Son-con – Vol. 12.1 Ch. 12

Young Girl’s First Time Waiting

What Lucia went through in the Shadow Squad was a mystery. In any case, Lucia successfully completed the training with excellent results and became one of their best warriors. After all, compared to other elves, Lucia was stronger with her Wind Elves buff. Vyvyan didn’t believe the Wind Elves would provide an ordinary girl with buffs. She was unaware of their reason. Regardless, she could only watch the grown up young boy and girl passionately embrace.

The young boy was no longer in the body of a child. He grew up in the last few years. His face changed. His slightly chubby face was refined and exuded the aura of a man. His physique was somewhat slim, but he didn’t look fragile. He had gentle eyes and the Galadriel Tribe’s unique handsome characteristics. That led to word of the handsome appearance of the Prince spreading beyond the palace. There were even young girls who were willing to work as maids to see the Prince.

Lucia was no longer an ignorant young girl. She carried herself as a soldier after undergoing the training in the Shadow Squad. Additionally, her slender body was more enchanting; after all, the Shadow Squad often required members to be able to take on all sorts of strange postures. For convenience sake, she didn’t keep her long hair. Still, her short hair look combined with her petite body made her look cuter and prettier. She maintained her habits as a young girl. Makeup was not encouraged in the Shadow Squad, but she’d still secretly prepare makeup. At the end of the day, she was a young girl outside of work. Nevertheless, her face was cute even without makeup in the first place. She was the most eye-catching member with the guys even during her normal days in the squad.

After that day, the two rarely met. It was hard for those in the Shadow Squad to interact with those from the outside world. Despite missing each other, they only got to see each other every now and then. Not even the Prince could interrupt her training plan. Similarly, Lucia couldn’t have special privileges just because she had connections.

Lucia trained diligently after that day. She spent more time and effort than others. Troy also began to get serious. He studied various things pertaining to how the Galadriel Tribe managed the elves. His request to learn swordplay was denied. Nonetheless, he went and desperately learned it, too.

Vyvyan was extremely against Troy learning swordplay. She hoped he’d be able to remain by her side as a pure child who didn’t have to worry about nothing as he did in the past. She knew he’d discover that the world wasn’t as blissful as he thought once he interacted with it. She knew the cage of bliss she built for him would shatter. She never expected a clumsy girl, who entered her flower garden by accident, would take her bird from her cage. Her heart painfully throbbed, but she also knew it was too late for her to kill the girl, as her son had engraved the young girl in his heart. He was bound to be in despair and pain if he didn’t see his Lucia.

Vyvyan never let her son down before, and she definitely didn’t want for him to be in despair and pain. She once experienced the despair of losing a loved one. She was adamant on never letting her son experience the same tragedy. Vyvyan couldn’t kill Lucia, and she couldn’t go back on her word, either, in consideration of her dignity. As a result, all that she could do was blankly watch the two tightly embrace.

The two childhood friends, who’d been apart for several years, were finally reunited. They both wanted to show the version of themselves upon reuniting. Lucia could finally protect her Prince Troy, while Troy was no longer a kid in his mom’s shelter. The two tightly embraced as they felt each other’s familiar, yet distant, warmth. Lucia leaned onto Troy’s chest and looked at the crowd applauding them with a shy, yet blissful, smile. She tightly hugged her lover. She didn’t know what love was in the past, but she finally learnt what it was. She wanted to be in Troy’s embrace, smiling blissfully.

Her love was finally successful. She had loved Troy for almost ten years. Her love for him never changed ever since she was a child until, while Troy equally missed her. She was in the arms of the man she loved. She didn’t want to budge in his arms nor did she want to go anywhere. She just wanted to float in his gentleness forever.

The people below applauded as they watched the in bliss on the stage. Troy’s expression was gentle and his movements were, too. He acted as though he was afraid of hurting the beauty in his arms. He caressed her as the most valuable treasure in the world. He had never shown such a gentle and blissful expression before. His love for her was visible in his black eyes, which healed the broken hearts of countless other girls.

