Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 01

“Hmm, hmm,”

Gerald looked at Freya, who was in front of him humming. Freya had her hands clasped behind her back. When Freya was that happy, actually, when she had a rare moment where she was that happy, she’d clasp her hands behind her back. She walked across the marble floor dressed in her white and pink dress. She went upstairs with light steps. She had a cute rabbit hairclip in her short hair, which was most likely a present from His Majesty.

His Majesty and Freya went out alone this time to satisfy her “just the two of us” request, so they didn’t bring anybody along, including Gerald. Freya returned to the palace of the North after a few days, which was today. Troy City wasn’t far from the North, so it didn’t take too long. They probably didn’t have much to do besides returning to Troy City for a stroll, doing some shopping and then soaking in the hot springs on the mountain peak before returning.

Freya did want to go out and play, but she was also mindful of her what true duty was; therefore, she didn’t ask to remain out of the palace. She was satisfied with spending one day outside for some fun. Gerald really wanted to know if anything happened after their bath in the hot springs. Freya may be just a kid and also His Majesty’s younger sister, but she liked her own brother. The person she liked was her brother. He thought that something was bound to happen if they both had ideas.

He watched Freya go upstairs while humming a tune. He knew that something Freya considered good happened during their trip out judging from her bright smile. However, what Freya considered a good thing, actually made Gerald feel uncomfortable.  He clenched his fist. The reality was that whatever happened most likely had nothing to do with him. He, too, was aware of that.

Gerald knew that he was just a mere guard. Whatever happened between Miss Freya and her brother was not supposed to be his concern. He was merely responsible for her safety and for protecting her love. Under normal circumstances, he should be happy for her after what happened between them, because that was what she wanted. Nevertheless, he, instead, felt uncomfortable for some reason. He didn’t get injured, but his heart kept feeling a stinging sensation. It was as though what leaked from his heart wasn’t blood, but grief and sorrow.

“Umm, Miss Freya?”

“Hmm?” asked Freya. She turned her head around to look at the sluggish Gerald, who was behind her. She wore a bright and gentle smile, causing Gerald to shudder. “What’s wrong? Is something the matter? If you have something to say, say it. I’ve never seen you so hesitant before, Gerald.”

“Mm… Miss Freya, I want to know what happened when you went out with His Majesty.”

Freya looked at him and frowned. “Has that got anything to do with you? Gerald, weren’t you aware I went out to play with Onii-sama?”

“No… I was just curious. I really want to know what you did for fun…”

“We strolled through the streets, bought some stuff, look at my hairclip, and we ate some food. Mm… We then went to the flower field. The field of dye crops was indeed very pretty. Oh, yeah, we went to the palace first to tidy up internal things at the palace. Then, we finally went to soak in the hot springs together in the evening. It was truly very soothing.”


Gerald looked at Freya’s obvious look of annoyance. Freya only answered his extremely rude question, as she was in a good mood. Under normal circumstances, if the master didn’t bring their guard along, the guard has no right to ask where their master went. It was their master’s privacy. If they didn’t want for others to know, then their guard shouldn’t ask. Gerald asked the question, though, and Freya answered, because she was in a good mood. She never would’ve answered him, otherwise. Worse, she might’ve even driven him out.

“I… Mm…”

“I don’t know what the point of you asking the question is. Of course, nothing would happen if I go out with Onii-sama. That’s also a day I will never forget. That is the happiest day of my life until now. Hehe… I will never forget that day. Of course, I believe that I will get to go out to play with Onii-sama again in the future.”

Gerald blankly looked at Freya who smiled brightly at the mention of His Majesty. That was the smile he arduously travelled for four days and four nights for. He withstood the freezing weather in the icy lands and snowy mountains in order to hand a letter to His Majesty, who was on the frontlines. That blissful smile was all that Gerald wanted to see. Freya didn’t smile that way in the past, but one day, one mere day in the sea of flowers and a walk with His Majesty was enough to put such a bright smile on her face.

It turned out that doing things wasn’t what brought a smile to her face, but a particular individual who brought a smile to her face. His Majesty could probably put a smile on her face without having to do anything, except be by her side. He might not be able to cheer her up, regardless of his efforts.

‘It makes sense. Miss Freya was in a pinch for His Majesty’s sake when I first met her. She also asked me to take her to the Royal Palace before she had even recovered. Everything I did was for her, but everything she did was for His Majesty. I should’ve known that from the start. I should’ve known that form the start. Why, then, do I feel grief and sorrow?’

“Onii-sama and I will see the nearby anthropoid nobles as well as merchant representatives tomorrow in the guest room. Gerald, make yourself presentable. Don’t embarrass Onii-sama. Also, wake up early to check the guards nearby.”

That was all Freya said before continuing up. Gerald stood in place and spaced out. He then raised his head to look at Freya who was about to vanish from his sight and loudly asked, “Miss Freya, You and His Majesty…”

I looked at Gerald standing on the stairs and asked with puzzlement, “What with me?”

Gerald spun around swiftly to look at me with a ghastly white face. He hesitated to speak. Tanya, who was behind me, then looked at him with suspicion and appeared to get ready to draw her weapon.

“Your Majesty… Umm… Umm… I… I…”

I didn’t bother with anything. Who knows what Gerald wanted to ask? It shouldn’t have anything to do with me, though. I walked past him and up the stairs. Without looking back at him, I said, “Didn’t I go out to play with Freya? Freya didn’t want to bring you along, so I don’t blame you. You don’t need to worry, Gerald. You’re still responsible for Freya’s safety. The North has just recovered. Freya is still at risk, so you must be more careful.”


I heard Gerald’s muffled response from behind.


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