Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 31

“You are back, Your Majesty. This is the conclusion of our strategy meeting…”

I placed their document aside then looked to them, “Stick to the original plan and advance. Advance toward the valley. We’ve wasted a day already, so we’re not going to waste any more time.”


“Didn’t I already tell you? That group of panthers aren’t our main threat. They number far too little. Their only option is guerrilla warfare. In fact, they don’t even qualify as a guerrilla warfare platoon. There are no residents here, either; consequently, they can’t stay here for too long. They have no choice but to head toward the valley’s defence; however, that would turn them into a sure catch. There’s no fortress that our cannons can’t take down.”

Actually, I thought that’d be hard, too. In order for us to cross the bridges conveniently, we utilised the smallest calibre infantry and cavalry for the cannons. Honestly, I wasn’t certain if we could blow apart the defences in the valley, but that was exactly why we needed to enter the valley as soon as possible.

As soon as we were engaged in close quarters, our chances of winning would become slimmer and slimmer. The anthropoids were yet to unite internally. Perhaps they hesitated, because we showed our overwhelming might in the South, causing them to hesitate in this war. However, that meant nobody came to negotiate with me.

‘Do they want to fight or flee?’

I really didn’t know the answer to that.

I couldn’t comprehend the anthropoids. If I was in their shoes, I would gamble with my life at this point.

An army is comparable to an insect circling around. The head needs to move first if it wants to move. Only then can its entire body move. And only then will it finally get somewhere.

I had the light cavalry unit perform reconnaissance work for the path ahead, with the infantry right behind. I gave the order to march fast this time, so unnecessary personnel and equipment were left behind at the small fortress.

I created a new strategy, since wooden fences can easily be jumped over. I had our ancestors to thank for providing us with precious experience. I wanted to mix water and mud together to form a wall of ice, thereby keeping the surface slippery. That way, the panthers wouldn’t stand on the walls perpendicularly with their claws. Additionally, I created a modern day iron net, wrapping it around the top of the walls. If they tried to vault over, they’d get caught by the wires.

I didn’t know the anthropoids, so I had no choice but to learn as we fought. That was something humanity had done for millenniums.

Now, I just needed to prove that humanity couldn’t be defeated by winning a war perfectly. It’d be best if I proved the perfect victory with Marvel’s head. If I killed their bravest warrior, the rest would fear me. The prerequisite was that I needed to defeat them first. I had no idea where the Panthers were holed up in the snow. What I did know, though, was that they’d definitely go there. I was positive that would be where we fought our last battle.

‘I’m absolutely certain.’


Current time at the palace in the North.

“She was crying out in pain the first day she was thrown in there, but then she stopped. It seems that the Queen is enjoying it, heh?”

“She is a female elf, after all. The eggs she laid will soon become Low Anthropoids, huh?”

Two burly guys threw the Queen, who was covered in mud, into the bath tub. A large volume of water suddenly entered the nose of the Queen who had her eyes rolled back as she twitched. She started coughing hard as if her soul just returned to her body. She rolled over and got up. She crawled to the edge of the tub and vomited.

She vomited a black liquid from her mouth that resembled clogged blood. She was covered in mud that had condensed on her body, making the young girl’s body absolutely filthy and putrid. Her hair was stuck together similarly to half-dry seaweed.

The two anthropoids exchanged eye contact. They looked at the Queen’s body with wildness in their eyes. The Queen warmed her body, and she finally showed life in her eyes, except that it wasn’t relief, but more terror. She looked at the two anthropoids approaching her. Her lips trembled as she murmured, “No… Don’t… Don’t come here… you… I’m the Queen… I’m the Queen… Leah! Leah!!!”

“My Queen, what purpose could you possibly serve now? We just call you ‘My Queen’. What other purpose do you serve, though?”

The two anthropoids giggled, and then shut the door to the bathroom. The Queen’s high-pitched cries were evidently weak, so weak that they couldn’t even reach beyond the wooden door. The maid outside stood quietly, not sure what to do. She wanted to scream, but who would come to the Queen’s rescue?

Leah wasn’t there.

“Now then, My Queen, please clean yourself up. We shall take our leave first.”

The anthropoids left the bathroom with satisfaction. The Queen lay upright in the bathtub. The clean water was now turbid, while her cherry blossom lips couldn’t meet. She lay in the water, unmoving as though she was dead. If tears weren’t forming in her golden eyes, she would be no different to a dead person.

Perhaps death was an escape for her.

Her mother told her that her surname was Galadriel.

A long, long time ago, the man fell in love with his ancestor, but due to his poor mana, his ancestor’s child wasn’t acknowledged by the Galadriel tribe. The man’s tribe pressured him until he buckled and had him marry his elder sister, where she then gave birth to a child with satisfactory mana. As for her mother, she was forced to go to the North.

Afterwards, her ancestors gave everything for the North. Although the North was barren, it became warmer and warmer, so it became more and more similar to her homeland.

She had her parents, her grandparents and uncle who doted on her when she was young. There was also Ling Yue, who played together with her.

Her mother would embrace her and repeat over and over in the elven language, “Child, my most beloved child, your surname is Galadriel. That is the surname of an exalted tribe. They are the rulers of the Southern part of the continent. If possible, you must return home. The forest in the South will forever be our true home.”

Ten years ago, news came from the South that an unknown Queen remembered her tribesmen who were exiled to the North, or maybe she was just speaking to them in the North. They heard that the Galadriel tribe forgave everyone regardless of lineages or which tribe they belonged to. It was said that they would all be treated equally in the Imperial Capital.

Consequently, her family wished to return, but they couldn’t wait until that day to come, because the lives of elves rose and fell along with the North.

Her mother dressed extravagantly when she left. She wasn’t dressed as if she was going to the cave, but to a grand ball.

Her mother never returned afterwards.

She saw her mother’s remains this time during her visit to the cave.

Her mother’s remains had been reduced to a pile of white bones due to drastic mana depletion. She wouldn’t have been able to tell it was her mother if not for the remaining bits of cloth from her clothes. She would’ve ended up the same way next to her mother as well if she wasn’t dragged out of there.

If she died there, she wouldn’t be able to return home…

“My Queen.”

A crow called out.

“My Queen, you should have known what sort of place the cave was. You have worked hard; however, you should be aware of your fate as well. You must sacrifice yourself for the greater good, but the North requires a ruler. Therefore, please allow me to help you come up with a way to get you pregnant so that you can give birth to a sufficiently intelligent offspring that can lead the North!”

The sound of the walking stick hitting the ground was akin to the grim reaper’s scythe, getting closer to her step by step.

It made knocking sounds on the ground that accompanied the sounds of metal rings on his clothing.

Her tears coursed down her face, but she couldn’t speak a single sentence… Her dry lips budged…

“Leah… Leah…”

She called the young girl’s name… However, the military officer southward was still unaware.

If his Princess gave birth to a similar offspring, his Princess’ ending would be the same as the ruler in the North. Her ending would be just as miserable.


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