Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 55

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Mystery’s Living Hell. Not Jealous of the Flower in the World (Part 2)

While looking at the night sky covered by the snow, Ming Feizhen let out a sigh after a long look, “… I will eventually find you.”

He then looked at the others. The assassins were terrified, while the warriors of the imperial court were overjoyed.

The Emperor was extremely grateful to Ming Feizhen from the moment he saw that he had rescued Princess Hongzhuang. He wanted to tell him to be careful when he saw the assassins rush at him but then was focused on lamenting how incredible his skills were. His skills were on an unheard of level. When he saw him strike again, his shock gradually surpassed his worries, and he was now speechless.

Long Zaitian got more and more shocked the more he witnessed, ‘Motherfucker! Where the fuck did this guy come from? How is he so skilled? His kick, which burst Nan Junfei’s lungs, was so fast I didn’t even see him throw it! And he was even carrying someone!! Don’t tell me he’s an incarnation of a deity!’

Tang Ye was getting more and more puzzled, ‘Is that… Big Bro? That’s the hair that a true internal styles expert has. His physique is different from Big Bro’s, too. What is going on? But if it is not him… where did someone so powerful come from?’

The other warriors all thought, ‘Mamma mia! A powerful ally has come! We’re saved!’

Those were what Ming Feizhen derived from their expressions. He couldn’t help but feel like laughing. He deliberately altered his appearance with bone manipulation techniques to avoid being recognised, so he was much shorter than usual. He had changed the length of his limbs as well. Seeing that he wasn’t recognised, he breathed a sigh of relief.

It takes time to manipulate bones, and he had indeed spent a fair bit of time. He never expected the situation here to become so dire during that time, though. Not one imperial guard had escaped death.

Jia Yunfeng stood opposite Ming Feizhen looking lost and down. It seemed that he had recognised Ming Feizhen from his white hair and aura.

Just as Ming Feizhen was about to speak to Jia Yunfeng, who looked lost and sad, he suddenly noticed a radiant and beautiful pair of eyes looking at him without batting an eyelash. He looked down at her eyes and saw her snow-white skin and the flower petal design on her forehead.

Looking further down was an elegant face that was beautiful whether its owner was angry or happy.

What captivating beauty. God bless the man who came up with that adjective. She wasn’t just captivating, but also elegant and refined. She wasn’t just gorgeous, but also had a proud and bright radiance to her beauty. Combined, they provided Ming Feizhen with the best interpretation.

It seemed like he met lots of beauties after coming to Nanjing, each with their own uniqueness. Shen Yiren was fiery. Bai Lian was coquettish. Princess Hongzhuang was gorgeous, radiant, and refined.

And Su Xiao… Umm…

Ming Feizhen suddenly felt a headache come on.

He shook his head before looking at the princess. As soon as he looked, he saw the heroic and suave princess acting obediently, like a little kid. Her warm body was still, and she obediently stayed in Ming Feizhen’s arms. She timidly lowered her head when he looked at her.

Ming Feizhen found it funny that she was now acting so shy when she was violently chasing him around before.

He smiled at her and said, “Hello, Princess.”


His voice… sounds so nice.

Princess Hongzhuang fantasised about him, but that made her feel shy.

“I shall unseal your meridian.”

Ming Feizhen didn’t know how Mount Hua sect’s meridian sealing techniques worked. Moreover, Jia Yunfeng’s knowledge had already reached beyond the sect’s teachings itself, so his method of sealing meridians was special. Additionally, Jia Yunfeng had ruined half of Princess Hongzhuang’s clothes. She was left with just a single shirt, so it wasn’t appropriate for him to touch her anywhere. As such, he picked up her slender wrist and transferred some of his qi into her.

His qi caused her to feel a hot sensation, allowing her to move her limbs afterwards. As soon as her limbs regained their freedom, she could move freely. However, due to her suffering physical wounds and mental stress after having her meridian sealed, she now felt powerless so she leaned onto Ming Feizhen’s body.

Usually, she’s bashful. The style she trained in is similar to Buddhism, so she considered herself a half-Buddhism disciple. As a result, she minded formalities and was always against physical contact with men.

But it was as though she took the initiative to lean on him, just now. Her red cheeks made it look like she was drunk.

Ming Feizhen was aware that her limbs were most likely sore and weak, so he didn’t think too much of it. He instead held her tighter. The only issue was that Princess Hongzhuang’s legs were frankly too long. Ming Feizhen held her with his arms positioned as he usually would, despite having manipulated his bones. He didn’t think about it too much when he grabbed her. He had one of his hands on her gorgeous back and the other underneath her limp thighs. However, half of her body was hanging in mid-air.

Ming Feizhen’s perverted gaze politely zoned in on her voluptuous mountains of bliss and slender long baby-white legs.

The sight of her body made him gulp and praise her body. Ming Feizhen marvelled, “Your Highness……”

Princess Hongzhuang wasn’t exactly in a graceful position at the moment, and she was feeling shy. However, she felt like she would offend her hero if she mentioned it so she wasn’t sure what to do. As she was contemplating her predicament, she responded as soon as Ming Feizhen spoke, “What is it, hero?”

Ming Feizhen chuckled and replied, “Nothing. I just wanted to say that you sure have long legs.” The fact that he was checking her legs out was unknown since he was wearing a mask, but he went and said it.

