Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 25

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Three Indians

Princess Hongzhuang had been restrained and was being led to an unknown location by a group of boorish men. Her beautiful snow-white face was covered by a black cloth that had been forced on her without any consideration to harm. Her sabre had also been taken from her.

A big man was charged with watching her from behind, so as to not let her run rampant.

The woman in front of him had a tall physique. Her erotic hips looked soft, making it appear as though they were filled with a seductive mana. Her legs seemed to be longer than the legs on any other woman he’d seen. Her pear-shaped breasts jiggled due to her inability to walk steadily. Looking at them gave him a strong urge to bite into them. He gulped his saliva and did his best to clear his mind and to suppress his urge to go up to her and pinch her buttocks.

“What the hell are you looking at?! Pick your eyes up, or you won’t see where you’re going.”

After the leader had reprimanded him from behind, the big man stopped ogling her, albeit stopping very reluctantly.

“Big Bro, I-I wasn’t looking.”

“Bullshit! If your eyes were your hands, the girl’s ass would be swollen from your groping by now!” The leader reproached him and then metaphorically kicked him away. However, after all that talk, the leader crept up next to the Princess and sniffed her. Her smell caused him to get carried away.

He was the one who couldn’t keep it in his pants. The others kept themselves in check, because of his order, while he was the only one gawking her from behind.

As such, he got a very clear view. Besides her long and slender pure-white legs, she had an erect torso and curvaceous breasts. He almost misjudged her breasts when he looked at them, covered by her red clothes, from the front. Only when he stood on her side did he notice that they resembled piled-up snow. Her breasts were so big they were startling, and when her slender hips were added into the picture, his mouth turned dry.

The Evil Bandits Gang, initially, didn’t know that they were kidnapping such a beauty. The subordinates of the Evil Bandit Gang Chief nicknamed “Evil Bandit”, had over two hundred reasons to not spare the beauty. It was the mission that kept their hands off her.

There was no way he was willing to spare Li Hongzhuang after seeing her appearance. The order was to not cause her any harm and to stall her for a while. The Chief’s plan was to wait for this ‘a while’ to pass, get his paycheck and consider the mission done. By then, he and Li Hongzhuang would be unrelated strangers.

It was commonplace for him to kidnap men and women. It was considered generous if he only kidnapped the women and spared the family, so he wasn’t breaking the rules of the pugilistic world if he did do something to Li Hongzhuang.

They were currently heading toward a storage warehouse in the area of Bright Lane. The Chief of the Evil Bandits Gang swallowed his saliva and retracted the sinful hands that had reached out for those round mounds. The wait for his moment of blessing irritated him.

He was completely oblivious to the fact that he just barely got away with his life.

Had he actually dared to lay his hands on her, his perverted head would be rolling on the ground before he could come within three inches of her.

Li Hongzhuang, who was silently following them, hadn’t lost her ability to fight back. To the contrary, this was adding fuel to her violent urge. She followed them just to humour them.

Li Hongzhuang encountered these guys, who called themselves the Evil Bandits Gang, right after separating with Ming Feizhen. She didn’t engage them in combat. She merely spoke to them, very normally, and then went with them. Her plan was to follow them to their den and catch them all in one clean sweep.

Jin Wangsun’s family slave knew that the Princess was highly skilled. But he had been at the Gold and Silver Sect for a long time. As a result, he had considered her to be an ordinary daughter of some high-ranking official or famous sect. He considered her to be similar to Jin Wangsun.

If it was Jin Wangsun that ran into this sort of thing, he’d teach them a lesson at most. He wouldn’t come knocking and completely wipe them out.

What he didn’t realise that Li Hongzhuang hated evil with a vengeance.

Princess Hongzhuang is different from her siblings. She’s, essentially, cut from the same mould as Abbess Bailou of Emei Sect. She can’t stand evil, especially from those who know martial arts.

She had been in the pugilistic world for a long time; therefore, she had heard of the Evil Bandits Gang and knew that they were evildoers who were kidnapping men and women around the Capital. However, nobody had managed to acquire accurate information on them, since their identities had always remained a secret.

