morning, Elizabeth.”

“Good morning, Vyvyan.”

The two of them gently touched their foreheads against each other and gave each other a happy smile. The two didn’t feel shy about such gestures. To the contrary, sharing the same bed was commonplace for them. Despite there being two beds upstairs, the two always slept together. Neither of them knew why, but they had a reassuring feeling when they held the other. As a matter of fact, they felt an uneasy feeling when they didn’t sleep together. That was why they always slept together.

The two got off either side of the bed, took off their sleepwear and got dressed. Elizabeth didn’t bring her clothes, since she didn’t prepare any for herself when she ran off. After all, it was her first time running away. Her clothes were her entire fortune. Even her sleepwear she currently wore belonged to Vyvyan.

The two of them had their backs to each other. Vyvyan checked out her breasts after taking off her sleepwear. Vyvyan’s breasts were actually a spectacular sight among elves… If limiting it to just the girls around her age, her body would be considered very well developed. Vyvyan was unaware of that, however.

Vyvyan tugged on her breasts feeling curious, and then looked behind her with the same feeling. She wasn’t sure how young girls’ breasts were meant to look or their sizes at her age. Children and their future were the most important things for elves; therefore, she was very mindful of her future child’s food. The only female around her was her teacher. Her teacher also had spectacular breasts. Vyvyan felt powerless when she compared herself to her.

The thought of possibly becoming flat chested in the future was awfully frightening. Vyvyan was highly apprehensive about becoming flat chested both from the standpoint of a female’s duty and her own pride. She was a little reluctant to ask her brother, as it was considered a young girl’s biggest secret. After all, it was a girl’s secret and something they were shy about.

Vyvyan was a little concerned that if she asked Inard, her most beloved brother, and he said he didn’t like her being flat chested, then that meant the young girl passionately in love could never let him see her body.

Meanwhile, Inard didn’t care about his sister’s development; or rather, he didn’t care how she developed, for he never had eyes for his sister. Inard was too familiar with Vyvyan. Being a proud man, he wasn’t willing to pay attention to his sister. She may have loved him, but he viewed her as his sister.

“It would be nice if my brother could see me as a woman,” thought Vyvyan.

Vyvyan turned around to Elizabeth, who was looking for her clothes. An idea suddenly hit her. She snuck up behind Elizabeth. Elizabeth didn’t hear Vyvyan slowly approaching. Once Vyvyan closed in, she threw herself onto Elizabeth’s back.

“Aah!!!” Elizabeth shrieked, as Vyvyan suddenly tightly grabbed her breasts.

The two girls rolled back onto the bed. Vyvyan got on top of Elizabeth and firmly rubbed her breasts but with an extremely serious expression. When she noticed Elizabeth’s look of shock and fright, in a serious tone, she said, “Oh, oh, so this is how humanity’s breasts are… Mm… The size feels about the same as mine… Mm… No problems at all… It appears that we’re the exact same, Elizabeth. Is this considered normal? Don’t tell Inard. Don’t tell my brother. What do you think of my breasts?!”

“What are you saying?! What are you saying?! What in the world are you saying?” Elizabeth called out in a high-pitched voice and pushed Vyvyan away.

Vyvyan paid no attention to Elizabeth. Instead, she pressed Elizabeth’s hands onto her breasts. She said, “Come on, have a feel, Elizabeth. Have a feel. See how I’m developing… Elizabeth, I like my brother very much. I want to know if I’d qualify to be his wife and not just his sister.”

“What are you talking about, Vyvyan?! Plus, it’s pointless for you to ask me if he likes you are not. You need to ask your brother, Inard. It’s pointless for me to like them! … Eh…? So soft… Mm… I see… They’re fine!”

Elizabeth, who was crying out in a high-pitched voice, seemed to have opened the door to a new world. She pinched Vyvyan’s breasts and rubbed them into various shapes to satisfy her curiosity. It was the first time Elizabeth had been so close to an elf’s body.

Vyvyan, in turn, felt up Elizabeth’s breasts. She was no longer excited; she was more curious… The two of them tightly embraced and clung to each other for several days already, but it was the first time they earnestly checked out each other’s body with their own hands, literally.

“Ladies, what are you doing? Breakfast is ready. You are not here for a vacation. You are out for training. Elizabeth, since you want to join, too, you must come with us when we go to train. You need to wake earl-”

The voice outside gradually approached, as they were playing with each other’s body. Lorana came up from the first floor and pushed the door open when she got there. Lorana was stupefied by the scene she beheld. The young girls stopped moving and blankly looked at each other as though they finally realised what they were doing. They reacted as if they weren’t the one doing the hugging.

“Ah… So that’s how your relationship has developed… Mm… Though we elves don’t have many requirements for love, it’s better to avoid same-sex relationships… Of course… if you two insist, then… mm… I won’t butt in…”

“No! No! No!” Vyvyan rushed over to Lorana and protested.

If Inard found out about it, Vyvyan would never be able to be with her brother. Lorana revealed a mischievous smile and tried her best to look at Vyvyan. She scrubbed her hair with a smile: “All right, all right. No more joking. Princess Vyvyan, Elizabeth, come down for breakfast. His Highness has already finished eating.”


Elizabeth sat up from the bed, and then grabbed her clothes from the side. The three of them descended the stairs together after they got dressed.

Inard was already done preparing downstairs, so he sat in a chair by the side with his eyes shut to get some extra sleep in, apparently. He swiftly opened his eyes when he heard them coming downstairs. He looked at Elizabeth joyously. He didn’t look at her that way because he fell for her at first sight. It was just that Elizabeth was a human who really piqued his interest. For that reason, he was curious about everything about her.

“Good morning, Elizabeth, Vyvyan. Why are you two so late? It’s not good to be so late.”

“Good morning.”

Elizabeth felt somewhat distant to Inard. Those of the same gender tend to get closer, faster. As for different genders, the young girl still felt slightly awkward and mindful. She, herself, wasn’t sure why, but she felt very awkward about having a pair of eyes scan her.

Vyvyan got ahead of Elizabeth and exclaimed, “Nothing. Nothing! Nothing. Nothing. Right, Elizabeth? Absolutely nothing!”

“Ah… Mm… Yeah… Nothing…”


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