Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 08

“Ling Yue has explained what happened with the anthropoids, so now, you two will discuss how we will deal with them, right? We may have overcome Troy City’s siege and the reinforcements will be here very soon; however, the anthropoids will not give up just because of that. The anthropoids we killed here are just worthless sacrifices to them. We will forever be threatened and suffer losses and damages for as long as we do not conquer the North.”

Although I tried to get my two moms to understand what I was saying inside the conference hall, the two of them didn’t seem to concentrate on what I was saying. Mommy Vyvyan looked at me with an affectionate smile similar to that of a mother watching her child’s graduation speech. Elizabeth remained sluggish as she did at the end of the battle. She looked at me in silence.

That made me feel very frustrated, as it seemed as though nothing I said meant anything. My plan required humans and elves to ally with each other. Though Mommy Vyvyan can kill the anthropoids in the blink of an eye, it’s impossible for Mommy Vyvyan to go to the North. Elves can’t adapt to the extreme cold in the North. Not even Mommy Vyvyan. The only ones who can do battle there are humans. However, for humans to wage battle there they require members to reform ranks and transport supples. That means that the elves must allow humans passage and provide the required supplies.

In other words, I can’t deploy my plan if either of them refused to assist.

“Therefore, I think… if Mommy Elizabeth can provide us with a team that specialises in snow combat, while Mommy Vyvyan replenishes our resources and allows humans passage, then I am confident I can defeat the enemies in the North.”

I made my suggestion as a means of testing the waters with my two moms.

Mommy Vyvyan leaned back onto her chair then replied with a smile, “That’s no problem, Son. Mommy will give you anything you need.”

I bet Mommy Vyvyan agreed without even considering it; but that’s even better. Elizabeth, on the other hand, didn’t reply. I don’t think she paid any attention to what I said. She looked at me with a very complex gaze, causing me to feel a little numb. I cleared my throat gently; then looked at her and asked, “Umm, Mom? Your Majesty?”

Mommy Elizabeth reacted as though she just woke up from a dream. She looked at me and dryly chuckled, “Ah, oh… No problem, no problem. I’m fine with what you said.”

“All right, then. I hope that you both can appear at an event. I think we can say that we have a military alliance, since we are forming and elven and human alliance, a military alliance to combat the anthropoids in the North. That will make it more convenient to manage the two races, as well.”

Mommy Vyvyan nodded with a smile, “All right.”

Elizabeth didn’t hesitate, either, “No problem.”

I dawdled for a moment. I never thought that the two of them, and even the two races, could form an alliance so quickly. The two races were still distant with each other due to the war a decade ago, yet the two rulers formed an alliance as a result of my little speech. That gave me a very concerned feeling.

‘Are my two moms actually serious?’

I looked at them and asked with concern, “Umm… I want to ask, moms, are you serious?”

Mommy Vyvyan raised her eyebrows and answered in a serious tone, “Of course. The North attacked us, which means that they’ve declared war on us. According to what Ling Yue said, this is their revenge against us for their exile. War is not a game. Son, Mommy would not joke about this. Did you think that Mommy wasn’t listening to you seriously? Wrong. Mommy made the decision after thinking it through. There’s nothing wrong with your suggestion, and the conditions you mentioned are appropriate, too, so why would Mommy need to reject you? You’re doing something legitimate.”

“Ah… is that right? … What about you, then, Your Majesty?”

I shifted my gaze to Elizabeth. She sighed then stood up, “I’m not feeling too well right now. I’ll let you discuss the details, Son. As long as it’s appropriate, do it.”

Mommy Elizabeth left the conference hall before I could say anything. I paid no heed to Mommy Vyvyan’s gaze. I quickly pulled the door open and gave chase.

Mommy Elizabeth looked particularly haggard from the rear as if she was really unwell. I quickly ran over and caught up to her at the corner. I grabbed her hand and pressed her up against the wall. I anxiously asked, “Mom, what’s wrong? Did you get hurt somewhere…? Ah…”

I finally noticed her tears coursing down her face. She bit down on her lip tightly to stop herself from crying. Her usual tall and majestic body now looked feeble as if she was a little girl.


She looked at me with her teary eyes. She let go of her lips and in a shaky voice replied, “Maybe… maybe I got hurt… Mommy’s heart hurts so much for some reason… Mommy’s heart hurts so much when Mommy sees that woman’s smile… The elves might be able to be free and easy-going, but Mommy… Mommy can’t…”

I checked left and right to ensure that there was nobody around. I clasped Mom’s face gently and wiped her tears on her face, but then more tears came out. I looked at Elizabeth and sighed, “Mom, I don’t love Vyvyan. She and you are my mothers to me, my respected moms. My love for you and Nier is different. I swear that I did it for Lucia this time. I have no other feelings, otherwise.”

Elizabeth looked at me with her eyes narrowed. She raised her head up and softly questioned, “If you could go that far for Lucia, what else are you willing to do for her…?”

I looked at Elizabeth and replied sincerely, “I can sacrifice everything. Of course, I could do the same for you.”

Elizabeth lingered for a moment, and then leaned her cold body onto my mine.

I didn’t speak and nobody disturbed us.

“Mommy just feels uncomfortable seeing you, my son, who resembles my husband, make oaths to other women.”

A moment later, Elizabeth took a step back and wiped her lips with a smile. She said, “Mommy wants to be wilful sometimes, too. Having someone to spoil you is a very blissful feeling. Mommy hasn’t been able to relax in a long time after separating from your father… Mommy is a little tired now, too.”

“If possible, I want to let you relax, too. I told you; I will break your cage.”

“Uhm, Mommy is looking forward to it very much.”

Elizabeth looked at me and revealed a faint smile on her teary face. I smiled shyly. I then led Elizabeth back to the conference hall.

It’s just that we didn’t notice an emerald dress disappear at the corner in front of us…


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