Son-con – Vol. 7 Ch. 10

“You are my onii-sama after all. I knew that you would definitely choose to go yourself.” Freya who was standing at my side chuckled softly and then said, “Onii-sama, what else do you need? Leave it with me.”

“Mm, let me have a think…… Honestly speaking, I don’t really know what I need for the desert. But it looks like I need lots of things. The list of things big sis gave me is here.”*

I handed the list of items to Freya. She took a look at it and thought to herself for a while before responding: “You need a fair bit, huh? The desert really is incredible as I have heard. You are bringing your entire guard-unit with you this time too. I think you would need an entire escort to take everything. There are a lot of things to transport after all. There is water, food, tents, emergency items, weapons, ammunition… umm… let me see how many horses are needed……”

I looked at Freya and said: “Send all these items to the city closest to the desert prior to us heading there. I have no need to lug these things around in the empire. Send them there first and I’ll just have to pick them up and head out when I get there. That includes the ammunition, weapons and necessities we need. We’ll stick with dried-meat and rye bread as staples for our food. We won’t take wine. We need to bring plenty of water since it’s the desert we’re talking about after all.”

“All right, but…… You need too many horses this time. It would be tough even with all of the horses in the palace right now.” Freya scratched her head. She sounded like she was in a dilemma as she continued, “You need horses for the riders as well as the horse carriages after all. That is not a small number of horses. You need at least seven or eight heavy horse-carriages this time. That means you need about fifty horses while there are only thirty horses in the palace. It would affect the people if we took their horses, would it not?”

I shook my head and replied: “There’s no need. We don’t need to take their horses. I’ll get a few Earth Dragons from mom. The tamed Earth Dragons are our best tool. One Earth Dragon alone could pull a heavy horse-carriage. However, we need to design carriages that suit the Earth Dragons. Earth Dragons don’t move slow either.”

“That is a good idea. I shall go and ask the artisans to work on that now.” Freya nodded with satisfaction and then asked: “Onii-sama, when do you plan to leave?”

I looked at the time and then answered: “In about a week’s time since crafting the carriages for the Earth Dragons and preparing our required items takes time. I need to hurry since I will be weak on the full-moon night. If I run into a full-moon while I’m there fighting for the mine, I’ll need to rest for some time.”

Freya said: “Uhm. Onii-sama, you have to also bear in mind that the most important part after finding a mine is refinement. I sent messengers to the five nations of the desert under your name and received reports that the metal we are after is indeed a specialty in the southern parts of the desert. However, it’s mainly produced at a few small villages spread out in the desert. The materials they manufacture are kept secret. But it is said that a small village had an accident recently. People are fighting over the book where they record the materials they manufacture in. However, the travellers of the desert are highly vigilant so I do not think it will be easy for you to locate them. Whatever the case, your task is to basically locate the mine and then find people who can refine the metal. After that, you need to decide for yourself if you want to bring them to the city here or let them stay there and just send you the amount you require annually.”

I nodded and then said: “Freya, you must be careful here since you are managing an entire city and I won’t be here. I reckon that people will make things difficult for you due to my absence. Do you want me to write a decree or pass an order down?”

Freya shook her head and replied: “There is no need, onii-sama. It would appear as though I am trying to seize power or getting them to do things for me in your name. I feel that there is no need to. The people in the city are well-behaved. I do not think they will try anything. The only thing that needs taking care of is helping the elves settle down and obtaining the crops for them to grow. I think everyone will support me on this matter.”

“True. Who would get in their own way to wealth?”

I smiled and then scrubbed Freya’s head firmly and continued, “I’ll leave this city to you then, Freya. I trust you greatly. Don’t disappoint me.”

Freya rubbed my head back somewhat unhappily. She then looked at me and pouted: “You trust me that much and yet treat me like a kid? Only a kid would be happy with having her head scrubbed, right? That technique is useless on me, onii-sama.”

I looked at her and chuckled. I then asked: “What do you need then? Honey cherry tomatoes?”

“Am I worth only a mere honey cherry tomato to you, onii-sama?” She glared at me and then checked around her. She then put on mischievous smile, leaned in and wrapped her arm around mine. She then raised her chin up, closed her eyes slightly and said: “Do you not thank her highness and Miss Nier with a kiss? I want one too, onii-sama. Please kiss me with gratitude.”

When did you see that?! When did you see me and Vyvyan kiss?! When did you see us?! You saw something so important! Please don’t mention it in front of Elizabeth! Please don’t! Please! If you mention it, I’ll die!


“What’s wrong, onii-sama? Did I not say ‘please kiss me with gratitude’?” This is a kiss full of gratitude and trust. I am an adult too! It is not too much to ask for a kiss, is it?!” Freya closed her eyes and hugged my arm. She smiled mischievously and said, “Please hurry up, onii-sama. The place we are standing at right now is the place Miss Nier passes daily for her stroll.”

“And yet you’re making that sort of request here?!”

I looked at Freya utterly stunned. I honestly see Freya as my sister. I don’t have any other sorts of funny thoughts toward her. I don’t lust after her lips even when I’m looking at them right now. Although Freya is turning into a perfect lady, I still won’t lust after her.

“If you do not want to kiss me, I will tell Miss Nier about the kiss-mark on your neck.”

“How did you see it?! I’ve covered it up with my scarf already!!”

“But I saw it in the end…… Forget it. If you do not want to kiss me, then forget it.”

Freya pursed her lips and let me go unhappily. Before I could sigh a breath of relief however, Freya suddenly appeared in front of me and went up on her tippy-toes. I felt a gentle peck on my lips like a dragonfly brushing the water. I felt like an electric current ran through my entire body like I had a dream that came and went in a flash. It caused my body to shudder.

Freya then tapped her lips and stepped back. Before my senses returned to me, a voice came from my side…


Frightened, I spun to my side and saw Nier who had just turned the corner. Nier looked at me with excitement and excitedly asked: “So you were here! Why didn’t you notify me?! What are you doing here?”

Freya chuckled softly and then waved the sheet of paper in her hand and explained: “Onii-sama and I were just discussing the things he needed for his journey to the desert, princess.”

Freya looked at me through the corner of her eye with a teasing aura. I looked at Nier’s smile that was beautiful as a flower blankly and silently nodded……


*When speaking to others, Troy oftentimes calls Lorana “Big sis” since Lorana doesn’t want to sound old


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