Princess Hongzhuang froze up. She felt sad, but didn’t know how to respond.

She had been aware she was taller than the average girl ever since she was young, and in fact was the same height as her grandfather. Even her mother said that her height would likely cause her husband to feel embarrassed in the future. She grew more and more concerned about her height as she grew taller.

She was a fast learner when it came to martial arts. None of her older brothers were a match for her, so then they mocked her being a foolish giant. She commonly hid away to cry alone.

After this journey of hers in the pugilistic world, she gradually stopped minding it and came to realise that she didn’t need to depend on men. Consequently, she stopped caring so much about being taller than her husband. In spite of that though, she still didn’t like the fact that she was oddly taller than other normal girls.

She felt empty inside when she heard her saviour say that to her on their first meeting. It caused her to feel strangely sad.

But then her body turned and he moved his hands to hold her under her voluminous knees, and he held her with ease. After getting away from that odd position, she heard him compliment her.



Just one word from him cleared away the negative emotions in her heart, replacing it with joy she couldn’t put into words and a racing heart she had never felt before.

Princess Hongzhuang looked at the ice-cold bronze mask. She couldn’t recognise any emotions to describe from the face, but she could feel a burning sensation throughout her entire body, especially in the area around her face.

Princess Hongzhuang thanked him in a very soft voice, “Th-Thank you.” She then buried her face in his chest and didn’t make eye contact with him again.

Ming Feizhen was puzzled by her reaction. He then heard the Emperor’s voice in the distance.

“Great hero! Great hero! May I ask if my daughter is safe and sound?”

The Emperor was elated to see Ming Feizhen had rescued Hongzhuang. However, he didn’t see her speak even once after being rescued. He was afraid Jia Yunfeng had hurt her, so he couldn’t resist his urge to shout and ask.

“Please do not worry, Your Majesty. The princess is fine.”

His response was transmitted directly to the Emperor’s ears. It sounded to the Emperor like he was speaking standing right in his face.

The Emperor thought to himself, ‘This sounds like the voice of a young man. How does he possess such profound internal strength cultivation and such frightening martial arts skills…? This voice sounds familiar too. How odd.’

The atmosphere at the scene had frozen like ice. The League of Assassins didn’t dare to loosen up for a split moment. But at this point, they had placed all their hopes with their leader.

After staying silent for a long time, Jia Yunfeng finally spoke up.


Jia Yunfeng looked at Ming Feizhen’s white hair and his memories resurfaced.

It was snowing that day too. The boy was silent like this back then too. The scene was virtually the same.

Seeing Ming Feizhen’s tall and big structure; thick back, wide shoulders, and a head full of white hair left down made him appear even more like the boy from back then.

“You… are…? Mystery is working here. What business do you have?”

There was a slight tinge of trembling in Jia Yunfeng’s voice, but he didn’t notice it himself.

Ming Feizhen placed Princess Hongzhuang down on the ground.

“So you’re Kuang Tian, Sect-leader Jia.”

Ming Feizhen’s tone was very relaxed and lively. It didn’t sound like they were enemies, but rather old friends who hadn’t met in a long time.

“I guessed as much. After all, Xiang Batian wouldn’t have been a match for you at the level you were at ten years ago, yet he can cripple you now? If it wasn’t a fake, then it sure was odd.”

Jia Yunfeng noticed his mention of ten years ago, causing him to shudder before asking, “Did you go to Small Bamboo Brothel in Xi An Manor thirteen years ago?!”

Ming Feizhen laughed and said, “You recognise me now? Guess that proves I’ve done a good job maintaining my handsome looks.”

“It’s you… It’s you, as I thought.”

The wind whistled.

At that moment, Jia Yunfeng felt like he had returned to Small Bamboo Brothel back then. He was like the Jia Yunfeng from back then and his opponent was the silent white-haired boy who woke him from his stupor with a finger poke. It was then that he made up his mind to seek the pinnacle of swordplay. He repented from that moment, mended his ways, and decided to live up to the expectations of Mount Hua, spreading their teachings worldwide.

It had been many years since they met. He was now the leader of Mount Hua, but he had led Mount Hua down the path of evil.

“I never expected to meet you here.”

“Right back at you. I never thought you’d be the leader of Mystery.”

Jia Yunfeng lightly drew his sword at his waist. His blade shined. Beyond Heavens Edge had been completely unsheathed.

The atmosphere turned cold and playful when Jia Yunfeng spoke.

“If you want to catch me, come ask daddy’s sword if you can first.”

Ming Feizhen smiled as he replied, “Ask your sword? Can your sword speak or sumtin (something)?”

Jia Yunfeng chuckled helplessly, “Stop screwing with me! If you’re not going to fight, get lost.”

Ming Feizhen responded, “You are aware that my shifu is ranked higher than your shifu in terms of seniority, right? I should be your senior martial uncle. Fighting you would be bullying you.”

Everything was the exact same as that day.

Every scene from that day replayed itself in Jia Yunfeng’s mind.

“……What do you want then? You think you can make me go with you just by flapping your gums?”

Ming Feizhen smiled, but the mask still had an aggressive expression. The next line was his actual line from back then. He said it in a most calm and relaxed manner, but it was the one line that spurred on Jia Yunfeng’s murderous intent.

“… I’ll give you ten free moves… again.”


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