Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 00 (Prologue)

“Miss, do you have anything you have to do tomorrow? Your mother has plans and wants to talk with you.”

The young girl sat up from her bed, and then touched her ears. She looked at the maid carrying in a drink and replied, “Hmm? No. I am off tomorrow. I don’t have any plans. Is Dad coming back tomorrow?”

A red silhouette flashed over from behind. She looked at the young girl and frowned. “Your father won’t make it back tomorrow. He told us to go over. Even though you’re at home, aren’t you too slack?”

The maid bowed. Her mom looked at her and gave her a nod. She then placed the drink on the table at the entrance. Her mom turned to look at her daughter and pointed at her.

The young girl lingered for a short moment ,and then checked her shorts to confirm that the most important part of her perfect body wasn’t revealed before lying back down on her bed. She squirmed with her tail and complained, “It doesn’t matter. It’s so hot. If I could, I wouldn’t even want to wear clothes. I want to hang my tail out, too. Why do I have to keep it in my skirt?!”

“Only your husband can stroke your tail! It’s indecent to have your tail exposed. You’re a girl, so you must practice the mannerisms of a girl, and protect your tail properly. That is a gift for your future husband. Not only is it about cherishing yourself, but also a form of respect for your husband!”

She gently wagged her red tail around in the air. The young girl then sat up and looked at her mom with her eyes narrowed. Her mom wore a very stern expression, but the way she wagged her tail around gave away her true mood already. The young girl mischievously smiled. “So you’ve already prepared your tail for dad?”

Her mother’s pretty face turned red. Her ears jolted, but she maintained her long face. “I am your dad’s wife, after all. My tail should be reserved for your father to touch, so it’s fine for me to wait for tomorrow! Not you, though! Put your tail in your skirt properly!”

The young girl curiously asked her mother, “I heard about Dad and your past. Mom, what was the deal with you and Marvel?”

“Nothing. We were initially in love with each other as part of a political marriage. Then, we took different sides. Marvel is considered the hero of anthropoids’ of the North. There’s a statue of him on the fountain in the Imperial City, isn’t there?” replied her mother. She narrowed her crescent-moon eyes before continuing, “Marvel and I… mm… I still had feelings for him when he died, but the one who was always by my side protecting me was your father. I was an escapee of the North at the start. Marvel rejected me. I do understand his reasons, but it still upset me. When your father’s guards ostracised me, your father chose to protect me. Your father was the one who always protected me no matter when.”

“I see…” responded the young girl, nodding as though she was pondering something.  “What about Dad, then? We’re going to the palace tomorrow, right…? To be honest… it’s a little far…”

“That’s right. Pack your stuff, as we’ll be going to the palace tomorrow. Aren’t you on vacation now? Stay in the palace for the holidays. Mm… Vera, Nona and Daisy should all be on vacation, as well. You can go out to play together.”

Ling Yue turned her red body. Her fur on her tail stood up with excitement that couldn’t be held back similarly to an excited dog. The young girl was amused. Her mom really liked her dad. She got excited as if she was a child whenever she got to see her dad.

She had three sisters. They were stepsisters who shared the same father, but different mothers. Their relationship was decent. Despite the four of them rarely meeting in the past – since they didn’t live together – the four of them were friendly with each other. As a matter of fact, they got along very well.

“Speaking of which, can I ask Dad about the past? About the war in the North, that is. I’m very curious about what exactly Dad did at the time. Why does Dad never tell me about what happened at that time?”

With a slight smile, her mom explained, “I don’t think your dad will tell you if you ask him. That’s a memory your dad doesn’t want to recall. Your father now rules as a fair King. The laws that he and Freya established are the foundation of the nation’s laws. He requires absolute fairness when judging others, which is unlike anything before. Additionally, your father hasn’t killed in a long time, right? As long as they don’t violate the laws, he won’t kill them. However, your father wasn’t that way back then.”

Her mother narrowed her eyes. “That’s a time period your father doesn’t want to recall. He was too crazy at the time. If I wasn’t by his side, the entire North might have been destroyed. If you want to know more, you need to go and ask Tanya or Shusia.”

“Is Sis Tanya in the palace right, now as well?”

“Uhm. Tanya and Shusia are both around. Tanya protects your father, while Shusia protects us.”

The young girl nodded, and then lay back down on her bed. She rolled left and right on her bed and said, “Aaahh, I want to hurry and get to the palace… I miss Dad so much! Dad is a bit too mean, as well. Why doesn’t he come to see us more often? You, too, mom, why didn’t you just choose to go to the palace as Mommy Lucia and Mommy Nier did when you had the choice to at the time?

“Mommy couldn’t go back then precisely because of Lucia and Nier.”

Her mom walked into the room, and then sat down on the edge of the bed. She gently hugged her daughter and affectionately touched her furry tail. Her daughter’s tail was the exact same as hers. Even the pattern was the same. However, her hair was gradually changed colour to resemble her lover’s hair colour. In essence, her hair colour was a gradient. Looking at her daughter was the same as looking at the image of her and husband together.

“Mommy had things to do, while your father also had his own things to do. Mommy got pregnant with you purely because mommy was being wilful; thus, mommy couldn’t burden your father. If your father had to take care of mommy, as well, then he wouldn’t have had time to improve the North, and the North would, therefore, not be the way it is now. Moreover, this is Mommy’s true home. Mommy was born here and grew up here, so Mommy had every reason to return here.”

The young girl pouted. “But we can’t see Dad here…”

“We can definitely see him if we want to. We are not together all the time, so when we do get the opportunity to be together, we feel particularly happy.” Her mom gave her a kiss on her cheek. Then, she chuckled. “Your hair and eyes also strongly resemble your father, so seeing you is the equivalent of seeing your father. When Mommy just left your father and returned here, Mommy was honestly the same as you. Mommy would sometimes dream of your father. I would have dreams of me acting high and mighty in front of your father, but he’d still smile affectionately. I’d always wake up with my face covered in tears. I also kept considering if I should give up everything, and just stick with your father all the time as Freya does…”

“Are you talking about when the North was just started up?”

“Yes. That was when your father returned to the Imperial Palace of the North and officially started his rule.”


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