Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 09

Lucia wrapped her arm around mine. She looked at me with joy and excitedly said, “Your Highness, your performance today was great just as when you faced the Earth Dragons! I knew you were prepared and wouldn’t rashly rush into such a large horde! That’s why I trusted you, unlike someone else who insisted on going down to be dead weight, completely ignoring the fact that she couldn’t even do her belt up anymore.”

NIer, who was on the other side, snorted in response. She then looked at Lucia and fired back with her own rebuff, “I was His Majesty personal bodyguard to begin with, so of course I was worried for his safety, unlike someone else who’s useless and can only stand aside and watch His Majesty solve problems.”

“You want to fight?! I’m the elves’ Shadow Squad leader! I can protect His Highness, as well!!”

Lucia stood up and exchanged angry eye contact with Nier.

“All right! If it’s a fight you want, then I’ll give you one. Let’s have a fight while you can still move!”

I smiled helplessly as I looked at my two wives on my left and right. I wrapped my arms around their waists and said, “Ladies, can we not get so worked up in the bath? You’re both pregnant right now. Can’t you get along with each other? Moreover, I just had a rough battle today during the day. Can’t you two let me have a break?”

Nier and Lucia both turned around, embarrassed. Their bellies were now visibly bulging. My two wives sat next to me and snuggled up to me.

I stroked Lucia’s belly. My emotions were complicated.

I keep talking about how I love Lucia, and I believe so. When I look at Lucia, I feel infinite gentleness flowing from her. I love her very much. I decided to love her forever when I crossed the Earth Dragons. However, I continued to do things that made me feel apologetic to her.

Lucia is an elf, who can’t accept her husband betraying her, yet I take advantage of her love, use sweet words and hugs to get her to accept my requests.

She married me, a man with a wife. Now I’ve got another kid without her knowing where and when.

I keep saying that I’m doing things for her benefit, but I keep betraying her over and over. No matter how I betray her or lie to her, Lucia forgives me with a smile over and over.

“What’s wrong, Your Highness? Are you thinking about our child?”

Lucia noticed my hand was on her belly. She giggled and pressed her hand on mine. I felt a warm sensation similar to fragrant flower petals in spring. I looked at Lucia’s green eyes; I looked at her blissful and shy smile. I stroked her cheek with one hand and softly said, “Lucia, do you know how much I love you…? I really… really, really love you.”

She went red in the face and took a tight hold of my hand. She softly replied,  “I know, I know how much you love me. I know, because I love you just as much…”

“Sorry… Sorry… Lucia… Sorry…”

“You haven’t done anything to be sorry to me about, Your Highness.”

I don’t know why my voice sounded hoarse when I apologised.

Lucia stroked my face gently then softly said, “I’m just an ordinary girl. I’m just the daughter of a guard and a maid. I shouldn’t have had the right to be in love with you to begin with. I know how much you had to deal with when we first loved each other. I fail as a Princess. My mana isn’t pure enough, and my background isn’t good… I never had any qualifications to be your wife, but you and Her Highness gave me the chance. You gave my shallow love a chance to shine; therefore, I am very grateful. Very grateful…”

“Uhm… Because I love you… I love you, so I can do everything for you, even if it’s forsaking everything… Aaah!!”

My ear suddenly got pinched hard. I turned around in pain. I felt a warm and greedy sucking sensation in my mouth before I finished getting intimate with Lucia. Nier clasped my face forcefully and kissed my lips.

Nier released me then looked at me. In a slightly aggravated tone, she asked, “I won’t allow you to be so intimate with another woman in front of me. I’ve put up with you two for a very long time, yet you still went on. If you love Lucia so much, what about me? Do you not love me?”

“No, no, no, I love you very much, too. Honest. How shall I put it…? I actually fell for you at first sight the first time that I returned home.” I looked at Nier and scratched my head, feeling embarrassed, “That’s why I didn’t get angry at you in spite of the way you treated me. When you saved me down in the sewers, you looked extremely cool, as well. You were comparable to an angel descending to Earth. I had fallen for you back then.”

Nier blushed a little, and then leaned back. She pressed her hand down on mine in the water and quietly said, “I fell for you later on, though.”

“But you still love me, nevertheless.”


Nier leaned onto my shoulder lightly and wore a blissful smile.

“I have to head to the North soon.” I raised my head and stretched my arm out. I watched the trail of water run down my arm, as well as the steam ascending into the air. I softly said, “I might have to head North to act as the General after elves and humans form an alliance. I still don’t know what the to expect in the North and what sort of enemies there are, so…”

“Don’t say unlucky things!

The two of them exclaimed in unison and looked at me. The two of them then pressed their bodies against me and looked at me.

In an emotional voice, Lucia exclaimed, “I believe in you. Your Highness, you could defeat so many anthropoids today, so there won’t be any problem there, either. I believe in your courage and wits. You’ll be fine there!”

Nier looked at me and solemnly agreed, “That’s right. We believe in you. You’ll be fine! I believe in you. You’ll be fine, because you are truly are incredible to be able to fight against so many anthropoids. You’ll definitely be able to protect yourself over there. If we look at it that way, the anthropoids aren’t such a big deal. I, therefore, believe in you!”

I looked at my two wives, and then stroked their heads. I smiled, “If both of you are so assured, I won’t need to miss you both so much. Furthermore, I believe you’ve become accustomed to separation now. I promise you that I’ll definitely stay by your sides after this time. I won’t leave you.”

The two of them exchanged glances. Lucia then smiled and replied, “Although I have heard you say that so many times before, I still believe it… Your Highness… I… shall wait eagerly for that day, then!”


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