Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 32

Our army began our march to the North. The light cavalry unit had set out long ago. They should’ve been half-way there already. If they could get there beforehand, I really hoped that they could seize the place and stall them. If that worked out, we’d be able to catch them in a pincer attack. It was very unlikely to succeed, though, for the light cavalry unit severely lacked weapons.

The weather in the North was truly extremely cold. Our army prepared clothing based off of what the temperature at Socina, but I noticed the soldiers doing their best to wrap themselves up and rush to our destination, nonetheless. They hated being sentries at night the most, because it was seriously too cold.

The scarf around my neck was too thin, but I honestly didn’t want to swap it out. I was better off than my soldiers, though, since Ling Yue, who sat in front of me, liked to place her tail behind her, thereby sitting her fur on my chest, warming it up. At night, I finally got her to let me sleep with her so that I could keep warm with her tail, albeit clinging to her and taking a bunch of slaps as a result of performing night infiltrations on her.

However, I had to have my hands tied up every night – not that I minded. Ling Yue was akin to an infant when she sleeps. She curled her body up and rested her tail on my chest. The fur on her tail would tease me every once in a while. Sleeping with Ling Yue keeping me warm in that position every night was bliss.

We were one day away from the valley. According to Ling Yue’s memory, there was a defence structure there built by the original elves. I didn’t know how formidable the defence structure was, but they should’ve been old at this stage. It had been a long time since they were built, after all.

We set up camp at night. We used a simple ice wall, which quickly came full circle. We were only going to stay there for one night, so we didn’t need to prepare much.

I didn’t think that the Panthers plan to attack us even if they did see us. I surmised that what they were trying to do was rush to the valley through the night. It was pointless to stall us here. That’s what I would’ve done if I was Marvel.

Marvel understood military operations, so I could predict his plans.

We had grilled meat for dinner. I looked at the huge rabbit corpse in front and couldn’t help but recall almost getting killed when I tried to solo a rabbit. I couldn’t help but chuckle when recalling the memory. Ling Yue, who was next to me, looked at the rabbit’s corpse with strong curiosity. Her ears twitched as she went around the rabbit. Maybe she was curious about the rabbit due to her fox instincts.

She might have gone and bit the rabbit if there was nobody around. I saw her reveal her fangs every once in a while, and hence my thought.

She noticed my smile. She seemed to think I was mocking my behaviour. She blushed and acted tough with me, “What are you laughing about? I’ve never seen such a large rabbit here before; can’t I be curious?”

I looked at her and shook my head, “No, I wasn’t laughing at you; I wasn’t laughing at you. I just recalled the past when there was a huge rabbit, similar to this one, lying next to me and Lucia when we were in the wild. Lucia’s favourite activity is going out and buying a grilled rabbit thigh at noon. If she has time after, she’ll also buy a bottle of wine.”

Ling Yue lingered for a moment; then she looked at me. My gaze looked as if I spaced out. My eyes were on Ling Yue, but what I saw was the sunny and tired sunlight at noon in the Imperial Capital. The horn from the military camp by my side was akin to the horns in the Imperial Capital’s market horns. Next to me was a cute young girl. She had her arm wrapped around mine as she lowered her head and tore into a rabbit.

The stars overhead were bright as always, but the young girl wasn’t next to me. What made me happy was that she was now pregnant with my child, watching over me from a safe place in the South.

Ling Yue asked, “Do you love Lucia?”

I replied with a smile, “Of course, I love her. If love means wanting to rub shoulders with another and wishing your flesh and blood were mixed together, then I love Lucia, deeply love Lucia.

Lucia is the woman I love most. She’s been by my side for a very long time. She’s always been by my side, never taking a step away. I’ve done countless things that made her worry and sad, but she never left me. She’s always been by my side to love me. She loves me the same as ever, understands me best and is the most supportive person. Not even Nier’s love compares to hers.”

“What about Nier, then?”

“I’ve loved Lucia for a very, very, very long time, but my love with NIer has just started. I can leave Lucia in the elven lands without concern, because we trust each other firmly, and have done so from a long time ago. Nier and I have just fallen in love, however, so we still need to love each other for a while longer.”

“So Lucia is your main wife, then.”

I stood up, “You’re right if we’re talking about official paperwork, but I consider both of them to be my main wife. After all, I love both of them.”

‘I wonder how my wives and moms in the south are doing now… I’ve only left for a short while, but I miss them already. I miss Lucia. I miss the cute young girl next to me. I miss her every frown and smile, as well as her every move.’

This was the first time I realised how much I loved Lucia.

‘Why exactly did I love Lucia so much after I got to the North? Why did I worry about her more and more the further north I went? Why?’

I kept feeling that my blood was attracted toward the North. My blood called out to me. It was as though my family was in the North and that it was related to Lucia…



Current time at the Galadriel Tribe’s forbidden area, located within the deep parts of the elven forest.

Vyvyan lightly stepped over the rotten leaves. She then made a small bow. With a smile and in a soft voice, she made a greeting, “Father, are you still well?”

“How is my dear grandchild doing?”

There was no hesitation in his voice. He asked his daughter his question directly.

He looked at his daughter with his old eyes. Though he was inquiring about his grandchild, he had no love or pity to speak of. There was only dominance and vigilance, but his irritation was more obvious than any other emotion. He looked at Vyvyan and coldly snorted, “I can’t believe lowly blood tainted our Galadriel tribe’s glory. Vyvyan, have you ensured it?”

“Yes, I have. I have gotten Troy’s approval. You do not need to worry, Dear Father. The Galadriel Tribe will not have a defect. I have changed many things for my son, but I do not think that even I will change that.”

Vyvyan raised her head. Her blue eyes were filled with determination this time.


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