Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 07

‘The life form called “Mom” is too frightening…’

‘In every single way…’

I looked at the two confronting each other armed with swords. The two of them were dressed in armour and wore helmets, but their eyes were savage as if they genuinely wanted to chop the person in front of them in half.

‘Perhaps it was because Elizabeth had to go hunting soon so she wanted to get an early warm-up. Vyvyan on the other hand was fuming with rage. I initially thought Vyvyan got grumpy, because she hadn’t seen me in a long time. I never thought she was truly furious.’             

“I slept holding my son, so what are you angry about?”

“He’s my son.” Vyvyan looked at Elizabeth coldly, swung her sword and said, “What did you do with my son?! What lewd things did you do? Only I can do those things. You don’t think that my son would be happy with you doing those things as well, do you?! My son is only happy with it when I do it.”

‘No, truthfully, I wouldn’t really be happy if you did it, either, because you’re my mom! You’re my mom! How could I be happy about my mom bathing me?!’

“Let me have a think. Ah, I hugged him while bathing and slept with him in my embrace. Oh, also, my son’s lips are very soft.”

Elizabeth touched her lips as if she was reminiscing the moment as she spoke to Vyvyan with a bragging expression.

I noticed Vyvyan’s hand that was holding her sword, tremble. Vyvyan’s eyes had already turned red…

‘I feel that Elizabeth is in serious danger right now…’

Vyvyan was akin to an agitated lion. She raged, “Yeah?! You dare to do that sort of stuff to my son? Elizabeth, don’t go thinking that you can do whatever you like to my son, just because I haven’t been warning you recently! Elizabeth, come to your senses. Only I can do those sorts of things to my son!”

“Really now? Don’t forget that I’m his real mother! I’m his only mother! How much longer are you going to fool yourself? What’s wrong with bathing my son and kissing him when I’m his mother?! I gave him his entire body! Everything of his belongs to me!” Elizabeth pulled her mask off and then continued, “You’re aggravated now, right? Now you’ll show your true skills. Though your sword skills are whatever, I don’t have anyone else around me worth my time. I’m going to be going hunting s(oon)-…”


Vyvyan swung her sword without waiting for Elizabeth to finish. Their swords clashed with a loud band, snapping the swords in two. Vyvyan tossed the sword handle in her hand away, then coldly glared at Elizabeth and said, “Cut the drivel. You think I’m playing with you? You manipulated my son. What else do you want to say? Wooden swords are too brittle. When did we ever fight with these things? Bring real swords here.”

Elizabeth looked at the wooden sword in her hand that had been snapped. She chuckled and replied, “All right; sure. It wasn’t nice of you to sneak attack me, but you’ve triggered my fighting spirit. I haven’t wanted to pummel someone in a long time. Ever since my son returned to my side, I’ve become reluctant to kill, but since you want to see blood so much, I guess you won’t complain no matter how much I cut you up.”

The two Valkyries by Elizabeth’s side removed their swords. Elizabeth grabbed them and tossed one to Vyvyan. Vyvyan caught it then pushed me aside. She touched my face and softly told me, “It’s all right, my son. I’ll teach this woman a lesson and all will be well. Stand to one side. Don’t let yourself get hurt.”

“No magic, all right? Fight properly with the sword. If you use magic, I’ll use the Elven King’s sword to fight you.”

“Bring it.”

Vyvyan had no intention of saying any more to Elizabeth. She immediately took a swing at her. They struck so fast it was comparable to camera flashes. The sound of metal clashing with metal non-stop was similar to firecrackers. Their swords were reflected on their bodies, but neither managed to touch the other.

I suddenly thought of a problem.

‘Elizabeth is clearly just warming up, while Vyvyan is genuinely trying to hack her to death to vent! Elizabeth will stop, but Vyvyan won’t.‘

‘How am I going to stop them?’                      

“Sorry, Onii-sama…”

‘I remember the plot went the exact same way last time…’

The two of them froze up then instantly threw their swords aside and hugged me at the same time. I staggered and then got caught in between four warm, generous and bouncy things, nearly causing me to pass out from suffocation. I felt the amazing bounciness of the two, as well as their individual scents, causing my brain to stop thinking for a moment…

“Son, it’s dangerous for you to barge in, like that. If Mommy can’t pull back in time and hurts you, what are we going to do…?”

“Son, Son, are you all right? Did you get hurt anywhere? If you did, Mommy will obliterate everyone nearby.”

The two of them caressed me in a panicked manner, checking to see if I got hurt anywhere. However, they’re both sword masters. As long as they don’t want to hurt me, they never will. I looked at them and said, “Moms…”

“You only have one mom!”

The two of them shouted at the same time. I froze up. I then smiled helplessly and said, “Your Majesty, Your Highness, can you two stop for a moment? Her Majesty must have something to say…”

“Yeah…?” Vyvyan hugged me. She looked at Elizabeth with a very vigilant gaze and went on, “You have something to say? Did you call me here to say something? If it’s nothing important, I’m going to resume talking to you about the matter with my son.”

Elizabeth chuckled and then replied, “I wanted to invite you to come participate in the hunting event.”

Vyvyan lingered for a moment then coldly replied, “I won’t partake in you humans’ events. Your events have nothing to do with us elves. Moreover, you humans wouldn’t be happy if I participated, would you?”

“I didn’t invite you for your joy or ours, but for my son.” Elizabeth looked at her indifferently as she explained, “As my son’s adoptive mother, it is only right for you to make an appearance, which will also demonstrate what you mean to my son. It’ll also circumvent people from attacking my son, due to his relation to elves.”

Vyvyan narrowed her eyes. She looked at Elizabeth with distrust. Perhaps she was trying to read between the lines. A moment after, Vyvyan nodded, “I shall come, since you have said that. Nevertheless, I won’t be showing you humans any respect.”

“I don’t care. Do as you please.”

Elizabeth looked at Freya, who pushed me first, and asked, “Do you have business, Freya?”

With a document in her hand, Freya bowed and replied, “Yes. About the annual meeting’s arrangements, there are some things you and His Majesty need to look over.”

Elizabeth whipped her hand and said, “You don’t need to get me to look over these sorts of things in the future. Just have my son look over them.”

Freya looked at me with a complex expression. She nodded with a hint of anticipation and accomplishment…


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