Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 18

“Mommy Vyvyan?!”

Someone stormed in before I could console Ling Yue. Their speed and immense murderous intent made me think that they were an assassin. If it wasn’t for the light from the flame behind me, I really would’ve called for my men.

Vyvyan looked at me and panicked. Then she stopped her gaze on Ling Yue. I subconsciously covered Ling Yue with the blanket, and then pushed her behind me.

Mommy Vyvyan looked at me, enraged. She then raised her voice to ask me, “Son… What have you done?!!”

“Yes! It was my fault! I commit a despicable mistake! It was all my fault! I’m very sorry, Mom! I’ve caused you trouble!!”

I, indeed, did do something despicable. I did that to a girl that had nothing left to rely on. Most importantly, I couldn’t promise the girl anything. What, am I just going to go back and tell Nier and Lucia, “Hey, I accidentally did it with her, so Ling Yue is going to be living together with us, as well. Make sure to get along you, okay, you three?”

There would be a homicide. I wouldn’t die, but Ling Yue would. Moreover, what Ling Yue said made me suffer most. The young girl’s marriage was ruined by me. What I did to her was disgraceful. I don’t think it would be excessive even if Mom beheaded for it. I’d consider it well-deserved punishment.

“That’s right! Son! Mommy never thought you were that sort of kid! Did Mommy go wrong somewhere when educating you?! Mommy always told you to be loyal to your spouse, to protect her and love her all your life, but what have you done?! Son! You betrayed Lucia and me! And twice at that! Full-moon nights are my special right! I won’t allow anyone to interfere!”

‘Hang on! Please stop for a moment!’

‘I acknowledge that I betrayed Lucia, and I admit that I betrayed her twice. Wait, no! Three times! But why did Mom add herself to the equation?! Please come back to your senses! You and I did that for Lucia. Your husband is Inard Galadriel! Please show some respect for your late husband!’

“And did you not know that you would kill your partner if she didn’t have mana stronger than yours if you relieved yourself with her so aggressively?! You committed murder, Son!”

Vyvyan looked at me, feeling agitated. I froze up. I seemingly forgot that the entire time. Luna withstood it, because she was able to withstand immense pain, thus being able to help me without passing out. Other women would pass out immediately, though. If I did it with Lucia on a full-moon night, she would shudder, and then pass out.

‘Why is Ling Yue still perfectly normal?’

I turned around to look at Ling Yue’s face that resembled a dead person’s face. I gently grabbed hold of her hand and quietly asked, “Ling Yue. Ling Yue, are you feeling off anywhere? Are you in pain anywhere? Do you feel mentally healthy? It’s all my fault… it’s all my fault… Answer me. Answer me now!”

She replied while looking spaced out, “Tail…”


I looked at her tail and noticed that it was slightly strange. Although it was still soft and smooth, it felt as though it was one layer larger than before. It wasn’t due to her fluffy fur. It looked as if it was pumped up with air. Its temperature had changed, too. It was warm before, but it was now hot.

Ling Yue looked at me with a sluggish expression and softly replied, “Your mana… is stored in my tail.”

I finally understood why Ling Yue was fine. It was because she stored my berserk mana inside her tail.

‘Doesn’t that mean that she’s the most suitable candidate to help me on full-moon nights, then? My berserk mana won’t affect her body or myself. Plus, she can store that mana away.’

‘I don’t know if that will serve any function, but if she can store it, she might be able to extract it.’

Vyvyan didn’t seem to know about that, either. She looked stunned for a moment. She didn’t know what to say next.

I turned to face Mom, “Mom, there was something I wanted to ask you, too. My identity as a half-blood will be exposed after this, right? Will the elves react in any way once my identity is exposed?”

“No. The elves don’t believe that you’re a half-blood at all. They still think that you’re a pure-blood elf. Have you not realised it yet? Did Luna believe you when you told her you were a half-blood elf? No elf would ever acknowledge it even if it was true.”

Vyvyan looked at me grouchily. She folded her arms and continued, “I thought you were suffering immense pain here, but you were enjoying yourself with a vixen, and even did that with a fox. Son, what are you thinking? Have your ambitions melted into this fox’s body?”

“No. Mom, I told you that it was just an accident this time. I can’t control myself on full-moon nights properly… Okay, I won’t make excuses for myself. I admit, I ruined Ling Yue, but I will go to the North, nevertheless. Also, I have myself a new gain. Mom, will you accept the elves in the North if they want to come home?”

“Why not? They’re elves, as well. Mommy had all the elves unite when we fought against humanity.” Mommy Vyvyan looked and me and went on, “That said, this was established before the war, so aren’t they trying to exact revenge this time? If they want to find a new habitat, I’d happily accept them, except they’ve attacked us now and almost hurt you, so how can I accept them? I couldn’t ask for anything more than to personally go there and kill them!”

My brain regained some more clarity as I remembered Mom couldn’t personally go there.

I sighed and explained, “The situation there is somewhat complex, but it doesn’t sound as though it was the Elven Queen there who started this war. I want to know if she can return after I conquer the North…”

“She can forget it. Only death awaits her if she returns.” Vyvyan cut me off. She then looked at me and solemnly explained, Son, did you forget about our Galadriel Tribe’s bloody nature and history? That elf’s ancestor was someone who was exiled! Further, they were definitely the Galadriel Tribe’s abandoned goods. From the viewpoint of the Galadriel Tribe, they’re existences that shouldn’t exist, so they must die. It’s the same logic as with Lucia’s child. The Galadriel Tribe will not allow such people to exist. She’ll only be exiled a second time if she returns.”


Vyvyan looked at me with a sad expression and replied, “That is Galadriel, Son. As the ruler of elves, you must have supreme mana. How are you going to get them to obey you, otherwise? Having such mana is a requirement of a Galadriel tribe member. If I don’t want to let the Galadriel Tribe fall, I must maintain our venerated bloodline. Son, you must know that elves with inferior mana are the lowest in standing in elven hierarchy, and that can’t be changed, since our mana is given to us by God. We can’t let those with inferior mana stand on equal footing with us. We aren’t humans; we’re elves. Only elves with the best bloodline and mana can become the leader of elves. I can break countless taboos for you, but I can’t be wilful when it comes to the Galadriel tribe and the elven race.”


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