Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 33

“I am not aggravating you, my grandson, but you are too immature.”

He looked at me and knocked on the ground. He spoke as though what I said made him grieve deeply. “You are a descendant of Galadriel Tribe. You are a member of Galadriel Tribe. I love you, and you know that. However, what you’re doing is incorrect. Perhaps Vyvyan has excessively pampered you, leaving you ignorant of our Galadriel Tribe’s principles.”

I looked back at him and shouted, “So the Galadriel Tribe’s principle is to indiscriminately kill based on lineages and mana?! If that’s the case, then I’m glad mom never told me. I sure don’t want to be a descendant that such a bloody tribe can be proud of, because I don’t want to kill senselessly, and that applies even more to enemies who have surrendered. I’m also most reluctant to kill my own relatives!! The Queen of the North is also our Tribesmen. She shouldn’t be blamed even if her parents did commit wrongs!! She should come back. She’s also a Galadriel. She also has the right to enjoy everything we do!! She is our Tribesmen!”

Zalel sternly looked at me and spoke in a loud voice. “She is the trash of our Tribe! How can defects enjoy the same treatment as us? The Galadriel Tribe is the accumulation of our efforts. What right do those defects have to enjoy the fruits of our labour? They’re just a waste of our accomplishments!

This is the same as you conquering the North. You must want to be able to help your people in your land, right?! Surely you don’t want your accomplishments to be used to feed a bunch of useless people, right?! Those with inferior lineages and mana will only cause our Tribe’s lineage to get worse and worse, causing our descendants to become poorer and weaker. We are the imperial family. We must remain the strongest elves. Our benevolence will be our own future graves.”

Zelal continued with distress. “We are the imperial family. Child, we are the imperial family. The elven rule is established based on the pressure of ultimate mana.  Nobody questions us precisely because of Vyvyan’s demi-god nature. That’s the reason all of her policies are considered God’s orders and carried out smoothly. Mana is everything in elven society, my child. Do not try to apply humanity’s ways here with the elves. Elves are not humans. Equality for elves can only be established if everybody has the same mana profile.”

I opened my mouth, wanting to argue, but I found myself speechless. What Zalel said was extremely cruel, but there were no problems with what he said. I turned my head around to look at mom. Mom nodded to indicate that what he said was right. Elves and humans were different. The reason elves’ had such a peaceful society was due to the levels of mana. Those levels kept the people in check, deterring anybody from having ideas about stepping out of line. Everybody followed Vyvyan’s orders, because she was a demi-god.

The descendants of the Galadriel Tribe were guaranteed to have a superior lineage, as the Galadriel Tribe had the purest mana. The Galadriel Tribe relied on high-level mana to rule all elves, and they relied on the high-level mana to consolidate their power as the ruler. Subsequently, the superior mana allowed all of their policies to be successfully carried out.

All those aforementioned points were a result of the Galadriel Tribe’s superior lineage. They needed to rely on their lineage to consolidate their rule. Hence, they had to ensure that they didn’t have any inferior lineages; or else, their rule would be toppled once a descendant with inferior mana appeared. That was everything that the Galadriel Tribe faced.

I was speechless. I wanted to retort, but that was the foundation of the Galadriel Tribe’s rule.

‘There’s no way I can let the Queen into the Imperial Palace, then. The Galadriel Tribe will refuse to acknowledge her. If they do and she has a child with an inferior lineage in the future, does that mean that the child won’t get to compete for the throne?’

‘Not even Mommy Vyvyan approves of letting her return to the palace. It appears I can’t let her re-enter the Galadriel Tribe. I think it should be all right for her to live in the South, though. That’ll be on her to decide. I’m not really bothered with what happens to her, to be frank. What I want to know most is Lucia’s situation.’

Tone serious, I asked, “In that case, I want to know what’s going to happen to Lucia in the future and the other child of hers. This is of utmost importance. Lucia doesn’t possess a very high mana purity level, and her child is also an ordinary elf. What is the Galadriel Tribe going to do about that?”

“Lucia will be exiled. She will disappear from the Galadriel Tribe along with her child. Marry Vyvyan as your wife. Raise your child with her.”

Zelal seemed to think that I understood things, or perhaps he thought he had convinced me. Perhaps he thought I had accepted everything he said and was going to become an obedient follower of the Galadriel Tribe.

I snickered. I coldly said, “Dream on, you arrogant old man. Did you really think I’d listen to everything you say? I’ll back down on the Queen’s business, but I will never let you push me around when it comes to Lucia. Lucia is my wife. She has given up so much for the Galadriel Tribe’s descendant, yet you’re just going to exile her?!”

“The Galadriel Tribe cannot have trash with inferior lineages! Do you still not understand that?!”

I took in a deep breath. “You’re right! I don’t get it! I just told you two days ago that I would never abandon Lucia. I’ve now confirmed that you have no kind will toward Lucia, so there’s no way I’m going to let her stay with you. She’s my Lucia and my wife. I want her to stay by my side forever.”

“She cannot become a part of the Galadriel Tribe!”

“We aren’t part of the Galadriel Tribe, then,” I thundered. Gaze cold, I threatened, “Who else does the Galadriel Tribe have? You don’t have any other descendants besides me, do you? If you even think about harming my Lucia, I’ll sever all ties to the Galadriel Tribe. I still have my Rosvenor surname. I still have my land in the North. If you want to attack the North, come try me. I won’t hesitate to wage war on you for my child and wife’s sake.”


“You heard me. That’s my bottom line,” I stated. I turned to walk to the door. Coldly, I added, “The one person of the Galadriel Tribe I love most is my mom, Vyvyan. She’s the one who gives me the feeling of belonging most. No matter how wilful I may be, Mommy Vyvyan always looks after me and protects me. That is the Vyvyan Galadriel that I love and cherish most, not you, you heartless old geezer! You best be glad that I still care about my mom, or else, I’ll leave right now!”


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