Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 51

“Goodnight, then…”

Castell made a small bow, and then closed the door to her room. Elizabeth sighed. Right after she picked up the cup with her sleeping medication placed at her bedhead, she hesitated for a moment before placing it back down. She looked at her empty surroundings then picked up the long sword by the side of her bed. She coldly said, “Vyvyan, if you’re going to come here, come in through the main door.”

A gust of wind blew, and then Vyvyan appeared from the side. She wore an obvious look of anger on her face as she looked at Elizabeth. Elizabeth sighed. She sat up and asked, “Why are you so angry? If you want to talk about the incident, I have no response. It was my mistake. My son has already finished talking about it with me, too. What else do you want?”

Vyvyan looked at Elizabeth and raged, “That’s not what I’m here for! Yes, I’m extremely angry, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about! Why did you make my son kill?! Why did you make my son kill?!! I spent over ten years trying to prevent him from becoming a blood-thirsty monster, like you, so why did you let him kill?! Why?!!!!”

Seated from her bed, Elizabeth looked at Vyvyan. Her anger gradually appeared in her eyes. She indifferently replied, “He’s my son. I can get him to do anything I want. Isn’t it the same for you? Why does my son have to love you, you old hag, and carry on your bloodline?”

“That’s different!” Vyvyan looked at Elizabeth and clenched her fists tightly. She suppressed her voice as she roared, “I did it for my son’s future and happiness. Without me, how could he be with the girl he likes? But what about you? You had my son kill. You made him turn into the blood-thirsty monster you are! Do you know how much my heart aches?!”

Elizabeth met Vyvyan’s eyes and fearlessly responded, “That’s your heart that’s aching. I, on the other hand, am glad and consoled.”

“You bitch!”

“Vyvyan, have you not overlooked something?” Elizabeth looked at Vyvyan, who was fuming with rage. She stood up, pressed her hand on her shoulder and went on, “He’s my son. I want him to become the way I want him to. That’s my responsibility as a mother!”

“Dream on! You still have the gall to call yourself a mother? You’ve never educated him! I gave him everything he has! I’m the one who gave him everything he has! What right do you have to just come around and ruin all of this?! What right do you have to ruin my child as a mother?! I won’t let my son turn out the same way as you! He’s the next Elven King, not a tyrant like you!”

Vyvyan smacked Elizabeth’s hand away, and then tightly grabbed Elizabeth’s neck. She stared intently at Elizabeth with her blood-red eyes. She couldn’t wish for anything more than to crush her neck.

“What do you want me to do then?!”

Elizabeth choked Vyvyan back and stared at her furiously. She struggled as she said “What can I do?! What else can I do?! I tried to protect my son, but I can’t! I’ve tried my best already! The person I trusted the most wanted to harm my son! What else can I do?! My personal attendant hid it from me, while my personal bodyguard wanted to kill my son! Who do you want me to trust?! Who else can I trust? Who else can my son trust?! He can’t trust anyone, but himself, so what other ways does he have to protect himself other than by killing people?! All I did was show my son how to survive! We’re not violent! It’s the world that’s always betraying us!”

“You don’t need to teach him that! I can protect my son!”

“You’re different to me!”

The two of them released each other and panted. Elizabeth looked at Vyvyan while continuing to pant. She thundered, “You’re different to me! You’re a demi-god! You have mana! You have a long lifespan! He’s forever a child next to you! I can’t, though! I can’t protect my son. I have no way of being at his side. If I didn’t make it back in time this time, my son would be dead! Do you understand how afraid I am?! Do you know how afraid I am?! If I could always protect him the way you do, I’d want to give him a happy life and to allow him to be carefree, as well, but I can’t! This incident taught me a lesson! I must make my son understand what life is! He won’t survive if he doesn’t kill!”

“He can survive as long as he’s with me! As long as he’s by my side as my son, he’ll be fine! He doesn’t need to do anything! He’s my only son! I don’t want him to shoulder so much! You dumped your world on his shoulders! Doesn’t that make your heart ache?!”

Vyvyan took two steps back then continued shouting, “I’m going to take my son back! He’s my son! I won’t let him become someone like you! I don’t want to see a thick layer of murderous intent in his eyes! He shouldn’t have that sort of gaze! He shouldn’t reek of blood!”

“You dare?!”

Elizabeth drew her long sword, and then aggressively exclaimed, “He’s my son! He still needs to be grounded here for a month and you want to take him away? I dared to wage a war for him ten years ago, and I still have that same determination now! How my son turns out is my business. What right do you have to decide how my son should be?!”

Vyvyan took in a big breath then formed a flame on her hand. She looked at Elizabeth with a cold gaze, “Ten years ago, I managed to burn your breasts, and I still can do it now, but your old body can’t take it now, can it?

Elizabeth coldly responded, “That’s if you can a create flame before I run my sword through your neck! Everyone dies when their throat gets pierced no matter when.”

The atmosphere between the two became more oppressive. Their eyes no longer contained any courtesy and kindness for each other. All that was left was a heavy killing intent just as when they faced off underneath the elven Imperial Capital a decade ago. The last time, the two mothers drew their swords on each other for their son. And this time, it was for the same reason, except that the result might not be the same.

“Your Majesty, I heard an uproar… Ah!!!”

As soon as Castell opened the door, he was frightened by the scene before him. Vyvyan furiously whipped her head. An iron fist suddenly took shape in the air and brutally smashed into Castell’s chest, sending him flying out. Like an enraged lion, Vyvyan whipped her head and said, “I must take my son back. I won’t allow him to appear on human soil again.”

Elizabeth made a quick glance at Castell, who pathetically got to his feet. She then turned back to face Vyvyan and coldly said, “Try it. If I can’t contact my child, I’ll charge over the next day!”

“Try it. I wasn’t scared of you ten years ago, and I won’t be scared this time, either. It’s just a war, big deal. This time, my elves will go to war on you for their new King!”

A strong wind rose and blew Elizabeth’s black hair upwards. By the time her hair blew in the wind, Vyvyan had already vanished from sight. Castell walked up to Elizabeth and looked at her feeling confused.

The Empress looked outside the window as though she had returned ten years into the past when she gave the order for the army to march. She held her sword and commanded, “Castell, prepare to gather the army. Prepare for battle. It’s been ten years. It’s time for the war that ended abruptly last time to start again.”


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