Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 02

“Your Highness, this is your clothes…”

“Oh… right… how do I button this up? Lucia, hurry and help me adjust my cape. My boots, too!”

“Your Highness, I still need to prepare your breakfast… Your clothes haven’t been sent over yet… Aaahh… how in the world do I do this up…?”

Lucia was flustered as she tried to help me with my cape and tying up my boots. I must say, Lucia who’s always been the one looked after, has no idea how to take care of someone else. She volunteered to take care of me, yet she couldn’t wake up when she slept holding me. After I woke her up, she spent a long time searching for her soul. She took ages just to find my clothes for today.

“All right, all right. Your Highness, let’s go… Ah!!”

After struggling to finish helping me with my cape and boots, Lucia let out sigh of relief. She pulled the door open to leave, but then crashed into Nier who was holding a tray, causing the breakfast Nier brought to go flying, thereby covering us in fruit juice. Worst of all, jam got in Nier’s hair and ran down to her cheeks.

“Why didn’t you knock?!”

“Do you not have eyes?!!”

The two of them exchanged angry glares while I let out a heavy sigh. I tossed my cape that took so much effort to do up aside, and then said, “It’s all right. Just make it again. Nier, Lucia, go and clean yourselves up, wash up and whatnot. Call two maids over to clean up here and bring a new set of clothes while they’re at it.”

The two of them exchanged guilty glances. Nier then bit down on her lip and softly apologised, “Sorry… Dear… I… I really don’t know very well what I am supposed to do daily… I did say I wanted to take care of you, but I have no clue what I should do…”

Lucia lowered her head with embarrassment. She looked at her toes and said, “Me, too… why are there so many requirements for doing up a cape…?”

“It’s all right. I’m not blaming you.”

I shook my head then sat down to one side. I looked at the messy room. I sniffled and then softly added, “Luna had to do so much work every day… It would be so nice… if Luna was still here……”

The two of them looked at me with a hint of concern. Nier’s lips twitched. She then took in a deep breath before anxiously saying, “It’s all right. It’s all right. Dear, I will do my best to get used to my duties as soon as possible. I lived with Luna before. I know that I will get used to it soon.”

“She’s right. I will do my best, too. I’ll figure it out soon. Your Highness, you can let me try it. I’ll definitely succeed!”

I looked at my two excited wives and smiled. The two of them were both worried that I would be down over Luna. I knew what they meant.

‘I can’t continue drowning in the pain of losing Luna for their sake, if nothing else. I have already taken Luna home. I just miss her tremendously, that’s all. ‘

“I think it’s a bit of an issue to have two pregnant women look after me.”

I looked at their bellies then grabbed hold of their hands. They’ve both been pregnant for two months now, so their bellies have started to show signs of their pregnancy. While holding their hands, I softly told them, “You two must protect yourselves properly. I’ve only got you two left. I can’t lose you. I’ll do anything for you, but you must promise me to look after yourselves properly, as well.”

The two of them nodded and gave me a kiss on my cheeks. The two of them stood up and went to wash breakfast off themselves. I also needed to wash up. I stood up and looked at everything on the ground. I sighed heavily again.

‘How nice would it be if Luna was still around?’

The three of us had breakfast after we washed up. However, because we had breakfast relatively late, Freya had been waiting for a long time already by the time I arrived at the office. As soon as I entered, Freya looked at me grumpily with a frown. I looked at her and smiled, “What’s wrong, Freya? Who angered you?”

“Onii-sama, I know that you are in a bad mood, because of Miss Luna’s passing. If you do not wish to hear it, I shall not complain.”

“It’s fine. Say what you should. I want to know how I angered you, as well.”

“Of course, it is because of that Gerald! Why did he come to me and tell me that he is my personal bodyguard from now?! Onii-sama, how come I was completely oblivious of this?”

Freya frowned. With a somewhat disgusted expression she went on, “I am used to being alone. You suddenly assigned a personal bodyguard to me without asking for my opinion first. I am very unhappy, because of that.”

“Don’t you like Gerald? If you don’t like him, I can swap him for someone else. Do you like Shusia? You’re both girls after all.”

“That is not what this is about, onii-sama. I do not hate Gerald. What I hate are personal bodyguards! They will only be dead weight to me. They cannot help me in any capacity!”

“You can’t say that, Freya!” I firmly interjected. I looked at her with a stern look, “Freya, did you forget what happened last time? If you have a bodyguard, that won’t happen. You’re my sister. I was careless before. A s a result, I forgot to assign a bodyguard to you. I won’t make the same mistake again. I can’t protect you at all times. You need someone to protect you. I have nobody else beside me other than you girls, so naturally, I have to protect all of you. Frankly, an extra bodyguard won’t affect your life. He will usually live in your inner room. And since he didn’t do anything to you while you were unconscious, he shouldn’t do anything in future either. He can protect you, too. Of course, there’s one more thing, as well. If he shows signs of betrayal, let me now. I’ll ensure he doesn’t take the next step!”


You heard me, Freya.”

I raised my voice; Freya, consequently, obediently stopped. She looked at me as though she was wronged. I looked at her with her head down and gently stroked her head. I softly explained, “I hope that you won’t become a second Luna or run into danger as you did last time. If something did happen to you last time, as well, what would the point of me living be? So, it’s not just for your sake, but for my sake, too. You have to put up with him.”

Freya looked up at me. She bit down on her lips, and then under her breath replied, “All right. I shall accept this bodyguard. Onii-sama, your expression just now was a little scary…”

“Was it? Sorry for scaring you.”

I stroked her small head then smiled and went on, “I’ve taken a look and see that there’s nothing important to attend to. I’m going to go out for a bit. I want to accompany Lucia for a stroll. Nier has to go for a check-up today. Freya, keep Nier company.”

“All right.” Freya nodded. She then looked at me with a tinge of hesitation, and then said, “Onii-sama, do you, honestly, not intend to have another personal servant…? Your room’s…”

“No need. I only have one personal servant, and I won’t have another one.” I resolutely refused Freya. I then added, “I can do what Luna did by myself, so I don’t need a personal servant.”

Freya looked at me with signs that she was in a dilemma then, “Is that so…? In that case, have it your way.”


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