Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 02

“I never heard about our army being completely wiped out!”

The elder looked at the Queen with a strange smile and replied, “My Queen, I kept it secret in order to avoid causing panic. We can only attribute this failure to humanity being too vicious. Can you believe that they blew up the mountains on both sides?”

The Queen looked at the elder and questioned, “What are we going to do, then? Are we going to accept humanity’s demand to surrender?”

The Queen wanted to surrender. Her desire to surrender was strong. She wanted to surrender when she heard the envoy mention Troy Galadriel Rosvenor. The man mentioned was not a general of any other clan, but her tribesman. Leah, therefore, must’ve succeeded. She must’ve been able to contact Troy from humanity, which meant that she could return home now.

Despite being the defeated party and despite not being honourable, she wanted to return home. She didn’t care where she had to live and how she lived as long as she could escape her life in the North and be with Leah. She just wanted to escape the life of a puppet in the North. Where she went was of no importance.

The elder looked at the Queen and thundered in a righteous tone, “How could we do that?! This land is the result of the efforts of countless people! Every inch of this land contains your race’s heroic blood, and yet you want to just hand it to humanity?! What right do they have to occupy this land?! My Queen, do not lose hope just because of a single failure. I believe that our tribes will continue to give their best. You should know that the other tribes are not offering all their strength. You just need to force them to send out their forces. We still have the strength for a battle if you get everybody who can fight to take to the battlefield!”

He was particularly passionate. It sounded as though he wanted to sacrifice every drop of blood in him for the North.

The Queen looked at him and bluntly asked, “Is that right…? So is your tribe holding back, as well, then? Have you not sent out your main forces, either?”

“What are you saying?! What are you saying?! I, I would have personally taken to the field if not for my age! Am I the type to be afraid of death?! I have given everything I have for the North, so how could I betray the North?!

“In that case, why was Marvel the first person to step up and not you?”

The Queen coldly looked at the elder before her. If the elder was just rotten, then the Queen would just hate him. However, the elder was doing dirty and shady things, yet still trying to erect a memorial arch for himself as if he was carrying out a noble deed. You don’t hate those sorts of people. You feel disgusted with them.

“That was because I was still preparing my army. While General Marvel’s action was courageous, it was foolish. Trying to stop humanity with his small group was just idiocy.”

“Is that right?” snickered the Queen

She left it with just that. Turning a heroic deed into an idiotic deed, that makes him the most shameless existence in the world. A hero is still a hero even if he falls, while a fly can make all the sounds, analyses and remarks about not needing to die, idiocy or whatever will always remain a fly, one that forever feeds on filth.

The elder appeared as though he didn’t want to argue it. He looked at the Queen and said, “Now then, I suggest allowing me to form a supervision team and giving me the right to use force. I will then go and watch over those tribes and ensure that they send out all of their forces. If they prioritise their tribe and refuse to help out when the nation is faced with a crisis, then they are traitors of the North. We do not need traitors. Traitors will only lead us to destruction just as the residue of the Moon Fox Tribe.”

The Queen looked at him and calmly asked, “Will your supervision team participate in the battle, then?”

“We must fight with the traitors. Fighting them also counts as fighting, My Queen. Further, our team is in danger, too, when we face those coveting selfish benefits. Actually, we would be in even more jeopardy than those battling with humanity.”

The Queen stood up while keeping her cold gaze on him, “Is that right? Is there any point in me refusing? Why don’t you just go, and do what you want? The North is already a mess. I want to see how much of a mess it can become.”


Current time at humanity’s camp.

I looked at the envoy in front of me. The envoy was the anthropoids’ envoy. I didn’t know what news he had for me or maybe I should say, he’d best have news that would allow me to head straight home.

He wore a black mantle as what our envoy wore. He took off his hat, revealing the face of an intelligent individual. The first thought that came to mind was Castell. However, I had to thank Castell. Interacting with him daily taught me how to communicate with those similar him. I don’t think everybody is as clever as Castell.

He looked at me and my guards next to me. He cleared his throat gently and announced, “Esteemed grand commander of the elven human alliance, Mr. Troy Galadriel Rosvenor, I am here on orders of the winged race of the North…”

I lingered for a moment before asking, “The winged race?”


I stood up and coldly said, “You have no right to talk to me, then. I want the envoy from your imperial family, not an envoy from one of your tribes. Your tribe has no right to negotiate with me. Only a nation can negotiate with a grand commander. You’re unqualified. It doesn’t matter what you want to talk to me about.”

The envoy dallied for a moment. He then replied, “Are you still not aware that the true ruler of the North is our winged race? In reality, our will is the will of the North. Indeed, we have come to discuss peace talks with you…”

I shook my head. I then sat back down in my chair. I crossed my legs and responded, “I won’t talk to you even if that is true. I remember I ordered our envoy to make it clear to you. I said ‘demand’ not ‘conditions.’ You have no right to negotiate with me even if you can represent the will of the North. Do you have any bargaining chips left to negotiate with me? You want to negotiate with me? What can you give me? Can you threaten me in any capacity? You can’t do a single thing, so you have no right to negotiate with me.”

“We want to have a peace talk!”

I snickered, and then stood up, “A peace talk? Do we need one? I don’t want to, and I don’t understand what you want to talk about given the current situation. You want to negotiate with me now, yet you’re completely ignorant of your own situation and the situation at present. After you understand what I mean, come and tell me about what plans you have after I occupy the North.”

I turned and left, vanishing behind the tent. My guards stopped the envoy who tried to chase after me. The envoy looked at the remaining corner of my cloak blankly. He got kicked out.

I didn’t need to negotiate, and I sure didn’t need peace talks, because I could attain true peace with my strength.


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