The Prince of the elven nation fell in love with an ordinary young elven girl, while she overcame many hurdles to become her lover’s bodyguard as a member of the most elite squad. Such a story only happened in fairy tales until then. The newly engaged couple was so blissful and beaming. Their pure smiles were essentially the love that everybody pursued. Perhaps Lucia and Troy were very lucky. They were young, yet they had acquired the love everybody desperately pursued.

“Your Highness, I love you…”

“I love you, too, Lucia. We can finally be together. All these years of waiting weren’t for nothing. You’re finally by my side, Lucia.”

Troy tightly hugged the girl in his embrace. He had grown a lot taller than the girl in front of him, over the few years. Lucia’s gaze was on her finger. The ring on her finger appeared blurry through her tears. Nevertheless, it felt warm; it was the most blissful moment of her life yet. It was the best birthday present she ever received. The birthday she received a few years ago on her birthday was her most cherished present all her life.

“Congratulations, Your Highness, His Highness has grown up and now has such a pretty fiancée. Your Highness, I sincerely congratulate you.”

“Thank you…”

Vyvyan already felt she was on the verge of death. She had never wanted to cry so badly before, but she had to smile at the people below. It was the first time she felt smiling was such a hard endeavour. Her smile practically tore her heart. Her heart ached badly, yet she had to maintain her smile in front of the people.

Vyvyan didn’t like Lucia. She incredibly disliked her. The girl did nothing wrong, but she stole her son from her. Though they would still reside in the palace in the future, she couldn’t sleep with him at night anymore. She couldn’t see Troy’s cute face at dinner anymore. For Vyvyan, that future was essentially a nightmare, one that she could never awake from.

Vyvyan didn’t give up. They were just engaged. Just engaged. They weren’t married yet. Lucia was just an ordinary young girl. She wasn’t nobility, but even if they were, Vyvyan could easily cancel their marriage. However, she had to let Troy know that Lucia wasn’t the only girl in the world.

“Do I have to use other women? That won’t do. That won’t do. Absolutely not. One Lucia is enough. If there was one more Lucia, I wouldn’t be able to control the situation. What must I do to get my son to give up on Lucia, yet not break his heart due to losing her? The most perfect method is to get my son to like another woman. Now, the woman can’t be another woman, so my choice is…” pondered Vyvyan.

Vyvyan suddenly had a realisation. Perhaps her future lied with her, herself. She always believed the only person who could save oneself was oneself. She had to do it. She wanted to keep her son by her side forever, yet didn’t want for her son to be with another woman. Plus, her son knew he needed a lover, but Vyvyan was his mom not his wife. In that case, if she became his wife, he wouldn’t have another woman, which also meant that he’d be by her side forever…

“What are the chances this will work…? It seems… very likely…” determined Vyvyan.

Yes, she seemed to realise something. Her smile transformed into a confident and calm smile once again. She scrutinised Lucia. Lucia’s body was ordinary, while her own was as perfect as always. Her smile was in no way inferior to Lucia’s. She had more outstanding experience and a superior bloodline. There was no reason she wasn’t attractive to her son. The idea wasn’t ridiculous for elves. Most importantly, Lucia hadn’t yet become a Princess.

Lucia’s inferior bloodline meant that she couldn’t give birth to a qualified descendant for the Galadriel tribe. Vyvyan’s son would eventually understand that. He wanted to become a qualified King, so he had to be aware of that. After all, a King must leave behind a qualified successor to rule. That was the duty of a King.

“How shall I start planning, now then?” wondered Vyvya.

Vyvyan looked at the couple or rather, the engaged couple, with an ambiguous smile. Her smile was void of good will, but in the eyes of the people around, they interpreted it as the smile a mother wore, since she was glad her son had grown up…


A few months later…

“Your Highness… The Earth Dragons… Do you really have to go? I have some things to take care of during that time… I can’t accompany you…”

“It’s fine. It’s fine. I’m not going along. We’re going as a group. To be honest, I truly want to go hunting. You know, Lucia, all elves in the Imperial Capital need prey to hunt. I think Earth Dragons will be a good target for this!”

“Will it be dangerous?”

“I’ll be fine. I’m not going along. Moreover, Earth Dragons are an ordinary creature. It won’t be dangerous. Believe me, Lucia. I’ll be back very soon!”

“Mm, I believe you, Your Highness. I will await your return in your room!”


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