Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 38

Ling Yue wrapped her arm around mine. From my side, she seriously said, “I want to see Lucia.”

I looked at her a little puzzled.  “What’s the point of you seeing Lucia? Lucia is awake for very short periods of time at the moment. She only has an hour daily. If you see her, I think it’ll be very awkward for you two.”

Ling Yue rolled over to position herself on top of me. She then wagged her tail. “No, that’s not what I meant. Didn’t you say that Lucia requires highly pure mana? Lucia doesn’t necessarily need the elven spring water. I gain a large volume of mana after doing it with you every time, especially on full-moon nights. I can store a large volume of mana in my tail. I just need to accumulate all of the mana at the tip of my tail. After that, I just need to extract the blood from my tail to replace the elven sprint water… I think.”

My sleepy brain suddenly sobered up. I looked at Ling Yue and excitedly exclaimed, “Will that really work? If it’s possible, Lucia won’t need to depend on the elven spring water every day, then!”

“I’m not sure. However, if you’re saying that she requires highly pure mana, then my tail is the best mana storage treasure. Although it hurts to extract blood, I think just two or three drops will suffice,” explained Ling Yue. She then proudly added, “Not only is your mana in this tail but mine, too, not to mention that my mana is extremely pure.”

I cupped Ling Yue’s face in my hands and looked at her solemnly. “Really? Will that really work? Will it really work?! In that case…”

“Let’s do it a few more times now, then. If you want highly pure mana then, we’ll need to do it every day. It would be best if we did it several times. A few more times… Mm… Let’s… do it again now… Let’s do it again.”

‘If that works, I’m totally fine with doing it a few more times. I’ve been trained by Nier. Ling Yue may look really wild, but she’s much easier to satisfy than Nier. This is a very weird reason, but I really do need to use Ling Yue to save Lucia right now.’

I’m only locking Ling Yue in my arms tightly to save Lucia!!

However, I wasn’t certain that Ling Yue’s suggestion would work. If it did, I’d take Ling Yue and Lucia back to the North right away. Lucia just needed a highly pure mana source at the moment, which was why she relied on the elven spring water. If we could overcome that, then Lucia could go anywhere. Additionally, I needed to sort things out in the North, as well. Despite me having occupied it, we hadn’t resolved the collapse it was facing. I had to get the elven spring water to pass into the North or find an alternative. I needed to find some time to speak to Mommy Vyvyan to decide if I could direct the elven spring water into the North or if I needed to come up with an alternative solution.


Current time at the old Imperial Palace in the North.

“So put another way, it is getting colder and colder in the North, correct…?”

“Correct. If the elven spring water does not flow across, the North will continue to remain cold. Initially, the Moon Fox Tribe used themselves to heat up the North. However, Ling Yue will not do that now.”

Freya nodded. She then looked at the soldiers clearing the snow left behind by the accumulated snow. The snow that tumbled down was cleared thanks to the continuous efforts of the soldiers. Reconstruction had commenced in an orderly manner. Freya didn’t plunder or do anything as soon as she came. She tried to search for all sorts of information on her way over, and then began to join Leah with work once she arrived here.

Freya narrowed her eyes. “I am afraid it is not likely to be possible for us to allow the elven spring water to flow here. This land must have been deprived of the elven spring water for a long time, right? The level of mana here should be low? Sorry. I am a human so I cannot sense mana at all.”

“That should be the case,” answered Leah, as she took off her wig. She walked up to Freya and gave her a warm drink. “The mana in the Northern lands is virtually non-existent now.”

“What is the point of asking for the elven spring water, then?” asked Freya, with a shake of her head. She stood up and looked at the large map hanging on the wall. “Allowing the elven spring water to flow here would only restore mana to this land, correct? You did not have mana, but you got by without a hitch. It sounds as though the temperature is what is making life harsh. That means that it will be fine as long as we can raise the temperature.”

“How will we do that without mana? We are surrounded by tall mountains and the terrain here is much higher than in the South. There are also the snowy mountains. How will we raise the temperature under these conditions?”

Freya  replied, “There is no need to bring it in from the South. My onii-sama has more important business to attend to at the moment. I do not want to distract him with this, so leave it with me. Do not link everything back to the elves over there. I admit that elven magic is incredible. But nevertheless, humanity can now do many things elves would require mana to accomplish. Onii-sama conquered this place with humans.”

Leah shook her head this time. “Frankly, no matter who it is, nobody has any special feelings for the elves, as the North has been cut off from them for so long. We do not necessarily require elves, either. If humanity can help the North, then humans will be fine, too. Do you have an idea?”

“Uhm, I do have an idea,” responded Freya. She looked at her and then pointed at the map of the North on the wall. “According to investigations from our experts in the North, the North may not be able to bring warmth from the South over, but the North can bring in warmth from the ocean. See this place? This is the large mountain to your west. We just need to blow a hole here, and the warm breeze from the ocean will be able to melt the accumulated snow on the mountains, which will additionally turn your frozen rivers into endlessly flowing rivers. The warm current will continue to blow throughout the North. Will life in the North not be restored if we can warm up the North?”


The North originally relied on mana to warm it up. That, however, meant that the North just needed to rely on nature to recover. If the North continued to rely on the elves’ spring water, the North would definitely be transformed into its current state should they ever be at odds with the elves. Freya didn’t trust elves; or rather, she wasn’t fond of those who weren’t the same species as her. Consequently, Freya wouldn’t dig herself a hole.

Leah looked at Freya. Her gaze showed that she trusted Freya, but also doubted her at the same time. She had never heard of something such an idea. She had only seen the time Troy buried the army of the North using the snow. She never thought that snow had such a function. She never thought that it could change the weather in the North.

‘Is she serious?’

Freya’s smiled showed she was pleased with herself. “It appears that you do not trust me. That’s fine, though. You can’t stop me even if you don’t believe me. Onii-sama entrusted the North to me, so I will definitely return it to him in one piece, and I will ensure that it is a free and prospering North, not a North that is subjected to the control of others. We humans can change this land. We don’t need the elves to get involved!”


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