Son-con – Vol. 7 Ch. 23

“Princess. Princess.” Nier turned around with a frown. This is the backyard of the palace. Normally, nobody should be entering this area, but somebody was calling out to her from behind. The two Valkyries from behind her drew their swords. Nier waved her hand. She looked at the young guy who wore a flattering smile and tilted her head. Her green eyes were void of emotion. She coldly said to him: “I remember you a somewhat. You’re the one guy from last time… Oubacher, right?”

“Yes, yes. Thank you for remembering me princess.”

He revealed a smile and walked forward. The Valkyries swiftly held their swords up to his neck. Nier looked at him with a cold gaze and said: “I don’t care who you are. This is the royal family’s backyard. What right do you have to be here?”

“Umm, my father is discussing business with her majesty. Her majesty had me come here to take a rest, so I followed the scent of flowers and found you. You really are more beautiful than flowers. You truly are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

He snickered mischievously as he looked at the swords the Valkyries had at his neck. He wasn’t afraid at all. Nier frowned. It looks like this guy is just scum. He sure is the rich type with power. It would cause trouble if the Valkyries were to kill him here.

She waved her hand and the Valkyries put their swords down. She snorted and waved her hand again. With her back facing him she said: ”Aside from the fact that you’re one who is unaccountably solicitous, you won’t get anything from me. You didn’t give me a good impression of you last time, so leave if you have no business here. You were told to rest, not to come and compliment me.”

“Don’t say that, princess. I heard… his majesty is not here at the moment.”

He wore a haughty smile as he approached her, right up to her back. Nier’s eyebrows twitched when she heard “his majesty”. She looked a little sad but he didn’t see it. She turned her head around to look at him and exclaimed: “You’re not qualified to know where his majesty is!”

“Princess, I also heard that his majesty went north to the elves to accompany his other princess…… How pitiable, princess. You are so beautiful and carry his child, yet he is wasting such a beauty. Do you not hate that? You love his majesty so much, but it does not look like he cherishes your love.”

The corner of Nier’s mouth twitched but she didn’t respond. She instead looked at the small creek in front in front of her and spaced out. The guy thought he hit the nail on its head so he came closer to her and placed his head gently on Nier’s shoulder. Next to her ear, he whispered: “Princess, forget that prince. He is but just a kid hiding behind his mom’s back. His time to show off will soon be over…… He is not fit for your precious love and beauty like that of a precious gem. He actually went and got a second princess. You too have the right……”

He couldn’t finish his sentence, not because he couldn’t think of what to say but because Nier was strangling his neck. His handsome face had frozen up as a face of terror. In front of him was Nier’s cold expression that was virtually cold as ice. Nier’s fingers were tightened around his throat like a tiger’s paws, virtually as though she was going to snap his neck.

“I won’t allow anyone to insult his majesty. I said that before, but it looks like you didn’t learn your lesson. I won’t let anyone disparage my love for his majesty. You don’t understand our love. You insulted his majesty, questioned our love, and tried to seduce me, the princess. That’s three crimes I need to punish you for. I’ll turn this useless head of yours into a ball to kick around right now!”

His throat started cracking and his eyes looked like they were going to burst out of his eyes. He was able to smile haughtily when he had swords up against his neck, but he could see the death-god in Nier’s eyes right now as she strangled his neck.

He felt death looming over him for the first time. Actually, it was no longer just looming over him. Nier truly wanted to kill him. She had no intention of giving him a chance to plead.

“Princess! Calm down! Calm down! Calm down! If you want to kill him, leave it to us!! Princess! Princess, do not get so angry!”

The Valkyries next to her were so shocked they went pale. They quickly grabbed Nier’s arm and desperately tried to get her to let go. Nier spat and then said: “Get lost! I’m your instructor! I don’t need your concern!”

“Princess! The most important thing is that you are carrying his majesty’s child right now! If you get angry and cause problems for your child, how will we explain ourselves to her majesty and his majesty?!”

Nier’s expression relaxed a little when they mentioned her child and his majesty. She let go and he really did drop onto the ground limp. It took him some time to catch his breath. He covered his neck and curled up like a prawn as he trembled. Nier stared at him with her cold gaze, stepped onto his face with one foot and told him: “Consider yourself lucky. I was once the Valkyries’ sword instructor. If I was armed right now, I would’ve impaled several holes in your heart by now. Do not insult his majesty in front of me and do not question my love. If you don’t wish to die, get lost as fast as your legs take you!”

A Valkyrie dragged his powerless body out. The other Valkyrie hesitated for a moment and looked at Nier with concern. She softly said: “Instr-… I mean… princess, if that man was telling the truth, his majesty is too much, since you have his child after all……”

Nier turned around and looked at the small creek again. She softly explained: “No, his majesty hasn’t done anything wrong. His majesty didn’t go to the elves. He went to do something he wanted to do. His majesty didn’t leave me behind. He discussed it with me before choosing to go. I know that, that’s why I don’t blame his majesty. I have nothing to blame him for.”

“Really? …… I shall say no more then. I just hope that things work out over there for his majesty.”

The Valkyrie looked at Nier and then returned to her vigilant mode. Nier had her back facing her. She looked at the ring on her ring tenderly, changing her emotionless gaze into a tender and affectionate one. A moment later, she turned around and sounding slightly tired said: “Let’s head back. I want to have a bit of a rest.”


I was currently making my final preparations at Karnashun City.

I don’t intend to stay in this city for long. Right now, time is of the essence. Since the location has been narrowed down for everyone it’s of utmost importance to get ahead of the others. It’s not a large area, but it’s not small either. If i leave a day earlier, I’ll have another day ahead to find what I want.

Of course, the location of the mine isn’t all I need. I need to find people who can refine the mineral and the refinement method. I’m entrusting Nara with that.

I have detailed information now, so the next step is to act upon it.


*Oubacher is pronounced “Ou-ba-ka”, for those who know Jap, Ou = Big, Baka = Idiot. Put the two together and you get what he is.


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