Nanjing City is considered part of Jiangnan, thereby putting it under the secretive watch of the Seven Champion White Princes. Further, it’s where the Imperial City is located, so it had always been a peaceful place.

It was just that the Evil Bandits Gang, which had just come to maturity, didn’t pursue that same peace.

These sorts of small gangs have no end to their greed. They can be formed with just thirty to fifty people. Oftentimes, they can even be considered generic trolls, formed by a group of hot-blooded young people.

Strictly speaking, they aren’t even considered people in the pugilistic world.

The Seven Champion White Princes won’t bother with these insignificant people, so these small-scale gangs ended up becoming a hole in Jiangnan’s pure peace.

Li Hongzhuang wanted to use this opportunity to find out their origins and enact judgement upon them, for the sake of the people.

When they reached their destination, Li Hongzhuang was settled down to one side.

The Chief had his subordinates gather around to talk to them.

“Our income for the month has dropped, yet again. Chief, are we going to steal some from the punks again?”

“Someone like you would, indeed, do something petty like that. If we’re out of money, go rob a village outside of the city; especially those with old people living there. They’ve saved up a lifetime of money. Won’t we be letting them down if we don’t spend it?”

“D-Don’t you think that’s not such a good idea? Liu Shan Men have turned the Capital on its head recently. That’s why last time we…”

“What the hell are you afraid of?! If something happens, we have the Assistant Minister to cover us. We’re working for him, so what’s there to be afraid of?” The Chief suddenly revealed a perverted smile, “How were the girls we sold to the brothel last time? Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten. Hehehe.”

“So you have the audacity to act like that because you have the backing of some Assistant Minister?” The beauty, who had been as calm as water, suddenly spoke up.

“I’m also very curious as to who asked you to separate me from my friend.”

The black cloth over her head suddenly split, as though it was originally designed as two separate pieces. It dropped to the ground naturally. It was split as if a sharp blade had cut it.

The Chief jumped to his feet in a panic, “The bitch was pretending!”

He scanned her beautiful face. Seeing her face, he couldn’t help but command, “Capture her alive! I’m going to fuck her right here!”

With a frown on her face, Li Hongzhuang grabbed a wooden rod from the storage without thought. She didn’t say anything after that.

The fight didn’t last long.

Jin Wangsun’s slave had underestimated her “Blood Stained Glass” alias far more than he should have.

The useless bags of trash couldn’t resist against the Princess for half an hour and ended up spilling the beans. The Princess didn’t even need to use her sabre, instead she beat them with only the wooden rod.

In fact, they were beaten without even the opportunity to put up a semblance of a resistance.

After beating them up, she tossed the rod away. Her best friend was in this line of work anyway, so she thought she’d give her some credit for this. However, just as she left the warehouse to go call the constables, she felt a sudden gust of wind from behind.

She couldn’t turn her head in time, so she quickly moved to the side in order to evade. She managed to catch the sight of three people in her panic.

One of them was one who had attacked her.

He threw a palm strike at her.

She felt a strong wind blast pass her snow-white neck, creating a burning sensation on her skin.

She could tell that he was a powerful foe. She blurted, “Shaolin’s Metal Palm Strike!”

A pair of legs swung at her from her left and right. It was very similar to a snake’s attack. The technique was Kunlun’s Wind Serpent Parade Kicks.

There was one more person, who stood the furthest away. He didn’t come over; instead, he watched with a cold look. Drawing a circle on his right palm, using his left hand, he chanted something.

Upon listening closer the Princess discovered he was chanting a curse.

‘Is he drawing a circle to curse me? Where did these three people, who know three differing styles, come from?’

The Princess was aware that she couldn’t just continue taking hits, so she moulded energy to her palm and focused her qi in one arm.

She got the two to back off with a tremendously powerful chop. Only then was she able to see what the three of them looked like.

The three of them had dark skin and goatees. They wore red clothing and a round hat.

What she saw was three Indians. She exclaimed, “What the hell?!!”


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