Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 50

I never expected Vyvyan was making me the Elven King when I returned this time. It turned out everything she did was a succession ceremony.

‘Please tell me how making a trip to humanity’s lands to bring Luna back resulted in me becoming the Elven King. I’m not being modest. I truly can’t figure it out for the life of me. Go ask someone brighter… Yeah, get lost!’

‘I’m Vyvyan’s only son, so the throne should naturally be mine. However, I have no intention of becoming the Elven King. Firstly, I don’t know the elves as well as I know humans. Secondly, Vyvyan is more suited to the role than I am. As a demi-god, Vyvyan’s lifespan is unknown. She might even be able to live longer than I can, so what business do I have being the Elven King?’

‘Vyvyan wasn’t giving me the throne to console me, but to keep me there. If I became the Elven King, I wouldn’t be able to run about. I’ll have to stay in the elven Imperial Capital the same way Vyvyan does for a long time. If she did this in the past, I wouldn’t have been too averse to the idea, but I really want to head outside now.’

‘Not only do I want to go outside and go around, I want to create a great nation. I want to create a nation according to my desires. The people around me will be proud, because of me. Nobody will question my authority to rule. Those who are loyal to me will be proud that they’re loyal to me, and there won’t be anybody who gets hurt because of me.’

‘That’s the sort of nation I want. I want to become a ruler as my moms are. I want to have the right to take revenge. If anyone around me gets hurt again, I want to make a city bleed a river as Mom did. I want to kill all those involved as I did before. I want that sort of authority. I want the highest power. I want the power to determine the lives of others the same way I decided the lives of the group of people I murdered not long ago. That’s the sort of authority I want. If I had it sooner, I would’ve been able to behead Alice!’

‘I must possess that sort of power. That sort of stuff can only be avoided by wielding power. I must have that sort of power. I must have the authority and ability to kill all traitors. I want to kill all of those sorts of people as I did with that last group. I want to kill them all.’

‘Killing itself is just a means to an end. It’s a method used to strike fear into people. Only by striking fear into others can I protect those around me. I wouldn’t mind killing group after group if that’s what it takes to protect those around me. I don’t mind killing more people regardless of whether it’s necessary or not. I don’t care if they’re innocent or deserve it. I’ll kill anyone necessary, so that nobody dares to approach those around me! I want to make them fear me!’

‘I don’t have anyone left around me who can meet with harm. I’m only left with Freya, Nier, Lucia and my mothers. If something happens to them, I won’t have any reason to continue living in this world. That’s why I don’t have a choice. I won’t stop others from killing those around me anymore. I’m just going to kill them.’

Vyvyan was a little excited. She hugged me as she touched my head and with a giggle, said, “Son, how does it feel to become the Elven King? It’s actually very simple to become the Elven King, Son. You have a very great image in the eyes of elves. You handled the Earth Dragons, and you performed fabulously in the deer hunting festival. The elders have no issue with your appointment. Further, with your lineage, you can receive the support of all the people. You are the descendant of the Galadriel Tribe we are most proud of. Son, Mommy has prepared everything already. You just need to return and take over.”

“Mom… I…”

I looked up at Vyvyan. Vyvyan looked into my eyes. Her expression changed before I said anything. She looked at my eyes and spaced out. She then tightly clasped my face. Her eyes were filled with anxiety and sadness. She looked into my eyes as though she found something that should’ve been there, but had vanished.

“Son, Son, tell me, what happened to you?!”

Vyvyan gripped my face particularly tightly as if she was going to rip my skin off. I tried to back off a little as it hurt, but she didn’t let go. She looked into my eyes and impatiently shouted, “What did you do?! Did you kill?! How many people did you kill?! Why did you kill?! Why did you kill?! Son! Tell me! What did that woman Elizabeth make you do?!!!!”

“Mom… they killed my Luna… they…”

“I already warned you about killing!!”

Vyvyan shouted at me. Her entire body trembled. Her tears ran down from her blue eyes. She looked at me and cried. She said, “Son… what… what did you do…? Why did this happen…? Son… Mommy told you… not to kill people out of vengeance or delight… Don’t do this… Do you realise you’re ruining yourself with this…? Mommy spent over ten years trying to prevent letting you become another Elizabeth. Why did you still turn out this way in the end…? Tell me, did Luna come back to life after you killed those people?! Your ‘I killed them for Luna’ is just an excuse! You merely killed for the sake of killing!”

“Mom! The people I killed were the ones who killed Luna! I killed them, so that Luna could rest in peace, and so that I could be at peace! Mom, do you know… do you know how much pain I’m in?! I wake up with my face smothered in tears, because I dream of her! My heart screeches whenever I see things related to Luna. I only have one Luna! Only one! She’s gone! She’s dead! Am I not allowed to avenge her?! Can’t I?!”

“What’s the point of your vengeance?! What did you get out of killing those people?! You’re just killing to deceive yourself! Mommy told you to never swing your sword for revenge. Son, the light in your eyes Mommy wants to see most is not there anymore! What do you want?!Why did you become the same as Elizabeth, too?! Why?!! Mommy tried so hard… Mommy tried so hard… Why did you still end up this way…?”

Vyvyan tightly gripped my chest and cried. I hugged Vyvyan and spaced out. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t detect myself changing.

‘What exactly did Vyvyan see? Am I really changing? I haven’t changed. It’s this world that’s forcing my hand. This is the only way I’ll survive. This is the only way…’

“Don’t kill again… Mommy is begging you… don’t kill again… If you continue this way… you’ll become a second Elizabeth… Please… come home with Mommy… come home with Mommy and live a peaceful life… don’t… Don’t continue with this!!”

Vyvyan looked up. It was the first time she looked at me with this sort of pleading expression. I looked at mom. I looked at her blue eyes. I shook my head with my teeth clenched, “Sorry, Mom… I can’t return just yet. If I return now, I won’t be able to leave again. I still have things that I want to do. I still have things that I must do…”


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