Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 01

The plains in the North were very flat and vast. I felt that I saw the sun again as soon as I entered the hinterland. We were previously surrounded by mountains with the only space being the narrow path in between. After we exited the valley, we came to the large plain. We all instinctively exclaimed with surprise when we came to the large field of ice.

We spent a long time to get here, because it wasn’t easy to traverse the path constructed to transport the cannons, and we had to do away with the protruding limbs and bodies sticking out of the snow. Our engineers were comparable gardeners to thorns, chopping off the body parts sticking out with shovels.

I think the battle brought my kill count up close to Mommy Elizabeth’s. The densely packed anthropoids in the ice disgusted me. We spent almost one week to kill all of the anthropoids. By the time we reached the plain, it was almost time for the next full-moon night. If my calculation was correct, that’d be in approximately three days.

Ling Yue and I had come to an agreement. She was going to help me with my problem on a full-moon night for one last time, and then I would send her home. After all, I needed to reach the palace of the North in less than a month.

Shusia and Tanya followed behind us with upset expressions. It was just as Ling Yue said. Their attitude toward Ling Yue hadn’t changed in the least despite what I did yesterday. They just didn’t have the right to harm the Princess. It appeared that Ling Yue was sad about it, too. She didn’t want to leave for no reason.

Ling Yue timidly hung her tail down. She had gotten her revenge, yet she didn’t look as though she was happy. Shusia and Tanya got up and left without a word after I said I’d make Ling Yue my Princess. Ling Yue was very sad about it. Perhaps the thought of staying by my side did cross her mind before. She had nobody to return home to, after all. But alas, the people around me didn’t like her. She felt wronged, and she didn’t want to be resigned to that fate. So accordingly, she refused to stay by my side.

She was an anthropoid, while the people around me lost their loved ones to anthropoids. As an anthropoid, Ling Yue would also be very sad by my side.

After we reach the plains in the North, we’d be an unstoppable force.

I walked up onto a hill. That was the only trace showing that the plain was connected to the mountain area. My army spread out completely for the first time. The brilliant infantries formed a few phalanx formations. One glance and they resembled a sea of red fire. The white colour that was also visible was the soldiers’ white cloaks to shield them from the cold.

The soldiers’ formations were perfectly organised. They advanced along with a heated and rich drum beat. I wasn’t satisfied with their order. Not yet. But nonetheless, compared to the soldiers completely lacking discipline in the North, my main force could still be classified as very strictly disciplined. We were invincible on the plain.

The guards lined up at the rear. Their horses trotted casually. If you looked carefully, you could see that my guards’ buttons were all kept in mint condition, enough to reflect the sun and the same applied for our horses’ hooves. However, the militia were just poor, since they didn’t undergo training as my Guard Unit did.

I was full of pride when I looked down at the army below. The grandeur army had sky-high morale. My army was completely spread out.

How could the anthropoids in the North resist against such a formidable army? The main force of the North had virtually been wiped out entirely. I was confident I could obliterate the remaining low anthropoids even if there were more of them, unless they had more anthropoids than I have ammunition.

I looked at Ling Yue and asked, “Ling Yue, which direction is your home in?”

Ling Yue pointed to the North, “Over there. Just follow this path, and you’ll reach it. I don’t know if anybody has occupied it. If they have, I don’t think it’ll be easy to attack.”


In a slightly proud tone, Ling Yue replied, “Because our buildings and walls are extremely sturdy. They were made very thick for safety sake. If you couldn’t capture that city wall, you’re very unlikely to be able to capture our walls. Further, the vicinity of my home is flat land, so it’s impossible for you to use that method.”

I nodded.

From the sound of it, it’d be a major problem if it was occupied, and we wanted to capture it. After all, we couldn’t attack that sort of fortress with a mountain peak at the click of a finger.

“How did people capture it if it’s so sturdy, then?”

“That’s because we didn’t know what they wanted! We just saw one person. After we opened up, though, the soldiers lying in ambush outside all rushed in.”

Ling Yue clenched her teeth. She appeared to resent what transpired that time. I nodded. I replied, “Understood. But I want to ask, who would occupy your place? Is it another race?”

“Most likely so, I’d say.”

I nodded, “I don’t have a map of your home, so I don’t have anything to reference. As such, I’ll have to decide on what method to use once I see it.”

“Uhm…” responded Ling Yue, with just a nod

I hesitated for a brief moment. With a smile, I asked, “Do you have any plans after you get back? Do you have any plans as the last member of the Moon Fox Tribe?”

“Mm… I’ll maintain our tribe’s business assets first, then throw everything of the past in the house out. Then, I’ll see if I can get anything from you to run a business. Maybe I’ll get married next and give birth to the descendants of the Moon Fox Tribe. Then, I’ll gradually revive the Moon Fox Tribe. Those are my only plans for now,” answered Ling Yue, looking ahead with a dejected expression.

I wasn’t sure if she was puzzled or if she was slightly eager about the future. I didn’t know and I didn’t ask. We both fell into a silence afterwards.

I quite liked Ling Yue. She was cute and a little coquettish. She had a decent body, while her ears and tail really intrigue me. If she took the initiative to confess to me, I would bring her back… But, she hadn’t expressed anything up until now. She was focused solely on vengeance. She never expressed any affection for me. At the same time, I had a family, and consequently couldn’t take the initiative to pursue her. Thus, that was all our relationship equated to.

I looked at her and thought of my wives. I thought of Lucia and Nier. I needed about another month, maybe two. I might be able to stay by their sides when I get back and see my children come to this world. Speaking of which, that topic gave me an ominous feeling. I was worried about the Galadriel tribe.

‘Will they accept Lucia or not? Even mom supported their stance. What are we going to do if my child with Lucia has a poor bloodline? Am I going to revolt against the Galadriel tribe? How much courage and power would I need to fight against them?’


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