Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 10

“Your Majesty, I think it would be very dangerous for you to go alone…”

Elizabeth placed her stuff done then looked at Castell with a frown and responded, “How would I be in danger? I’m going to Troy City, which is where my son is. Are you saying that my son would harm me?”

In a concerned voice, Castell replied, “After His Majesty stormed the cemetery last time, it cannot be completely ruled out.”

“I was, indeed, in the wrong last time. Perhaps I underestimated how my son would retaliate. He’s always kind and gentle in front of me. I always saw him as a kid, but I was foolish, too. He’s my son; if he’s my son, he can’t possibly be a weakling. My son, who’s kind and gentle in front of me is definitely hot-blooded, too. It’s perfectly normal for him to get angry when he’s hot-blooded, but he won’t harm me. I’m his mother. I forever will be his mother.”

“What about on the way then? Are you not worried?”

“I’ll just bring a sword.”

“Your sword is with His Majesty right now!”

“Castell, don’t tell me you think my skills were all a result of having the Elven King sword.”

Elizabeth snickered, “Even without the long sword my husband gave me, you’d need hundreds of people to kill me. While I am getting old, my skills have never rusted. I’m going to my son’s city this time. There won’t be any danger. Further, I know that woman Vyvyan will be there for sure, as well.”

“You and the Elven Queen just had a fight. If you go over there now, I suggest you bring your guards.”

“With my son there, that woman won’t attack me upfront. I, on the other hand, do want to go after her.” Elizabeth looked at the small exquisite box on her table. That box had appeared once before. The last time it appeared was when she had Freya use this poison to kill Lucia. This time, she was bringing the drug with her.

The effects of this drug are more powerful the more powerful an elf’s mana. As a demi-god, Vyvyan would probably die as soon as she touched it. Elizabeth opened the small box and looked at the pearl inside. She gently pinched it and absentmindedly said, “Our fight ten years ago was inconclusive, so I knew that this day would come. I signed the ceasefire agreement with her, but I will not hand over my son. I have been separated from my son for too long already. It wasn’t easy to see him again. It wasn’t easy for me to obtain the bliss and life I wanted. I’ll betray the entire world and give the entire world up if I must, but never will I let my son go. I would presume Vyvyan would think the same for sure…”

“Then, you…”

“I have to go despite that”, Elizabeth stood up. Her gaze was filled with determination as firm as steel. She looked to the north and clenched her teeth. She continued on, “As I am a mother, my son’s mother. I don’t want to anger my son, because of some feelings. Last time, my feelings for Alice almost turned us against each other. I now understand that only my son is the most important to me. I don’t care about others anymore. I just want for my son to call me ‘mom’. That’s all I want. Compared to before, Vyvyan’s friendship with me is worth nothing. I no longer… want to let my son be so sad…”

Castell looked at Elizabeth with a complex look. He smiled bitterly, “What you just said makes us sad as your vassals.”

“That’s because you’re all people in my cage. You could even say that you’re the people that locked the cage. Even you only said that you would make my cage a little more comfortable.”

Elizabeth revealed a tender smile then touched Castell’s head, “But my son said that he wanted to destroy my cage. There have only been two people from those around me that have said that. One is my husband, and the other is my son. They were the only ones who ever said that.”

Elizabeth laughed softly then went on, “That’s why there’s no way I can’t help but like them. How could I not love them? When I needed to be protected, they were the only ones to say they would protect me.”

Castell looked at her. Her expression was very subtle. He tightly clenched his fists, looked at her and spaced out. It was the first time she revealed such a soft, timid and blissful expression. She only ever showed her domineering and proud look in front of him. She only ever revealed a consoled smile at other times. Such a smile could be the one reward he would be most proud of.

However, over ten years at her side couldn’t make the empress as happy as a single sentence from Troy. The Empress had never smiled that way in front of him, and she won’t in the future, either, for that smile belonged to Troy.

He was just a substitute after all. He was just Troy’s substitute. Now that Troy was in front of her, it was best for him to say no more if he didn’t want to end up with the same fate as Alice. He just had to act as a toy that’d been tossed to a corner.

“Understood. I shall prepare for after your departure now then.”

Castell didn’t say anything else. He made a deep bow, and then turned to leave.

Her Majesty didn’t stop him. She, instead, placed the poison in her hand into the small box in a manner as though she was placing her wedding ring inside. She looked at it with a sad and burdened look as she gradually fell into deep thought.


“Aaah… that hurts……”

Gerald rubbed his shoulder while speaking to himself with a helpless smile. He had just finished with his training. Shusia showed no mercy while training him. Although they used wooden swords, hit hard enough and it can still inflict some serious pain. Plus, even when he showed his pain with his expression, Shusia didn’t stop.

‘That demonic instructor has no pity to give…’

As soon as Gerald turned a corner, a faint floral scent came toward him from the front. The fragrance was particularly aromatic. He looked up to see a breathtaking beauty in an emerald dress glide past him similarly a butterfly that just appeared out of the blue. The sight caused the young man to forget to continue walking as he was captivated by her, which led to him staring at her in a daze.

Vyvyan noticed him staring at her, so she softly giggled, and then turned around to look at him. She asked, “Are you a new guard?”

“Ah… Yes…”

“No wonder. I shall forgive you for your rudeness, then.”

Vyvyan pursed her lips into a smile and then looked at the guard with red ears. It was as though she could see the young man’s heart pounding away as though it’d gone crazy. She smiled, “I am Troy’s mother as well as the Elven Queen. You should salute me when you see me. But nonetheless, since you were unaware, I shall not blame you. Where is my son right now?”

“I am very sorry… Your Highness… umm… umm…”

“I want to know where my son is right now. I’m not after your apology.”

A tinge of annoyance appeared in Vyvyan’s blue eyes as she repeated herself.

“Ah, right… His Majesty, His Majesty is in the office at the moment…”

“I see.”

Vyvyan paid him no heed after. She was already used to it. She was used to seeing young men being swept off their feet by her beauty when they first met her. In fact, she didn’t feel happy to know that anymore. She sped up as she headed toward her son’s location.

‘If only my son would react that way when he sees me…’


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