Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 09

“Onii-sama, Her Majesty has replied. She has set out and should arrive at Troy City within four days.”

“Ah, got it.”

I nodded. I then looked at Freya and, “The letter should’ve reached the elven Imperial Capital by now too. Don’t worry about Mommy Vyvyan for now. She’ll come here as soon as the letter reaches her. Freya, you go on and prepare. This banquet is very important.”

“I understand, Onii-sama.” Freya nodded seriously, and then went on, “If we can resolve this matter this time, you are going to make a trip to Socina City, correct?”

“Yes.” I nodded then explained, “I don’t think I’ll be staying there for long though. I’ll stay there for a month at most.”

“All right.” Freya nodded then made a small bow and said, “There is nothing else, then. Onii-sama, I shall take my leave now.”

“Freya, wait.”

I called for Freya then looked outside the door. Since the two of us were discussing work, Gerald had no right to come in and listen. Freya looked at me and in a puzzled tone asked, “Is there anything else, Onii-sama?”

“I wanted to ask if you slept well last night.”

Freya dawdled for a moment before replying, “Are you worried that Gerald would do something to me? He will not do anything. He does not plan to, and more importantly, he does not have the guts to.”

“No, I’m not worried about Gerald. I just want to know if you have been sleeping well recently.”

I stroked Freya’s face, and then touched the corner of her eye. I continued in a gentle tone, “You’ve got bags under your eyes, and you fell asleep in the office yesterday. Freya, are you too worn out these days? If you aren’t sleeping well at night, let me know. Let me see if I can help you.”

Freya lingered for a moment. She then lowered her head a little in my hand. After hesitating for a moment, she softly replied, “I miss Sis Luna… I really miss Sis Luna… Whenever I had little awakenings at night, Sis Luna would be lying next to me holding my hand, allowing me to sleep in peace… but… Sis Luna is not here anymore… I am the only one in the room… I am so sad. I am so scared… I…”

I suddenly pulled Freya tightly into my arms before she could finish. Freya reacted with a jerk, and then grabbed my arms tightly. I noticed her small body trembling. She clenched her teeth tightly to prevent herself from crying out loud.

‘She’s too tough. Far too tough. She almost had an accident, as a consequence of the incident, too, but she never said a thing. She didn’t cry when Luna passed away, either. Instead, when I was in the depths of despair and hurt, she was the one who faced the Empress on my behalf. After returning to Troy City, she took on all of the work so that I could relax for a bit. She dragged her tired body to a dark room. I didn’t even notice it; I didn’t realise her suffering.’

“Sorry, Freya, sorry… I was negligent… Sorry.”

I gently stroked Freya’s head.

‘She’s too small. She’s so small that I can hug her so tightly in my arms. She’s just a kid, yet she’s gone through so much and shouldered so much. She’s too tough. So tough that I’m afraid, worried, and can’t bear to watch her suffer…’

“It is all right… It is all right… Onii-sama…”

Freya wept in my arms. She took in big breaths, trying her best to use her breathing to cover her tears. In my arms, she softly said, “Onii-sama, you do not need to apologise… You are in more pain than I am. You lost Sis Luna…You risked your life to clash with Her Majesty and even now, you are trying to stop a conflict between the two races. You are hurting more than I am. I truly cannot bear… I cannot bear to make you worry about me when you are suffering so much already… I truly… cannot bear to…”

“Silly girl. How could my heart not ache for you…? You need to… tell me about these things. Luna’s departure does, indeed, hurt me; however, if I see you sad, I will only suffer more…”

I massaged Freya’s small head. I then looked at her face and chuckled softly. I wiped the tears on her face, “You are my most beloved and cutest sister. How can a brother watch his sister suffer and not do anything…? Freya, sleep with Lucia from now on. If you want to, you can come to my room at night, too. I’m fine with it.”

‘I believe Nier won’t mind. I actually hope that Freya can come and restrain Nier, too.’

Freya responded with firm nods, “Uhm! Uhm!”

She then snuggled up on my chest. She wiped her tears on her face then looked up at me with a very bright smile. I pinched her face and she said, “Onii-sama, I will. I want to go to your room tonight. You will not mind, would you?”

I nodded, “I won’t. Just come tonight, then.”

“Uhm, understood, Onii-sama! I shall take my leave now.”

“You don’t need to be in such a hurry. I’ll come with you.”

I let go of Freya and grabbed hold of her hand. Freya hesitated before looking at me to say, “Your Majesty, do you not need to go out with the Princess today? If you stay with me, you will be stuck in the office all day, you know? Well, there is not much work, and I, alone, can finish it.”

“It is my work, after all. I wouldn’t be a kind and wise ruler if I put it all on you while having fun outside. I’ve had enough rest and need to return to work seriously now. Luna is not a reason for me to be negligent. To the contrary, it’s motivating me to advance.”

I scrubbed her head, and then continued, “Let’s go. It’s been a very long time since I’ve dealt with Troy City’s business. I need your advice on lots of things. If we finish work early today, let’s go for some tea and refreshments together. You can choose where we go.“

“Sure! Do not deliberately go slow then, Onii-sama. You must concentrate when working, too. You are the one who said you would come and work with me; therefore, do not let yourself get distracted during work with the Princesses.” Freya’s eyes lit up with joy. She held my hand and said, “Let us be on our way now then, Onii-sama.”


I held her hand and pulled the door open. Gerald walked up from the side and hesitated for a moment when he saw us exit together. I gave him a nod. He bowed and greeted me, “Your Majesty…”

I looked at him and said, “I’m going to work with Freya today. You’re training in the afternoon, right? You can head over now.”


Gerald raised his head up.  He then looked at Freya, who was holding His Majesty’s hand with surprise. The arrogant and mischievous young girl looked up at His Majesty with a very earnest and reliant gaze. She wore a smile that was bright and innocent. Her eyes were filled with bliss comparable to spring water.

Gerald watched them leave and remarked to himself, “So… she does smile the way that a child would…”


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