The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 01 Ch. 41

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I believe that Veirya was very happy to see Leah come downstairs on her own accord, but, despite that, she was still expressionless.

Leah didn’t say anything to her. She sat opposite her, slightly fearfully.

I walked over to one side to boil water and clean the large bathtub.

Honestly, it’s a bit of a waste to have Leah and Veirya bathe separately… I’m not talking just about the waste of water and firewood. The most important thing was that if three people were to bathe alone, it would mean changing the water three times…

This sort of bath tub has no cork, so I need to move it to the entrance to pour it out, and then refill it. It’s seriously annoying, but then I can’t get Veirya and Leah to bathe together…

‘Can I bathe with Veirya? Let’s not.’

‘Veirya wouldn’t object, but Leah would… Bathing with Leah… She’s my daughter, but she’s no longer at the age to be bathing with her father, now, is she? Yeah, I’ll stick to cleaning myself at night with a tub of warm water…’

“It’s been a tiring journey, so take a bath.” I moved the tub out and looked at the two of them in front of me.

Veirya placed the cup in her hand down and then nodded. She immediately stood up and began to strip.

I was so shocked I quickly shouted, “Not yet! I haven’t cleaned up yet! Wait for a bit longer!!”

“Uhm.” Veirya nodded.

Leah was next to her. She looked at the bathtub with anticipation.

Leah really likes having baths, but it seems that Veirya will go first. Whatever the case, Veirya is the person who has control over our lives.

She then looked at Leah and asked, “Want to bathe together?”

“Ah!!” Leah got so frightened she nearly ran off. She looked at Veirya with terror.

Veirya looked at her earnestly.

She asked again, “Do you want to bathe together?”

“I… I…”

Leah’s lips trembled. She looked at Veirya, dumbfounded. She then turned her head to look at me.

I had shuddered when I heard her ask the question, too. I looked at the both of them.

Veirya neither cared for what I thought nor did she look at me. She kept her gaze on Leah. She removed her sword and placed it on the table. She then said, “Bathe together.”

Her tone sounded as if she was commanding Leah this time. I wasn’t sure if Veirya was somewhat frustrated or had to sound like she was giving a command since Leah was very hesitant, while Veirya had no idea how to convince someone to agree.

Leah looked at me fearfully, as though she was begging me to get Veirya to give up, but I didn’t think it was a bad idea. I trust that Veirya won’t hurt Leah, so I think it’d be best if I didn’t go against Veirya, right now. I looked at Leah and gave her a slight nod.

Leah was powerless before Veirya’s serious expression, as well. She had no choice but to close her eyes. I then checked the water temperature with my hand and said, “It’s ready.”

“Papa… help me…” Leah ran over to my side and extended her arms out to get me to help her undress.

Veirya, who was standing on the other side, had already stripped and tossed her undershirt aside. Her jugs jiggled similarly to water in the air. She then looked at us, feeling satisfied.

‘I did tell her not to undress wherever and whenever she pleased before, but she didn’t seem to care about stripping in front of me. That made me feel a little happy inside.’

I undressed Leah.

Leah hugged me around my neck tightly and coquettishly said, “Let’s bath together, Papa. This bathtub is very large. Leah wants to bath with you, Papa… If Leah baths with just that woman… Leah will be scared…”

“No! No! No!!” I refused without any hesitation and shook my head subconsciously.

‘That looks wrong no matter how you look at it, right?! There’s a problem with Leah bathing with me at her age, isn’t there?! Veirya and I aren’t in a relationship of any sort, either so there’s a big problem there, too, isn’t there?! The bathtub looks large to Leah, but not to a grown man like me!! Veirya and I would have to glue ourselves to each other, even if we went back to back in there!’

‘Not happening. Absolutely no way.’

Veirya stripped down completely. She tested the temperature of the water with her foot, but Leah still clung to my arm, unwilling to let go.

I felt a little guilty while I looked at Veirya. She looked back at me and then Leah. She then took one last look at me and simply said, “Strip.”


“Bathe together.”



Veirya reached her hand behind her. She appeared eager to get into the water, so she reached for the sword behind her.

I swiftly raised my hands up to indicate my surrender.

Leah cheerfully jumped up and down. She then grabbed my leather belt and pulled it…

Veirya nodded, then entered the water with satisfaction and sat in the water.

I felt humiliated stripping in front of Veirya… I carefully undressed, while Leah watched me with joy. She then got surprised at the end and asked, “Papa, you’re different to us, huh…? What’s this? Is this the thing that pokes me every night?”

“Don’t touch!!! Leah! Don’t touch!!!”

I desperately shouted, while covering myself. There wasn’t as much as a crooked trace in Leah’s innocent gaze, but that’s why I felt indescribably awkward. Veirya turned her head to glance at my body. She then looked back without any expression or word.

‘I don’t think she looked this way, did she…?’

‘No, no, no, no way. If I get a boner now, something bad will happen, won’t it…?’

I picked Leah up and place her into the water gently. She tugged on my arm hard.

I looked at Veirya’s long hair next to her white neck, as well as her crystal clear shoulders and voluptuous breasts.

Veirya sat in the water with her knees bent. The water on her knees sparkled. Her white feet created small ripples in the water.

From opposite her, I carefully stretched my leg out, trying my best not to touch her. However, after I had entered the water, our two legs were tightly stuck together.

“Hmm!!” Despite being separated by water, Veirya’s soft and warm skin still made my groin twitch.

Leah cheerfully sat on my lap and played with the water.

‘If I get a hardon now, Leah would sit on it, wouldn’t she…? ‘

‘Stop! Stop! Don’t let it happen!!’

I kept reciting the value of pi in my head so that I could keep myself distracted, instead of focusing on Veirya in front of me. While I was at it, I shifted my gaze away from Veirya, but she seemed to feel as though she couldn’t stretch her legs out.

She kicked my right leg away and stretched her legs out between mine. She relaxed her body and sat up somewhat straight…

However, her smooth calf was now gently rubbing against my most sensitive spot. My legs went deep into the deepest parts of the canyon. I don’t think I touched that spot, but I can’t shake off this odd feeling.

‘This must be a psychological reaction, right? Tell me it’s a psychological reaction!!’

Veirya didn’t care, though. She scrubbed her body with a sponge on the side. She looked at Leah’s smooth back. She appeared to want to help Leah scrub her back.

Leah stuck to my chest. That sensation and the one from below came up to my head.

‘I’m seriously going to lose it. I really can’t take it anymore. I really want to push Veirya down…’

‘But I suddenly realised that if I did that…’

‘If Veirya suddenly got pushed down, she would perceive that as combat, right? I’d probably get cut down right after… Forget it, forget it. I should just stick to reciting pi…’

‘I must not get a boner.’

‘I must not get a boner.’

‘If I get a boner, I’ll die for sure. I’ll die for sure!’


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