Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 06

“Wake up, son. Wake up.”

I rubbed my eyes. I could see a gold silhouette in front of me pushing me in my hazy state. Vyvyan, who was in front of me, shook my arm. I looked at her face with puzzlement.

‘Why has Vyvyan appeared before me dressed in a seductive purple night-gown?’          

“Wake up. Today’s ceremony is your ascension of the throne ceremony.”

“What…? Ascension…?”

I didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what happened. I blankly looked at Vyvyan in her night gown. I looked at her ample melons dangling in front of me that looked akin to mangosteens wrapped in a purple fruit peel, with a milk-white flesh inside dripping with seduction. I gulped my saliva. My rationality had yet to wake, but my lust was gradually rising up.

I subconsciously reached my hand out and pinched those mangosteens. Vyvyan froze for a moment, and then a red flush appeared on her beautiful face. She pressed her hand on mine. She didn’t push my hand away. She just firmly pressed it on mine. With a blushing face, Vyvyan shyly spoke in a soft voice, “Mommy just told you that it’s not time to be doing this sort of stuff… You’re going to be late…”

I felt my reasoning crumble.

‘Is this a dream or reality? If it’s a dream, why does the feeling in my hand feel so realistic? But if it’s reality, then that’s more frightening… No, no. It must be a dream, because Vyvyan is definitely on the elven side, not here. Well, since it’s a dream, it doesn’t matter what I do right?’

I suddenly reversed our roles and hugged Vyvyan and pulled her down onto my body. Vyvyan sexily moaned. She looked at me with her eyes filled with eagerness. I kissed her, and she responded in a fervent way. We kissed for a while before breaking apart and wiping the marks we gave each other off our mouths. Vyvyan’s body gradually got warmer. Her eyes began to turn red. She looked at me, covered her mouth and quietly said, “Mommy said we can’t do this. We’ll be late… Dear…”

“Just be late then…”

I aggressively tore open Vyvyan’s clothes…


I had a sudden moment of surprise and widened my eyes. I felt a warm sensation. A flower scent that completely calmed me down was right in my face. I could see skin that was clear as marble before my eyes. I felt a sensation where somebody was stroking my head. A few strands of hair were teasing my cheeks. I felt a cold sensation from underneath my blanket.

‘It appears that this isn’t a dream… There is no shortage of girls around me, so why I am still having this sort of dream…?’

‘Wait a second…’

‘Why does it feel like I’m being hugged by…’


Vyvyan seemed to notice me wake up. Vyvyan, who was hugging me, couldn’t help but giggle. I shrieked and then attempted to break free, but was locked tightly in Vyvyan’s embrace. She buried my head in her breasts, and then gently stroked my head. She mischievously giggled, “It looks like my son was very lonely in the desert to do this to Mommy in your dreams. You can just tell Mommy about this sort of stuff; Mommy won’t have any problems, since we are mother and son. I gave you your body. Why must you do it only in dreams? How about it, my son? You want to do it again? The time seems to suit what’s in your dream…”

“Let me die!! Let me die!! Why?!! Why?! Mom! Why are you here next to me?!!”

‘I really want to die! I felt really awkward because of the incident with Elizabeth last night, and I went and enacted my fantasies for mom in her arms?! This is a life tragedy! It’s a massacre I can’t avoid! Let me die! Let me go die! How am I supposed to face my two moms after this?!’

‘Eh? Wait. How does Vyvyan know what I did in my dreams?’

Vyvyan pressed my hands onto the bed. She licked her lips and then dived down to kiss me. Her body was gentle and sexy as it was in my dreams. She tightly, yet gently clung to me similarly to a snake. She locked my hips with her legs as though she didn’t care what I’d stain her with. Her addicting tongue boldly raged around in my mouth. It was comparable to an animal that came to strut around and prove its dominance. A sensation akin to electric currents flowed through all of my nerves as Vyvyan’s fingers delivered them through my body, allowing them to swim around on my body. It caused my body to go limp as if I got electrocuted. I couldn’t even raise my hands.

“Fuu… Fuu… Fuu… My son… My son… Mommy feels so blissful to know that you dream of Mommy… Mommy is so happy… Mommy feels so blissful to know you still think of Mommy after getting married… Mommy nearly died from loneliness when you left for a month… Mommy wants to kiss you now.”

Vyvyan pressed down on my crotch without any hesitation, causing even breathing to become a challenge for me, as well. She reached her finger deep into my mouth. A strange feeling in my throat, and a feeling of disgust surprisingly made me a feel a little good. Vyvyan toyed with my tongue using her finger. She then slowly pulled out her finger covered in my saliva, ran it across my face and then licked it as if she was licking the world’s finest wine off of her finger. Her red eyes looked as though they were going to spurt blood.

“But… my son, you have that woman Elizabeth’s scent on you… You have that woman’s scent on you… Did you bath with her…? Did you sleep with her, too…? That woman… That thieving woman… I’ll overlook her stealing my brother…. but she went and stole my son, who I already declared mine. It seems that I must teach her a lesson…”

Vyvyan’s gaze looked very frightening. It looked as if she could rip Elizabeth to shreds. I couldn’t say a word, though. My eyes were fixated on Vyvyan’s face. I couldn’t say a word.

“But before that… I need to leave my mark on my son first… You came back, yet didn’t say a word to Mommy. You handled that very poorly, Son. You think so, too…? Shouldn’t Mommy punish a naughty boy, like you?”

Vyvyan looked at me then dove down and bit my neck.

‘No! This is no exchange of blood or sucking blood. She’s kissing me with all she’s got. No, she was sucking on my neck.’

After a while, Vyvyan raised her head.

‘I don’t even need to think about it. I’m absolutely certain that I have a hickey there now.’

But it didn’t end there. She tore my clothes off and bit my neck. She bit my chest as if she wanted to tear a piece of flesh off. The pain caused me to shudder, but I didn’t dare to utter a word. Vyvyan’s lips were red with my blood. She then gently stroked the wound left behind by her bite, leaving the mark of a set of teeth on my chest. Vyvyan then wildly licked me while panting heavily…

“Now… She should understand now, right…? My son will forever be my son alone… no matter how he is or what happens. I won’t share him… Uhm… Uhm… Remember this mark, Son… No matter what happens in the future… You must think of Mommy first…”


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