The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 01 Ch. 44

Honestly, fear hit me when I heard it was a soldier. My first thought was that they found out about me buying food from the army and were here to arrest me. I wasn’t worried about being arrested, since I had Veirya to protect me, so I didn’t think the army would do anything apprehensive to me in Veirya’s presence. I had an idea to hide the food, and the best way was to distribute it to the people. They can’t exactly get the food that the people have eaten already.

However, Veirya opened the door before I could move. The armour was a very familiar armour. It was the standard armour worn in the army. The armour Veirya wore was that exact same one. It consisted of a tight breastplate, skirt armour below the belly and then leg armour that was tied on to the wearer’s thighs and calves. That was accompanied by metal boots. The section between the breastplate and skirt armour was a leather belt where the wearer could hang all sorts of things from. The person at the entrance made me think she was a mirror. The woman standing at the entrance with her helmet in her arm exchanged eye contact with Veirya, who had her hand on her sword. They both had blue eyes and the exact same silver hair, so I couldn’t tell what the difference between them was.

Veirya looked at the woman opposite her. The woman looked back at her. The two seemingly completely identical women looked at each other without a word. However, they looked at each other very vigilantly. They just looked at each other without budging as if they were statues.

They seemed not only very similar in appearance, but also in personality. If I continued hiding behind Veirya, they might just stare at each other for an entire day. I think they’ll only break the awkward silence once they draw their swords. I looked at them and then made a hand gesture to tell Leah not to speak. I then stood up and walked to the entrance.

The woman opposite Veirya’s gaze finally shifted to me. Veirya turned her head around. I noted her gaze contained a hint of anger. She extended her hand out to stop me. She said, “Go back.”

“This is the man that bought the food, correct?”

Their voices sounded virtually the exact same. I actually couldn’t tell who spoke for a moment… The woman opposite Veirya looked at me seriously then continued, “Northern Branch President of Visete Company, Norael Gerald seeks an audience.”

“Company President?!”

“No, Branch President.”

The woman opposite Veirya corrected me. I looked at her and chuckled hopelessly. I then said, “All right, all right, Branch President. Please come in then. Please.”

“I wanted to go in a while ago, but this woman just had to get in the way.”

The woman narrowed her eyes a little as she looked at Veirya. Her gaze was filled with dislike. Although the two of them looked the exact same, I could tell that the woman had more emotions than Veirya. Veirya has never worn any expression on her face, and the same goes for her gaze. There would only be the occasional sign of desire in her gaze when she wanted something, such as a kid.

“I won’t allow anyone to come into my home armed.”

Veirya kept her hand pressed on her sword handle without budging. She coldly looked at the woman in front of her, while the woman had her left hand on her sword, as well, despite holding her helmet. If one of them drew their sword, the other would immediately draw their sword and retaliate.

Neither of them had drawn their sword, but the atmosphere between them was particularly tense.

‘Did the two of them have some sort of enmity between them in the past, for the two of them to be cautious of the other and want to kill the other?’

“I don’t want to go in, but our Branch President wants to see this man.”

“He belongs to me. I don’t want to let him see anyone today.”

Veirya didn’t relax her tone at all. She didn’t pull her arm blocking me off, either. It was the first time she demonstrated such an unwavering attitude. It was the first time I sensed emotions from Veirya, but her emotions were disgust and vigilance this time. It was the first time she displayed hatred for someone.

“What’s wrong? Angelina, why aren’t you going in?”

A man’s laughter came from behind the woman. I looked over. Angelina turned to make a small bow. I looked at the man in front. He wore a huge black fur on him. It must be the fur of a bear or some other large animal that was skinned. I could tell that it was very expensive, because there was no excessive string of fur and it was smooth. It shined as though it was a mirror.

I could tell that he was very wealthy.

Normally, you would wear expensive clothing at a business negotiation; In fact, you would wear clothing that told people that it was premium clothing with a single glance. It was a way of expressing your importance to the other party. Everybody knows not to judge a book by its cover, but can people see your internal thoughts upon first meeting? Consequently, people judge you based on your clothing upon first sight. If you’re dressed well and display your wealth, the other party will also be more serious. Money is the strongest weapon at a business negotiation table. You must get the other party to take you serious right from the get go.

Hence, I don’t think this man is an ordinary man either.

His skin colour was very light. Light enough that I could virtually see his veins. He smiled and looked at me over the two women. He lightly took of his hat, revealing his head of light-blonde hair that was combed to perfection. He smiled at me and after a deep bow said, “Mister, I heard of your reputation in the city. I heard that you were a man that could turn a city’s food market on its head once you spoke.”

I softly chuckled as I shook my head. I made a small bow before replying, “All I did was buy a bit of food. I am but Lord Veirya’s spoil of war. I act on Lord Veirya’s orders. She needed food, so I acquired food, that is all. As for turning the food market on its head or whatever you said, I have never thought about doing so.”

“He chuckled as he walked up to me. With a smile he asked, “How do I address you?”

Veirya didn’t move. She continued to stand at the front, prohibiting him from entering, so I had to speak to him with Veirya in the middle.

I looked at him and announced my name for the first time, “My name is Lin Dongqing.”

Nobody has asked for my name after coming here for so long. Queen Sisi treated me as a dog, Veirya saw me as a spoil of war and Leah treated me as her father, always only addressing me as “Papa”.  I haven’t mentioned my name in a long time. This was the first time I announced my name, since coming here. Veirya turned her head around to look at me. She looked at me somewhat surprised, and asked, “You actually have a name?”

“Of course I do!”

“Lin… Lin what…? Your first name is Lin and your surname is Dongqing?”

“No, my surname is Lin, and my first name is Dongqing. Consider it… hmm… a custom in the north.”

“All right. So, Mr. Lin, would you happen to have some time to discuss some matters with me? I would also like to see your skills that could turn a city’s food market on its head once you spoke.”

He smiled and extended his hand out toward me. The woman in front pressed her hand on Veirya’s arm as she looked at her coldly. She said, “I must carry out the orders of the Branch Leader. Do you insist on resisting?”

Veirya turned her head around to look at me. She showed hope in her gaze. It was the first time I spotted Veirya’s thoughts in her gaze. She was hoping I would decline the woman in front of her. I don’t know what their personal issue is, but I felt that Veirya had but a very simple thought, and that was for me to not get along with the woman in front.

However, my choice was simple this time.

I pressed my hand on Veirya’s arm. I smiled as I said, “Veirya, let me go.”



I apologised softly next to her ear. Veirya looked at me and then slowly put her arm down.

The way she put her arm down slowly was totally different to how she withdrew her sword before. It was as though it wasn’t an arm.

The woman revealed a delighted smile. She then made way and I walked out. The man walked up to my side with joy and tightly grabbed hold of my hand. I felt his leather gloves on my hands…

‘Umm… Just speak if you have something to say. What the heck are you holding my hand out of nowhere for…? Don’t tell me you’re a gay…’


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