Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 04

“Princess!! You cannot go out there! You must stay!”

“Let go of me! I must go out there! I must go out there! My husband is fighting outside! He’s just down below! Are suggesting that I should just stay here and watch on?! My husband doesn’t know swordplay, and I’m not by his side! How do you expect me to feel reassured?!  If something happens to my husband, I don’t want to live, so let me go! I’m your Captain! You’re to obey my orders!!”

Two Valkyries held Nier back. Nier desperately fought back to try and break free of their grasp. The Valkyries surrounded her. A few of them hesitated, as they wanted to draw their swords. The two Valkyries behind Nier were tasked with making sure she couldn’t break free without hurting her, which was extremely awkward.

“Let go of her.”

A calm voice suddenly came from the crowd. The Valkyries all froze up. Even Nier, herself, froze up. Everybody turned to look in the direction of the voice. Lucia stood outside and looked at Nier calmly.


Nier looked at her with puzzlement while continuing to struggle. She exclaimed, “His Majesty is outside! He’s in danger! There are many anthropoids out there! He’s been surrounded!! I have to go out there! I must protect him!”

Lucia looked at her and sternly reprimanded her, “You think you’re still your past self? These Valkyries wouldn’t be able to stop you if you were, would they?! His Highness isn’t as weak as you think! His Highness could defeat a horde of Earth Dragons, so likewise, he can defeat those anthropoids! The one who needs to be protected right now is you! What good are you in your current shape? You would only distract His Highness and make him protect you instead! I will not let you burden His Highness!”

“But… but… His Majesty can’t do anything!”

“I won’t allow you to say that! Perhaps His Highness can’t use magic or wield a sword, but he can solve anything with his wits! I have absolute faith in His Highness! If His Highness has the courage to charge at the horde of anthropoids, then I believe that His Highness has his own way of protecting himself! Our job right now is to give birth to an outstanding descendant! That’s our purpose as the Princesses! You’re not viewing yourself as a Princess right now! You still consider yourself a guard! And how dare you question my husband’s competence?! This is why I said that it’s impossible for a girl, who hasn’t known him for long time, to understand him! You don’t realise what it means to be a Princess. What an embarrassment! File for divorce!”


Nier had no retort for Lucia’s sudden reproach. Lucia snorted then turned around. She followed up with, “Just wait in the city without a worry. His Highness will be fine, because I believe in his competence! He dared to charge into them, which proves that he had a plan! We shouldn’t go out there and be dead weight!”

“Then… then…”

The Valkyries let out a sigh of relief. The leader of them looked at Lucia with a grateful gaze. She said, “Thank you very much, Princess Lucia… If it was not for you, we really might not have been able to convince Captain Nier to stay.”

“It’s nothing. This is my confidence as a Princess. I am full of confidence for my husband. However, you must protect my husband, too. I don’t want to see him get hurt…”

Lucia stood to the side while the Valkyries mounted their horses. The city doors slowly opened, creating a narrow path for the warriors to get out. Nier watched the backs of the Valkyries as her tears coursed down her face. Lucia walked up to her and poked Nier’s chest. She said, “How powerless do you consider His Highness? I think that the Prince that I see is different to the one in your eyes. Don’t worry. His Highness has never let me down before. He will definitely return to our side, because he loves me.”

“You mean he loves me!”

“You want to fight?!”


It stank on the city walls now.

The siege towers ended up managing getting close to the walls. They let down a wooden board, which connected the top of the siege tower to the city walls, allowing countless anthropoids to get into the city. However, it wasn’t that simple. As soon as the board was lowered, the human soldiers tossed explosives inside before the anthropoids could even shout. The explosives blew up inside the tower, causing the smell of burnt things to come from the interior of the towers. They even poured a black liquid into the entrance and lit it up with fire.

Elizabeth zipped around the crowds comparably to lightning. All that could be seen of her blade was an afterimage. Every time her cape was spotted, blood would spill. It was as if her cape was doing the killing, and not her blade. No anthropoid lasted more than even seconds in her presence. Any anthropoid her black eyes laid sight on would have his neck cut the next instant, and his blood would spray into the air similarly to fireworks as a result.

Nobody could get close to her. She faced the anthropoids in two siege towers alone. There were countless heads rolling on the ground and corpses at her feet. Blood dripped off her boots. Regardless of where she stepped, she ended up stepping into blood. Two empty towers were open. The anthropoids inside looked at the calm woman before them and were surprisingly trembling.

They were afraid.

Her long black hair had come undone during her battle and blew in the wind as if it was a black military flag. Her cape was soaked in so much blood that the wind couldn’t move it. Blood continued to trickle off of her cape. The gaps between her bits of armour were also covered in blood. Her beautiful and venerable face was now stained with blood.

Only those black pair of eyes showed a desire to kill and a thirst for blood. She lowered her blade. She, herself, didn’t know how many anthropoids’ necks she had cut. She stood there emotionlessly. However, she was covered with the stench of blood and a murderous intent so intense that it appeared as though it could freeze the air.

Nobody dared to step forth, not even the simple anthropoids that were a quick creation through magic.

They now felt an instinctual fear. Bugs that know that salt water is harmful don’t approach it. The anthropoids, themselves, were more than aware of that feeling now.

She was invincible.

If she swung her sword, there was bound to be no survivor.

“Nobody can threaten my son’s city. Absolutely nobody!!”

On another side at the same time, a red silhouette danced among the anthropoids akin to a mesmerising flower and yet akin a deadly lotus.


Her sword cut open the neck of an anthropoid. She leapt up and kicked the body kneeling on the ground off the city wall.

“You anthropoids…”

She evaded the axe swung at her. She spun gracefully as if she was dancing. She swung her arm, slashing the anthropoid’s neck in half. His neck flopped down similarly to a mushroom.

“Truly need to learn that…”

She watched the anthropoid charging at her while roaring. She exploded forward and thrust her sword through his neck. Her sword went straight through his neck, causing his blood to drip down his backside.

“You can’t win a battle just by swinging your axe around!!”

Lorana pulled her sword out and swiftly spun around. The blood sprayed into the air behind her, staining her cape with blood.

She turned around and snickered, “Lucky I spun around fast. Otherwise, I’d puke at such a foul stench of blood.”


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