Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 36

“Do you remember the battle to capture the elves’ city wall with the old elves back then? Both sides suffered plenty of casualties. It was really interesting.”

“Yeah, the number of corpses from that battle was high as the city wall.”

The young girl listened to the two men, who were up in the clouds quietly, discussing among themselves. She dawdled for a moment. The girl next to her noticed her gaze, so she tugged her arm. She giggled, “What, do you like one of them?”

“No, sorry. I want to go and listen to them.”

The two fellows paused. They looked at the girl who walked over to their side and pulled a seat out to sit down. They opened up their notebook in front of them. The young girl whipped her hair that was a gradient of black and burgundy. She looked at the two of them, “If you can tell me about that war, I would be very grateful… My father… never shared his war experiences with me…”

One of them shrugged. He looked at her, “It’s normal for him not to. If possible, I wouldn’t want my daughter to have to do with such a bloody war either.”

“But courage and loyalty are displayed in such wars, aren’t they? That goes for both sides.”

The girl looked at them. Her rosy eyes moved back and forth between the two guys. The two of them hesitated for a moment, and then exchanged glances of distress. One of them then cleared his throat, “All right, then. This is all the different information we gathered… We plan to use it for our history classes… Mm… At the time… when humanity’s army attacked the old city door… mm… this one here…”


This place wasn’t suited for large-scale battles, so I couldn’t use my numbers advantage. The worst part was that my cannons couldn’t effectively attack the enemies behind the wall. They just loudly banged on the wall. The force of the cannons was completely absorbed by the snowy and muddy layers of the wall, while the explosions just blew snow up into the air. My soldiers set up eight ladders to try to capture the tightly defended wall, but they couldn’t get up the wall. The ram seemingly couldn’t ram the doors open. God forbid, I knew how long the doors hadn’t been opened for. The green vines and snowy were frozen together. It was a perfect defence.

‘How in the devil did they even get behind the wall?!’

My light cavalry were killed in front of the city wall. I couldn’t find any other way besides climbing ladders to get up the wall.

I split my attack teams into three teams. The first team was attacking right now. The panthers didn’t have any weapons to use in long-distance combat, but my soldiers’ rifles became burdens once they climbed the wall due to aiming accuracy. The infantry below didn’t dare to move forward to pressure the enemy with fire. Only the trained hunting soldiers dared to try. Unfortunately, owing to the height and distance, their efforts yielded minimal results.

The ordinary soldiers, who didn’t have swords, had to use their bayonets once they got up, but the heavy rifles were just burdens against the enemies with weapons specifically catered to close-quarters combat. Very few of them managed to even draw their guns after getting up the wall, only to be hacked and pushed off.

Only a few of them made it up, and those were from my guard unit. Sadly, due to their small numbers, they couldn’t gain proper footing.

The panthers were very methodical. They didn’t have everybody gathered at the top. They alternated their men, switching out who went forwards. They used a very simple, but effective, method, which was throwing a heavy slash that effectively halted my infantry, so they couldn’t advance.

The roars and cries of pain on the battlefield were louder than the sounds of the cannons. Soldiers with white cloaks used countless people as ladders to charge up then exploded similarly to fireworks of blood, and then dropped down from above. They eroded similarly to butterflies returning home, except that they were butterflies that wouldn’t ever see home.

I watched the first team send units forward to attack the wall, one after another. I clenched my teeth tightly. I couldn’t do anything. All I could do was watch my fearless soldiers in front of me charge forth, and then fall into the pools of blood. Their blood virtually melted the snow that had been condensed for centuries. Their blood spread out across the snow, literally dying the battlefield red.

Our army and theirs both wore white uniforms, so the blood was particularly visible. It was comparable to the bright sun in the sky. There was no other sound, background music, slow motion action, replays or close-ups. I watched my soldiers get dropped off the wall one after another and heard their desperate cries.

My body felt as if it could break apart from trembling. I wanted to help them, but I had no means of doing so.

I commanded, “Have the first attacking team retreat.”

The drum sequence to retreat began. The first attacking team paused. I looked at all of their expressions. They all wore different expressions. Some were joyous, some were confused, some were tense, and others were reluctant… I swept my gaze over them then rode forward. I welcomed the returning team and headed toward the wall.

Marvel, who was at the top of the wall, panted heavily. He leaned on the parapet that had been burnt and looked at us, or rather, me. I looked back at him in silence. Marvel should’ve been suffering, too.

I could tolerate our losses, but they couldn’t bear with theirs. I stood in front of the piles of corpses. I looked up at him and indifferently asked, “How much longer can you hang in there?”

“Until you are no longer able to continue.”

He looked at me and threw a human corpse down. The white cloak on the corpse fluttered in the wind and landed in front of the White Deer King. The White Deer King lingered for a moment, and then bowed its head to the corpse. His lifeless eyes were on the sky, showing his helplessness and despair. His eyes that should’ve moved with life were now as if they were broken glass that couldn’t reflect the sky.

“Let’s continue, then.”

I turned around and returned to my camp. The second attack team wiped the sweat at the corner of their foreheads and tightly gripped their rifles. Although their guns were useless in close-quarters combat, that was all they could rely on.

Tanya walked up to my side. She looked at me seriously with her small face. She drew her long sword and exclaimed, “Your Majesty, please allow me to attack this time! I guarantee I can capture it!”

“No, you don’t need to take to the field, yet, Tanya.”

I stroked her head. I then turned around to face the second team. I swung the Elven King sword through the air, lighting up their faces with the shiny blade. I pointed my sword in the direction of the enemy and roared, “Second team, split up into four teams ,and attack them in waves. Each wave is to only fight for thirty minutes, understood? I will order you to retreat every thirty minutes. The second wave will then take your place and repeat! You don’t need to try and occupy space. Just kill as many panthers as you can! Understood?! First wave, charge!!”

“For the alliance!!”

I gave Philes, who was next to me, a pat on his shoulder. I then shouted, “Line my guard unit up. Gradually add men. Don’t give the anthropoids a chance to catch their breaths. They can hang in there, so let’s see if their energy is infinite! My warriors, charge! You are my guards, so you must stand at the forefront!”


“A compounding attack strategy, huh…?”

The military avoided using the tactic, but it appeared to be the most correct choice in their circumstance. Being attacked with wave after wave meant that Marvel’s men wouldn’t get a chance to rest.

If they executed it with a cadence, they’d be able to keep their losses to the absolute minimum. Arranging the elites to be behind the charging team would allow the elites to save their energy, while leaving his men with no energy to fight back. They’d be forced to expend their energy on the rows of soldiers in front. Fending off one wave would only result in a stronger wave, while his soldiers would only continue to fatigue more and more.

Marvel wiped his forehead sweat. He raised his blade high up and shouted, “We will not retreat! Soldiers! We have not retreated! Our family is right behind us, so we cannot take a single step back even if we must fight empty handed and on an empty stomach. We must die with honour! Let our statues and children spread our bravery!!”

“For the North!!”

Ah, the sound of swords clashing again.

War can destroy everything humanity ever created, but it could never destroy courage. That was applicable for both sides.


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