Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 53

Who’s Peerless Beauty (Part 1)

I need to tell the story from the beginning.

From the moment that Su Xiao was poisoned, I knew that something was wrong. Aphrodisiacs will confuse one’s mind. Men use it to enjoy intercourse, while feeding it to women must mean the one who fed it is attempting to pursue degenerate ends with a woman.

I specifically examined the components of the drug. The majority of it consisted of a unique drugged candle. The drug itself is harmless and useless, other than providing a scent. Extrapolating from that conjecture, I can rule out the possibility of the culprit being overconfident and slipping up, since they left me with the smell, which is a clue right under my nose and practically a dead giveaway. The reason for this is that the drug itself has a scent, which means that they required a candle to mask it, so that I’d unknowingly breathe it in.

I discovered some powder from the remains of the drugged candle. I had a taste of said powder. I found out that it’s the holy level drug among sexual drugs, Five Plucks Heart Enchantment Pill. Men will receive a massive boost after consumption. Their conscious will be muddled, their mental energy will be haywire, and their energy will get a kick. When females consume it, their desire for skinship will skyrocket. They’ll flirt and allow men to play with them; hence the name Five Plucks Heart Enchantment Pull.

‘Don’t ask me how I know. You just have to know that my Shifu isn’t a good guy, cough, cough, cough…’

At the time, however, I had no idea what the culprit’s goal was. I thought it had been used up, only for the Princess to unexpectedly fall victim to it, as well. Because she drank alcohol, its effects were even more pronounced.

I calmed down to analyse it.

‘There aren’t many in the Capital who’d want to harm me. If I eliminate all those who have grudges with my former self from the list of possible culprits, then Jin Wangsun is the only one who’d want to eliminate me.’

‘Whoever was the culprit, though, definitely harbours ill-will toward me. For them to use a sexual drug such as this one, chances are that they want to smear my name. As soon as I err, they’ll bring people into my room to witness me in my unbecoming predicament. Naturally, that also means that my chances at becoming Fuma will go down the drain with it.’

‘The culprit might’ve even sent a beauty into my room to have me sleep with her. Once they confirm that I did the deed, they’ll catch us all in one fell swoop, except, they didn’t expect Su Xiao and the Princess to enter my room, thereby putting a halt to their vicious scheme… And they didn’t think I’m impervious to poison. Not even Five Plucks Heart Enchantment Pill can affect me.’

‘Subsequently, I went along with their scheme to reverse their scheme on them, and therefore went along with the Princess’ act. I then destroyed the candle, thereby erasing the source of the drug. I then placed the Princess onto the bed and sealed her meridians. Then I tickled her ribs, leading to her immediately laughing uncontrollably.’

‘Not long after, the punk came to see the fruits of his labour, and that would be none other than the culprit in question!’

“You’ve kept me waiting.”

I said that using Voice Transmission. The person outside by the window froze for a moment, and then gently pushed the wall with their palm to spin and launch themself into the distance.

‘That action alone revealed three things to me.’

‘First, I spoke to them using Voice Transmission, which meant that I’m inside the room, but was fully aware of their location and where they headed, in addition to me being more skilled from a combat standpoint. However, they merely dallied for a moment before immediately fleeing. They reacted very swiftly and weren’t surprised. Therefore, they most likely know my identity.’

‘Second, they were able to leave with a single palm push, which proves that they were sticking to the wall with Gecko Walking on a Wall technique just before. Subsequently, their qinggong is unquestionably advanced. You could count the number of individuals in the capital with this level of qinggong proficiency.’

‘Third, judging from the fragrant scent on them…to my surprise, it was a female.’

I got off the bed and chased after as fast as a gust of wind. It’s night time at the moment, so I’m not afraid of somebody seeing me. She’s very quick with movement arts. At the very least, I haven’t seen anybody with qinggong that’s above her level in the capital. That said, I don’t plan to spare her, so I caught up to her rear not long after giving chase.

The girl was dressed in black. She wasn’t dressed in the black robe you’d wear to hide yourself at night, but a pretty thin silk dress. It’s just that the colour of her dress happened to be black. If it was the Princess or Boss Shen who came, they’d fail if they dressed in this gear for night time. Although females like to look beautiful, this maiden didn’t forget to doll herself up for such a secretive operation, which goes to show just how mischievous she is.

When I caught a glimpse of her slender and beautiful view from the rear, I lingered in silence for a split moment.

I had countless thoughts in my mind. Only when there was just a small sight of her left in view underneath the moonlight did I silently sigh, and then give chase.

When she went very fast, so did I. When she went slow, so did I. You could say that I followed her cadence. We ran the entire way for over ten miles ever since leaving Liu Shan Men.

We had now arrived in a desolate wild area, but we maintained a consistent distance between us that could be considered neither close nor far apart.

She was unable to shake me off. With the swift pace we travelled at, she would soon feel tired. She turned her head around to see my relaxed look, which told her that her qinggong was inferior to my own. As such, she suavely stopped at a large eucalyptus tree.

The maiden in black’s footsteps were remarkably light. Her light footsteps were again to a kitten’s. Her beautiful white feet would land on the ground, yet not even dust would be kicked up, which demonstrates just how light she was, and how soft those cat-like muscles on the bottom of her feet were. Her firm and powerful hips rotated along with her spin, and she finished with a silent landing.

She turned her head around. Thanks to the moonlight, I saw her black as ink face veil that covered half of her face.

Her clear skin that’s white as snow and virtually transparent underneath her black veil was revealed. Her hair that came down to her buttocks behind her was long and thick, perfectly matching her delicate white skin, yet standing out, thereby creating a distinct distinction between her white and black colours.

Her eyelashes were black and long, curved, yet standing. Her eyes are capable of captivating one in an instant. Those are a pair of eyes with life. She’s graceful, brilliant, mischievous, brave, cruel and cold… Her eyes could seemingly be described with lots of different words, for they gleamed with a complex light. It’s hard to imagine what sort of woman she is when she’s both elegant as water in a lake, yet simultaneously dangerous as a sharp blade.

‘From memory, only General Manager Bai, who was born a seductress, would compare to her. General Manager Bai is the only one capable of inadvertently capturing one’s soul with her charming eyes. Therefore, she’s the only one who could compare to this pair of eyes.’

‘This female isn’t charming if compared to General Manager Bai, but in terms of charm, even gods would be mesmerised by her.‘

‘Though I can only see half of her face, I can say with absolute certainty that she’s a peerless beauty. If she’s not a seductress, then she’s an enchantress.’

Under the moonlight, her curvaceous lines and bulges appeared captivating underneath her silk dress. It appeared as though she deliberately chose to wear clothing larger than her actual size in order to avoid the eyes of men. Despite that, though, her curves underneath her clothing couldn’t be hidden, yet she also gave the vibe that she had a light physique. Thus, you could tell that she didn’t have any excessive fat on her. Her waist was most stunningly slender. She wasn’t deliberately trying to seduce anyone, but those tall peaks sitting on her shoulders still stood out, nonetheless. Therefore, they exuded an alluring aura, despite her not purposely intending to do so.

The maiden raised her pure-white, soft, slender hands. She faced her palm away from her and covered her mouth with the back of her hand as she giggled in an elegant voice. However, her laughter also sounded particularly cold, “It is late at night. Do you not think that it is rude for you to have chased me for so long?”

I steadied myself and replied, “Shouldn’t it be me that asks you that question?”


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