Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 17

A green silhouette arrived outside the tent. Philes, who was in charge of guarding the tent, asked her, “Ah, Your Highness! Are you here to see His Majesty?”

Vyvyan looked at him with a smile. “It’s a full-moon night tonight. I came here to help relive my son of his pain.”

“Ah… I think you can return now, as Miss Ling Yue has not come out from the tent after entering, and, umm… there were sounds from inside the tent, so I think… His Majesty does not need anyone to relieve him anymore…”

Philes scratched his face awkwardly as he spoke.

Vyvyan froze up for a moment. She then looked at Philes with agitation and exclaimed, “What?! My son used a fox?! He used a fox?! Move! I must confirm my son’s condition! Why didn’t you stop that fox?! How could you let someone just stroll into my son’s tent on a full-moon night when he’s at his weakest?!”

“Well… Miss Ling Yue is always with His Majesty. We thought that she would not put his life at risk… That is why we let Miss Ling Yue be with His Majesty… Ah!!”

Vyvyan, who had lost her patience, shoved Philes aside with one hand before he could stop her. She restrained him with two vines and even blocked his mouth. Vyvyan pulled the tent’s curtain open and rushed in.

That was her special right!


A few hours ago…

“Your Majesty… Your body…”

“Ah, I’m fine…”

I took in a breath of cold air. I lay on my bed and gripped the edge of it tightly. I had virtually lost my vision entirely. My eyes felt as though they were going to pop out of my head, while the painful ripping sensation radiating throughout my entire body made me feel dizzy. I wanted to roar out, but I couldn’t attract everybody’s attention, so I clenched my teeth as tight as I could. I could even hear myself grinding my teeth. It didn’t matter if I was wounded, since my boosted mana would heal me.


“Berserk mana… My mana goes berserk on full-moon nights… I’m used to it… Ling Yue, you should hurry and leave. I don’t know how long I can maintain my rationality for. You’ll be the first one to be attacked if I crumble, so hurry up and leave now. Mommy Vyvyan will come to help me at midnight.”

“No! How can I just stand by and watch when you’re in so much pain?!”

“Don’t act on your emotions… I’m not suffering a headache or something here… but berserk mana… Hurry and leave. That’ll be best for both of us!”

I seriously started to get irritated. My annoyance urged me to rip the rambling woman apart.

‘I must resist. I must maintain rational. My desire to seek destruction on full-moon nights is overwhelming. Everything best go my way for now, or I might kill without discrimination.’

“No! Tell me how I can help you! I have mana, too! I can solve mana problems! I can resolve your problem, can’t I?!”

I chuckled coldly. I looked in the direction I vaguely heard her voice from. I replied, “Can you? I do have a method. The question is whether or not you’re all right with it.”

“What method?”

“Like this…”

Everything went silent when I explained to her the method for resolving berserk mana. I was just hopedshe wouldn’t slap me. Usually, I could stand them, but I wouldn’t be able to when I was so annoyed. I, actually, might get up and rip her apart if she slapped me.

“Understand? That’s why you can’t help me. Hurry and leave now. At midnight…”

Before I finished, a furry tail covered my body, causing me to shiver. The warm and fluffy fur covered my body, yet I didn’t feel annoyed. In fact, it gave me an oddly peaceful feeling. I subconsciously reached my hand out to grab her furry tail.

“Only my husband can stroke this tail on the day we get married…”

Ling Yue’s voice came from very close by. Her teary face appeared before my eyes. She clasped my face gently then looked at me with a sad look. She sadly and softly said, “I always looked forward to my wedding when I was young… I was eager to meet my husband, who I could entrust my entire life with, so I cherish this tail very much. This is my promise to my husband and my life in the future… But I now no longer have the right to look forward to my happiness… I no longer… want to love him anymore.

I’ll let you stroke my tail. I don’t love you and I’ve never had any feelings for you… But you can help me… Can you guarantee… you won’t abandon me… if I give you my body, which is my most important asset…?

The Queen can give you what I can give you. I don’t mind you using me to conquer the North. This is all I have to exchange with you for you to get my revenge for me… You now have a new choice… But… please… don’t abandon me… I don’t have anything else to give you anymore… I only have myself and this tail…

I’m willing to give these to you even though I don’t love you… I don’t want… to be abandoned now…”

Her body, that was as warm as her tail, leaned in closer to me. I virtually put up no resistance on the crazy full-moon night. I grabbed her, and then aggressively went down on her.

I didn’t know what I did in my crazed moments, but I could remember that Ling Yue didn’t react in any way.

She didn’t wrap her arms around me. She didn’t hold my hands. She didn’t even move her tongue when I kissed her. It was as though the body I clung to was an empty shell, a small puppet. I genuinely would’ve believed that if her body wasn’t warm.

Only Ling Yue’s face covered in tears and her sadness, that reflected part of the moon, gradually calmed me down.

She lay there under the moonlight. She looked at the ceiling with her lifeless blood-red eyes. She didn’t look at me or anywhere in particular. It was as if she had turned into a corpse. I held her lifeless tail in my hands. Her tail was akin to a fox’s tail that had been cut off, or rather, the fur of a skinned fox.

Tears flowed out of her blood-red eyes as though they were tears of blood that were shed due to despair. She wore a despairing and sad expression. She was a bossy girl, but she now resembled a cloth doll that was torn and tattered after being played with.

I released my grip on her tail in a stupefied manner. Her body jerked a little, and her crescent moon shaped eyes finally budged. She looked toward me.


I felt as though I took a bullet to my heart. My conscience cursed me with all it had. The vexing feeling and regret made me want to pull my handgun out and shoot myself.

‘What have I done? What have I done to a girl who was already in despair? I… I… I…’

‘What have I done?! Aaahhhh!!!!!!!’

“Sorry… Sorry… Sorry… Sorry!!!”

I had no idea what to say. Actually, I had countless things to say. I wanted to comfort her, apologise and console her despaired gaze, but all I could do was repeat a totally pointless word over and over with regret and despair.

Ling Yue looked at me; her pink lips budged a little…

“I… I… gave you… my last possession… Don’t… abandon… me… Help… me… get… revenge… revenge…”


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