Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 37

“In that case, humanity would win for sure. Marvel has no chance of winning. He will be felled by the waves of attacks.”

“Uhm, although everybody fears using this compounding attack tactic, it was very effective at the time. It was impossible to reform Marvel’s ranks. His fighting power would continue to diminish, while the opposition would get stronger and stronger. It was a tug of war. All that was left to see was when humanity would send out their strongest force…”

The young girl nodded and recorded it in her notebook what the two said as fast as possible. The two looked at her. The more they talked about it, the more excited they got. War does excite men, after all. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that it excites men who haven’t been to the battlefield.

The young girl nodded gently then said, “The first cavalry division…”

“Correct… that was them… and also General Tanya… It’s said that General Tanya, alone, killed virtually their total number, killing not just dozens or hundreds, but tens of thousands! Scary, huh? She’s basically a death god.”

The young girl hesitated for a moment. She instantly remembered the somewhat cute Tanya with her blue hat on. Tanya brought her an ice-cream every time she visited. She really couldn’t imagine her Sister Tanya as being a death god. However, what was in front of her, clarified it.

The commander of the first cavalry division couldn’t have been without any accomplishments to her name, after all.

“What happened after, then? Did the humans capture the place after?”

“Ah, if you mean at the end, then yes, but there were some obstacles during the process… There were no battles where losses were that bad after that battle. They were losses humanity, and even Hero King Troy, couldn’t accept…”

The male revealed a mysterious expression to look at her before continuing, “Because…”


I looked at the city wall in front. The city walls were already very dangerous. The panthers’ loud shouting became quieter and quieter. Under our waves of attacks, they had to pay a big price even if they could defend the place. Our casualties continued to decrease. Some of our soldiers had even managed to find steady footing on the walls, allowing gunfire to finally be heard from atop the walls.

I sent the cannons back, since we were out of ammunition for them. However, the parapets that the soldiers used as shields were blown to pieces by our cannons, revealing the corpses of fallen panthers. I noticed that Marvel appeared to have been wounded. He wouldn’t have had that much blood on him, otherwise.

I waved my hand. It was time. I had to switch the team out even if the group on the attack had lots of hope.

I looked toward one side of the wall and bluntly commanded, “Tanya, prepare to take to the field.”

Tanya tugged on her hat with a hint of excitement, “Understood. Your Majesty, I guarantee I will defeat them in this wave!”

“Not defeat, but kill. Marvel, who’s opposite us, is the leader of the panthers. The important thing is to bring his head down perfectly. Forget the others…”

“Wait! Wait!!”

I patted Tanya on her head. Just as she was about to go, I suddenly heard shouts from behind. We turned around to see Ling Yue run over. She ran up to me. She looked at my eyes and anxiously said, “Marvel and company… Are they about to lose…? I see that Tanya is about to set out…”

“That’s right.”

I nodded. Tanya coldly looked at her without a word.

“Can… can… you spare Marvel, then?” Ling Yue’s tail wagged correspondingly to its owner’s concern and anxiety. Sounding emotional, she pleaded, “Can you spare him? I have something to say to him. I… I want to see him again. Just once…”

“Sorry, but not this time.”

I turned back around to look at the city wall. I coldly explained, “If this was about me, alone, I could spare him, but I will have let my fallen soldiers down if I spare him. I must finish this as fast as I can. Courage is a consumable. I don’t want to lose too many of my excellent soldiers here. I can tolerate your thinking, but I can’t let my soldiers die for nothing just for our wilfulness.”

Ling Yue immediately froze. She didn’t know what to say to me next. I looked at her. I saw her ears flop down. I stroked her head then turned back around to face the wall. I commanded, “Tanya, attack! Philes, you go, too. Remember to protect Tanya.”


Tanya nodded, and then drew her sword on her back. She then charged over with the soldiers in front.

That was the last time I sent out Tanya and Philes. They were the strongest team in my guard unit. Marvel had no strength for another exchange. This was a big attack from us, and it was the last wave for Marvel.

Marvel looked at the soldiers charging over; then he looked at his fallen fellow panthers beside him. The panthers were battered and so tired that picking up their swords was an ordeal. They looked at the soldiers charging at them with gazes of despair. After fighting so many waves of enemies, they, themselves, had forgotten what they were fighting for.

All that remained in their mind was endless resentment, their last shreds of despair and pain.

They had run out of courage. They were powerless to do anything now. They had fought off waves of enemies. They all looked at the soldiers below.

“Ah, soldiers. This is our end, but this is also our greatest moment!!”

A small blue silhouette that resembled a shining butterfly flew up the ladder from below in an instant. Her huge sword was completely disproportionate to her stature, yet she wielded it naturally as if it was a part of her body. To compare, her and her sword were akin to a butterfly and its wings. Her cloak fluttered in the wind. The young girl was very cute and pretty, but to Marvel, she was the grim reaper, there for his life.

“It’s not too bad to die to a beauty.”

Marvel smiled helplessly one last time, and that was the last time he revealed an expression.

Tanya skilfully twisted, and the large physique dropped to its knees behind her. Marvel released his tight grip on his sword. He let go of the panther tribe’s glorious sword for the first time. Its owner might never be able to pick it up again, because a headless panther couldn’t stand up.

All of the panthers went silent. His metal armour then collided with the ground the next second. The last one with the will to fight was dead, so there was no need to continue fighting…


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