Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 34

Vyvyan came in and gently shut the door. She looked at me, who was sitting next to Lucia, and called out to me in a soft voice. “Son…”

I turned around to look at Vyvyan. I stood up. “Mom, do you have business?”

Vyvyan’s lips moved. She seemed to have something she struggled to talk about. She looked at me with her blue eyes that were akin to the deep and vast ocean. I walked over to her and gently took hold of her hand. “Mom, do you have something you want to say? Just say it. I am your son. Is there anything you would need to hide from your son?”

Vyvyan giggled. She then stroked my head. “You’re right, son. I shouldn’t hide anything from you. I just wanted to ask if you were serious about what you said today.”

I nodded. “If he seriously tries to harm Lucia, if he seriously tries to hurt my Lucia, if the Galadriel tribe can’t accept Lucia, I will immediately leave with Lucia without any hesitation. It doesn’t matter if we go to Troy City or the North. I won’t leave her with the Galadriel tribe and watch her die!”

Vyvyan sighed. “It’s useless, son. You won’t escape. Your father thought the same way over ten years ago, and he did the same thing. In the end, he still ended up having to obediently come home. Son, you…”

I pressed a hand onto Mommy Vyvyan’s shoulder and sternly argued, “That’s because you were there! My father couldn’t escape with Elizabeth, because you pursued them. The Galadriel tribe isn’t frightening. Mom, the Galadriel tribe is only frightening, because they have you. You are my mom. Would you just idly watch your daughter-in-law die?!”

Vyvyan looked at me. Dilemma and heartache showed in her eyes. She gently pressed her hand on mine. “Son, is Lucia worth you giving up so much…? If you want a wife who can give birth, even I could…”

“No, I’m not protecting her because she is pregnant my child, but because she is Lucia, my beloved Lucia. My love for her has never changed. I don’t mind giving up everything for her.”

Vyvyan looked at me solemnly and sadly asked, “Including mommy?”

“‘If harm befalls my Lucia, I’ll kill even Vyvyan!!” was what I thought at one point, but seeing Vyvyan now with her somewhat sad gaze, her face looking at me that I was familiar with and loved, I really wondered if I could go through with it.

‘When mom hugs me, will I really be able to find it in me to kill her even if her hands were covered in Lucia’s blood? Could I really hurt my mom? Do I really have that determination? No. Absolutely not. I  can’t hurt my mom. She’s my mom, my Mommy Vyvyan. She gave birth to me and raised me. How could I possibly hurt her. Lucia is my lover, but… but… but… I love Mommy Vyvyan, too!!’

‘Will I actually be able to go through with it and hurt Vyvyan if that day comes? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I sincerely love my Mommy Vyvyan, as well. I don’t love her just as my mother. After all, she’s done so much for me and accompanied me at my side for so long. There’s no way I don’t love her!!’

“I… I…”

She looked at me. She smiled bitterly. “A good mother shouldn’t put her son in a dilemma. Son, Mommy shouldn’t put you in a dilemma.”

“No! Mom! I… I.. I…”

“It’s all right, Son.”

Mommy Vyvyan touched my face with a smile. “A mom is meant to tolerate her child’s wilfulness. Son, mommy will protect you. Mommy will protect you and your Lucia. Mommy is your mom, and so Mommy will never capture you. Mommy is forever merely a tool in the eyes of the Galadriel tribe.”

Mom lightly embraced me and then continued, “Let mommy borrow your shoulder for a while, Son. Mommy wants to have a bit of a rest, as well. Mommy wants a shoulder to lean on, too.”

I hugged Mom and stroked her long blonde hair gently. Mommy Vyvyan took in a deep breath. She then quietly said, “Mommy is just a tool to the Galadriel tribe. Mommy has always been just a tool to the tribe. Mommy was born as Mommy’s brother’s wife. Mommy didn’t mind it, for Mommy loved Mommy’s brother. Afterwards, Mommy became the ruler of elves in Mommy’s brother’s place. Mommy didn’t mind that either, because Mommy possessed the most superior lineage. Mommy was born to do these things. Mommy’s lineage was given by the Galadriel tribe. Mommy’s status was given by the Galadriel tribe. Mommy’s mana was given by the Galadriel tribe. Even mommy’s purpose in life was to serve the Galadriel tribe. But it’s different for you.

That continued until you were born; however, because of your birth, Mommy found a purpose to live for, for the first time. You needed Mommy, not because of Mommy’s mana or lineage or appearance. You loved me, because you were Mommy’s child. You are not the Galadriel tribe’s son. Mommy gave birth to you and raised you. For the first time, Mommy found another purpose to live for besides the Galadriel tribe. Mommy’s entire life changed, because of you. Mommy didn’t raise you because of the Galadriel tribe, but solely because you are Mommy’s child. That’s why Mommy raised you, and that’s why Mommy loves you.”


“It’s all right, Son. If you want to leave, then go ahead and leave.” Vyvyan kissed my cheek. I felt her cold face. Mom didn’t sob or cry. She was calm as if she was telling me what breakfast for tomorrow was going to be. “You were not given to me by the Galadriel tribe. You were given to me by Onii-sama. I raised you, not the Galadriel tribe. Therefore, you don’t need to be restricted by the Galadriel tribe. If you want to leave, leave. Mommy won’t go looking for you. Promise. Mommy will let you go as far away as possible.”

I tightly hugged Mom. Next to her ear, I softly said, “Mom, come with me.”

Mom’s body intensely shuddered. She pushed me back and looked at my face. Her tears gushed forth from her blue eyes. She looked at me with a painful expression that no words could do justice and shook her head. Her voice trembled as she spoke. “I can’t… I can’t… If I leave… the elves…”

I looked at Mom absolutely seriously. “Don’t worry about so much, Mom… I will have the elves, humanity and the North form an alliance. Mom, come with me. I want to take my loved ones away from here. You are my loved one, too, Mom. Come with me, Mom. You said your purpose in life was me, so leave with me, then!”

“I… I…”

“Mom! Come with me! Come with me. Fuck the Galadriels. The Galadriels don’t love you, but I do!!”

“S-Son… I… I will leave together with you!”


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