Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 10


I huffed and puffed. I was soaked in blood. My guards ran back and forth in the courtyard and inside the building. I heard gunshot after gunshot and blade after blade entering flesh. I threw the sword in my hand down.

Corpses lay in all directions on the ground. The blood ran down from the stairs similarly to a small creek. Even the carpet had absorbed the blood.

‘How many people did I kill on the way here? I don’t know. I can’t keep count anymore.’

After I emptied all my bullets, I grabbed a sword on the wall and charged over. I killed every anthropoid I came across. At the same time, my guards outside sprang into action. Virtually all of the soldiers went to subdue my guards, so I killed all of the servants and maids inside. I spared none.

Ling Yue stood next to me. She looked at me with an absolutely calm and agonised gaze. She leaned her back onto a wall and slowly sat down to one side. She sobbed, “That’s twice. That’s twice now. This is the second time I’ve seen my home painted with corpses and blood. Twice. Twice! I… I…”

“What choice did I have…? What choice did I have…?” I asked. I leaned on the bloody wall and looked at the blood running off my hands. I looked at Ling Yue. Voice stern, I explained, “What choice did I have? What choice did I have?! They tried to kill in front of my eyes! They tried to kill someone I care about in my presence! Can I just watch that happen? Am I supposed to just watch them kill you? Am I supposed to just forgive them? No way. Absolutely no way. Don’t bring up innocence and kindness. The piece of shit called kindness and that fucking innocence is what got so many of those around me killed! My Mera, my Luna and My Philes all died, because I was soft. I want to protect those around me. I want to ensure nobody can hurt those around me again!”

“What does you killing them have to do with protecting me?!!”

“Nobody can hurt you if they’re dead.”

“What about others, then?! Are you going to kill everyone in the North if they consider me a traitor and want to kill me?”

I looked at her seriously and nodded, “I can.”

I swallowed the blood in my mouth and stood up. I looked at the corpses covering the ground. “If I don’t kill this group, one of them might try to get revenge on me. Anybody related to him could come after my life whether it’s a kid or an elderly. I can’t let anybody, who is a threat to me, live. For my safety, for my wives safety, for my mothers and for my family, I won’t allow anybody to threaten me. If one man threatens me, I’ll kill everyone connected to him. Everyone. I’ll spare none. Not one. I won’t let anybody could get revenge against us live. Absolutely never.”

Ling Yue stood up and thundered at me, “You want your child to be born into bloodshed?! Do you want for his father to be a murderer?! You shouldn’t be a tyrant!!”

I turned my head around to coldly look at her. I didn’t know if it was due to the murderous aura in my eyes still present or if it was due to me being covered in so much blood that I was too scary, but Ling Yue backed off a little. She looked at me with terror as if she was afraid I’d go over and strangle her to death.

“I just hope that my son isn’t born into a pile of blood, shed by his mother, father, grandparents or friends. It doesn’t matter to me if I have to kill more. If I don’t kill these people, my child won’t be able to live an innocent life. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m a tyrant or not. It doesn’t matter to me if I become a tyrant, as long as I can protect my family.”

I wasn’t joking, and I didn’t catch chuunibyou syndrome. Those were my honest thoughts.

“You creep… You tyrant… You didn’t spare even a pregnant woman … You crazy murderer!!!”

“If my family and friends are safe and well, then you can say whatever you like. Why do you think I want to establish my army? Why, do you think? You think I have nothing to do as a Prince? Is that it? Well, you’re wrong. I established my army to kill people.”

If they drew their weapons and aimed them at those around me, I’d kill them be it a child, an elder, a male or a female. I’d kill everyone connected to them.

The sounds of gunfire and swords clanging finally stopped, plunging the building into silence once again. I promised Ling Yue that I wouldn’t take the place with force, but I ended up turning the place into a river of blood in the end. We killed all of the panthers in the house. None escaped. My army was outside, while my guards were inside. They had no escape.

I refused to spare any panther for him to take revenge on me later down the road. I refused to let anybody threaten the safety of those around me. To do that, I’d wipe out anything that could possibly harm them. I won’t let even a molecule of it or them remain.


Ling Yue looked at me. She didn’t know what to say, while I had no intention of continuing to listen to her. Shusia and Tanya rushed up the stairs. When they saw me, they asked, “Your Majesty, are you all right?”

I nodded, “Uhm, I’m all right. Have you confirmed that they’ve all been killed?”

“Uhm, they have all been killed.”

Tanya looked at me first, and then shifted her gaze onto Ling Yue. I stroked her head and commanded, “Arrange for people to clean up inside the house and take the corpses away. Ling Yue is going to stay here. We need to ensure we leave her with a good environment to live in.”

Shusia sighed a breath of relief. She looked at me and asked, “Is Ling Yue not going to follow us anymore?”

“No, she won’t,” I replied. I turned my head back to look at Ling Yue. She looked back at me without any anger in her eyes and slowly nodded. I turned back to look at the two and said, “Ling Yue has arrived home. We just need to help her clean and tidy up this house. It doesn’t matter what happens after.”


The two of them nodded, and then called out to the guards outside. I didn’t know how good the guards outside were at cleaning, but I insisted on providing Ling Yue with an acceptable house to move into despite the fact that we were going to part and our last conversation wasn’t a happy one.

‘Will Ling Yue be scared living in this house alone? Too many people have died here. This house will still have a faint stench of blood even if we do our best to clean it.’

“Miss Shusia…”

The guards started cleaning. Ling Yue sniffled and wiped her tears. She walked up to Shusia.

Shusia placed the paint in her hand down and looked at her. She gestured to Ling Yue to hurry up and ask whatever she wanted to ask.

“Was… was… was he born that way…? Why… why does he like to kill…? Why… does he not have any sympathy…? Why…?”

Shusia lingered for a moment before replying, “I have not always served His Majesty. If that’s your question, you need to ask the Princess or… Philes.”

“I… want to know… I really want to know… Philes must’ve told you, right…? What… what exactly happened…? Tell me… I only know part of the story… I don’t know… why…?”

Shusia looked at her and sighed. She then handed off the paint to a guard and replied, “I’ll tell you a bit about Luna, then. You should’ve heard that name already, haven’t you? You also know that His Majesty became the man he is now because of her. I’ll now tell you the beginning of the story… His Majesty was originally very kind. However, because of the greed and ambition of the others in this world, His Majesty had to become a tyrant for his family’s sake… But, he’s all right. He is a fair tyrant.”


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