Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 01

“Miss Freya, this is the new schedule for the maids’ shifts this month.”

Freya took the schedule the head maid handed over then frowned, “What is this about with Onii-sama’s personal servants? Why have three personal servants been added?”

“Umm… Miss Luna has passed away, right…? I feel that His Majesty requires someone by his side to look after him. The Princesses are pregnant, so I am afraid that she may not be able to take care of His Majesty despite her good intent. His Majesty has lots of jobs. If he does not have a personal servant then… Lots of things cannot be done by maids. However, you do not need to worry as these three are very experienced personal servants. They can certainly quickly adapt to His Majesty’s…”

“Let them go. Onii-sama will not accept any other personal servant.”

Freya cut her off, and then irritably looked at the maid in an awkward position. She explained, “Onii-sama has deep feelings for Luna, so there is no way he will accept a personal servant. Therefore, make sure you never mention this personal servant business in front of him. Onii-sama has been irritable as of late. If he gets angry, nobody will be able to save you.”

“Yes… Understood…”

The head maid trembled as she nodded. Freya crossed out the three names with firm strokes, and then returned the list of names back to her. She then asked, “When you came in just now, was there someone outside waiting? A male guard, I think it was?”

“Yes. I think he is looking for you, so he is still waiting outside.”

“Let him come in. That is all. You can leave now.”

Freya waved her hand; the head maid responded with a bow. She then pulled the door open. Gerald gave her a nod to greet her when he passed her, but the head maid ignored him. Gerald entered the room. He looked at Freya, who sat behind the table in the spacious room. The table was seriously long. Freya looked out of place sitting at the table. She resembled a cloth doll that got placed in the chair.

When Freya saw Gerald, she played with her hair using a finger while looking at him with a smile, “Ah, hello. I need to thank you for your help at the Royal Capital and apologise for my rudeness at the time.”

“Ah… I… I…”

Gerald was particularly astonished. He didn’t care for the young girl before this meeting. He thought that she was a liar when she claimed to be the Prince’s sister. They got into the palace that day by sneaking in, and they were only able to sneak in due to the uproar in the palace. Hence, he wasn’t expecting a reward, and to the contrary, was actually afraid that someone would try to settle the score with him for trespassing. However, he then received a transfer order to come to Troy City to report in.

So naturally, he was somewhat astonished to see Freya sitting there with an arrogant posture when he arrived.

While looking at him, Freya clenched her teeth and regretted, “It looks as though you did not believe I am His Majesty’s younger sister… Nevertheless, that is understandable. I did, indeed, make the royal family and myself look bad in my state back then. Damn it, if I could do it over again, I won’t be so reckless, and Onii-sama wouldn’t have become the way he is now……”

It appeared that the young girl still couldn’t get over what happened that day. She was totally clueless as to what happened that day. The only guess she had was that something happened to His Majesty that night. After that, she saw him bring people back and leave with an extra horse carriage. There was no “and then” afterwards.

“Forget it. I don’t want to think about it again, not to mention how embarrassing it was. I called you here to fulfil my promise to you. You saved me, helped me and did not take advantage of me. If I do not repay the favour, I would be an ungrateful individual. This is your appointment. From now on, you are one of Onii-sama’s personal bodyguards. Give it your best.”

Freya looked at Gerald and said everything she had to say without giving him a chance to counter.

“No, no, no… please allow me to think about it for a bit… I have not quite come to grips with it…”

“To put it simply, you have gone from a lowly guard getting by waiting for the day you die into a member of His Majesty’s guard unit. Do you still not get it? This is a generous reward!”

Freya looked at Gerald, who was slightly worried.

‘How can he not understand something so simple? Could his brain be dysfunctional by any chance…?’

“I… I thought the reward would be money or something… I have not prepared myself to leave the Royal Capital… I have not brought my belongings here… This appointment is a little bit too sudden, is it not…?”

Indeed, this announcement might be too sudden to Gerald. He only received news that he was to go to Troy City. He didn’t know that he was changing work locations… Gerald was also aware of his own skills. He could be a guard, but a bodyguard of military personnel level…

‘A personal bodyguard… Don’t you have to be at the Valkyries level?’

“You don’t have any family or things worth money, so isn’t it the same no matter where you go? Just focus on training diligently. Onii-sama’s personal bodyguards are all normal people so you don’t need to worry. The training, however, is very tough; therefore, you need to prepare yourself mentally. That’s about it. Go report in to Philes. He’s the captain of the unit.”

Freya rolled her eyes. She really wasn’t willing to continue talking. The treatment a personal bodyguard receives is worlds apart from what a normal guard receives. She never expected him to be so wishy washy. What was there to think about? His Majesty’s personal bodyguards aren’t randomly picked, but instead of going to report in, he was being wishy washy.

“But… I…”

“You’re so annoying! This is your appointment. If you want to take the job, go and see Philes. If you don’t want the job, take it and go see Philes to exchange it for money! Do as you please. I have other business to attend to. Get out!”

Freya didn’t want to say any more. Gerald took the letter of appointment with a dumbfounded look and rushed out. He looked at the appointment in his hand. He then looked at the empty corridor and spaced out. The news was too sudden for the young guard. He had no idea what he should do…

I walked to my palace.

My guard unit had just finished training, but when they saw me return, they immediately reformed their ranks and orderly stood before me. I sped past them, but then felt something odd, and therefore stopped in my tracks. I looked at the guard closest to me. I frowned, “Who are you? I don’t remember you being part of the unit.”

“Reporting, Your Majesty! I am Gerald Sloke. I have just joined the unit as per Miss Freya’s arrangement.”

I looked at his red and nervous face. I then remembered that he seemed to be the one who helped Freya at the Royal Capital.

“Oh, right, I remember now. All right. Train for a few days, and then you’ll be responsible for Freya’s safety. You protected her once, so I’ll put you in charge of her safety in the future, too.” I pat him on his shoulder then narrowed my eyes and added, “I rarely trust someone this way. If Freya didn’t mention to me how you helped her, I would never let you approach my sister. But despite that, make sure you remember this. Stay loyal. If your loyalty shakes, I’ll show you my wrath. That’ll be all. You can all leave now.”

Gerald watched the Prince leave with a blank look while the unit slowly broke off. Philes, who was standing next to him, patted him on his shoulder, “It’s all right. His Majesty has been relatively irritable recently. Just be mindful and you’ll be fine.”

“I feel that… His Majesty is not as amiable as the stories say… Rather… there’s no mistake he is Her Majesty’s son… His gaze is the exact same… Also… sorry… but your chest is touching me…”

“… Are you against men being a little touchy?”

“What?! You’re a guy?!”

“Of course I’m a guy!!! Touch if you don’t believe! Go ahead and feel it!”

“Ah… Oh, shit, you do have an Adam’s apple…”


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