Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 54

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Mystery’s Living Hell. Not Jealous of the Flower in the World (Part 1)

“Who goes there?!”

The first person to break the silence was Nan Junfei who had just recovered fifty-percent of his strength.

It shouldn’t have been his place to speak out, but he had to since his sworn-brother was staring at the white-haired man stupefied. All of the other assassins only followed his big brother’s commands, so he had to take on the responsibility.

“The League of Assassins is at work here. Consider the consequences before you act!”

He delivered his warning with his internal energy so that it pierced through the wind and snow to reach the man with white hair’s location.

However, he didn’t get any response from him.

The man with white hair, who was wearing a mask, slowly walked over toward them while carrying the princess in a comical fashion.

When the winds are blowing strongly and it’s snowing, an expert in internal styles doesn’t let snow collect on them or let their clothes get wet from the snow. As they are moulding internal energy, it naturally causes the snow to melt. However, the man with white hair was just like an average person. The snow collected on his black clothes and gradually piled up.

He walked slowly, as though he was walking against the wind. It looked like he struggled to get his leg out of the snow once he stepped in. His steps were heavy and could be heard as he trudged through the snow slowly. It was the complete opposite of someone using Qinggong to traverse through the snow.

He couldn’t be any more ordinary than ordinary.

A silhouette that gradually became white due to being covered in snow gradually approached the place considered hell on Earth. He approached the scene where there were tens of evil demons who created the bloody scene.

The scene couldn’t be any more hilarious.

Even the bronze mask he was wearing was considered a ridiculous look by Nan Junfei, ‘Isn’t that the mask the Black Winds Thirteen Wings wear on missions? Where did this punk grab it from? Is he seriously daring to come here acting up? He must be tired of living.’

“You two, come with me.”

Nan Junfei called two assassins over. These assassins around Jia Yunfeng took direct orders from him and didn’t need to follow orders from others; However, due to Nan Junfei having a good relationship with their leader and their leader not stopping them, they followed Nan Junfei, nonetheless.

Nan Junfei went to meet the man with white hair with the two assassins. When went up to him, he laughed and asked, “This way leads to Mystery. Have you thought it through?”

Nan Junfei finally had the time to scan the man with white hair. He noticed that the man with white hair was tall and big similar to Fu Xiang. It’s quite normal for martial arts practitioners to possess a physique like this. His facial features were hidden by his mask and thereby not visible. However, what was clear was his white hair was a very ordinary head of white hair on a young man.

Despite being in the snow, Nan Junfei could distinctly see that his hair was white as snow. His healthy and radiant white hair was something ordinary people wouldn’t have. It was a phenomenon that occurred as a result of training some particular style.

That was something that raised Nan Junfei’s alertness. He leaned over slightly to conceal his movements. He buckled a flying knife that he had just taken out in one hand and prepared a palm strike with his other hand.

“Brother, if you don’t stop there, don’t blame me for getting rough…”


Nobody knew what the man with white hair had done, and nobody saw.

Nan Junfei just flew into the sky facing upwards and spat out a mouthful of blood. It was like he took a heavy palm strike, but then it also looked like he got kicked. Nobody knew what it was. However, there was a massive dent in his chest.

Nan Junfei had no idea what just happened. Just as he was about to strike, something slammed right into his chest and then he went flying.

Before he landed on the ground, he saw the two assassins who came with him drop onto the snow on the ground faster than he did. They were like leather balls.

The man with white hair in front of him, however, remained unimpeded.

As Nan Junfei took his last breaths, he caught sight of the unparalleled dominant aura flowing out from that ordinary looking silhouette.

There was no smile on his face. He continued advancing, walking as he did before. He looked like he was struggling really hard. But as there was nothing stopping him, he never slowed down or stopped. He maintained a fixed slow speed as he approached, creating a fixed rhythm with his footsteps.

His way of walking was extremely ordinary and laughable.

However, the assassins from the League of Assassins couldn’t find it in them to laugh. It couldn’t be any clearer to them that a powerful foe had arrived. Everybody knew how skilled Nan Junfei was, yet he was defeated without a sign.

One of the team captains asked Jia Yunfeng for directions, but Jia Yunfeng just stared at him, stunned, without uttering a word.

Two assassins exchanged glances and came to a consensus. They drew their long swords at their waists and charged at him. Three others backed them up from behind with their bare fists.

The two vanguards surrounded the man with white hair to perform a swift double-team kill. Their hand movements were sharp. The two of them served Jia Yunfeng and were famous for their skilled movement. They were confident in their ability to evade if there were any obstacles with their advanced Qinggong. Even if they couldn’t defeat their foe, they were able to test the level of skill their foe possessed and retreat unharmed.

The three behind them waited for an opening to strike. At the end of the day, even if he was indeed skilled, it would still be tough to beat four hands with two.

They watched as the two vanguards struck from left and right.

Just as the sword was about to hit the man with white hair, the tip of their blades turned backwards and flew back at them like lightning strike. As quickly as two trails of blood hit the ground, their corpses had already dropped. Compared to the lightning speed at which they were sent flying, the speed at which the two swords stabbed was as slow as a snail.

The three behind the two had no idea what he did, as they didn’t catch anything with their eyes; including their own deaths.

From the perspective of others, the three of them were drunkards behaving incomprehensibly. The man with white hair continued forward sluggishly. The three of them stood in place without moving. They had him surrounded but didn’t act, instead silently letting him pass by before slowly passing out. They had their sleep-inducing meridian sealed without even knowing.

The man with white hair continued forwards without stopping once.

His footsteps became a rhythm that instilled fear.

He didn’t speak or look at anyone. Nobody knew what he wanted, but nobody could stop him.

The assassins had no clue what they were fighting.

They didn’t know who he was and even questioned if he was a human or a ghost.

He just slowly approached them. He had shaken their fighting morale.

The winds in the snow whistled, creating a melody of death in tune with the sound of his footsteps.

The assassins’ rationality was virtually being picked apart by the melody. They sensed that their lives were in danger, but at the same time, they were powerless to do escape it. Images of them hacking the man with white hair to pieces kept surfacing in their minds, but none of them dared to act.

It wasn’t that they felt there was no chance of winning, but rather they didn’t dare to attack.

Just like how a trembling sheep is faced with a wolf, it would be of no help even if more sheep joined the fray. The demons who killed others without batting an eye just moments ago were now quaking in their boots. They finally comprehended the emotions of the imperial guards they killed.

The man with white hair then stopped.  He was outside of two feet from Jia Yunfeng but didn’t seem to intend to speak to him. Ming Feizhen suddenly looked to the sky. The snowflakes fell as silently and peacefully as his emotions. He couldn’t help but remark, “What heavy snowfall……”

The voice behind the bronze mask revealed a faint hint of loneliness.


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