Son-con – Vol. 7 Ch. 09


Nier hissed in cold air as she looked at the blood coming out of her hand after she pricked it. Luna placed the things in her hands down and grabbed Nier’s hand. Nier chuckled and said: “It’s nothing, Luna. I licked blood off my blade back then, so this is nothing.”

Luna looked at her, smiled helplessly and said: “Princess, this sort of protective talisman is a lie. It is useless. There is no need for you to waste time on it.”

Nier shook her head with a smile. She picked up the talisman and looked at it affectionately. She softly explained: “Her majesty made his majesty a scarf that he still wears now. I can’t be by his side to protect him this time so I’m worried. I’ll feel a little better if I give this to his majesty.”

“Princess, you need not worry about his majesty since he has not said that he will go.”

Nier shook her head then looked at Luna and replied with a smile: “He will. Do you still not know him well enough? When has he backed down due to danger? When I was his bodyguard, I really hated that habit of his…… But now that I think about it, he looked really suave at the time.”

Luna placed the talisman down and grinned shyly. However, she quickly realised that there was something wrong and quickly wiped her grin off her face. She stood up in a flustered fashion, made a small bow and said: “Princess, it is late now. You should rest. It is not good for you to sleep late. I shall not disturb your rest.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I want to practice some more. I haven’t’ lined this part up yet……”

“That will not do, princess. You cannot do that.” Luna sternly refused her and went on in a stern tone, “Your business is no longer your business alone but the entire palace’s business. I cannot be lax with things that have to do with you. If I loosen my control on you then everyone in the palace will reprimand me. You need to rest for your child, and most importantly, there is still his majesty to consider. He definitely does not want to see you like this!”

Nier grumpily put the talisman in her hand down, lay down on her bed and pulled her blanket over herself. Luna watched Nier close her eyes. She then looked toward the fireplace and pulled out the firewood inside before tossing in another two new pieces of firewood. She then opened the window a little, closed the curtains properly and then blocked the fireplace with a black board. The room went dark. She looked toward Nier on the bed, made a small bow and said: “Goodnight, princess.”

Nier responded with her eyes closed: “Goodnight, Luna.”

Luna pulled open the door to her room and entered her room. Freya slept at the table with her face on top of recent finance books as well as reports from officials. Seeing the young Freya who was exhausted snoring gently in the room lighted up by a fire, Luna reached her hand out and gently stroked her head.

Luna viewed Freya as a good little sister. Freya always appeared full of confidence and smiled like a little devil in front of his majesty. Behind the scenes though, only she knew how exhausted she was. She frequently saw Freya sitting at the desk looking through documents when she had little awakenings at night.

Freya had to consider countless things, countless people, the power balance, countless different powers and profits in order to ensure that the ideas she provided his majesty with were correct. To her, only by doing all this could she help his majesty. She also usually spaced out while eating because she was constantly thinking.

Luna gently carried Freya to the bed and placed her down. She looked at Freya’s small face and shook her head hopelessly. She sighed and then fell into her own thoughts as she looked into the darkness outside.

His majesty really isn’t an ordinary individual. He’s cheated so many girls with his innocent look. Most importantly, all of those women were absolutely loyal to him.

And she herself was one of them.

His majesty really is a player, huh?

She sat on the chair Freya was sitting on before. She picked up the talisman she was teaching Nier to weave before. She hadn’t finished teaching Nier. She only taught her half of what she needed to know. She looked at the half-complete talisman and thought to herself for a moment. She then picked up the needle and thread to the side. Just as she went to continue it, she went and placed it back down.

She smiled and then realised something.

Nier and Lucia couldn’t accompany his majesty this time and neither could Freya. None of them could accompany him this time. It’s said that his majesty was going to go to the desert himself this time. But she knew that his majesty definitely wouldn’t leave her behind because he needed her by his side on the full-moon night.

While the others couldn’t stay by his majesty’s side, she could. That realisation uplifted her mood a lot. She smiled and then placed her protective talisman down. She didn’t need to give his majesty some sort of protective talisman because she herself was his majesty’s protective talisman.

I looked at Lucia who was deep asleep next to me and stroked her small head. Then I looked at the moon outside and spaced out.

Anybody but Lucia may object to what I say. Perhaps it’d be more accurate to say that Lucia has always been the one to know what I was thinking. Maybe it was because we grew up together that she understood particularly well what I was thinking. She knows me best and is most understanding. That’s why I really like Lucia.

But I know that this trip will be one fraught with danger. I don’t know what will happen in the desert. Everybody has said that it’s dangerous there.

“Son. Son……”

Just as I was about to lie down to sleep, there was a gentle knock at the door. Vyvyan poked her head in and waved at me. I sighed. I gently and carefully pulled my arm out from Lucia’s grasp and then walked to the door.

As soon as I left the room, an arm yanked me to the side and pushed me up against the wall. Before I could even sigh, my mouth was filled with a blissful scent.

When Vyvyan called me to come out, her eyes were blood-red so I knew that this would happen.

A domineering leg made its way in between my legs. I had no way of breaking free. Vyvyan greedily enveloped my entire mouth like she was trying to bite my tongue off. She kissed me wildly while rubbing one of her hands on my chest and the other grabbing my hand. It was like she wanted to touch every inch of my skin.

“Haaa… haa…… haa……”

Vyvyan wiped her mouth and then bit me on my neck…… No, she wasn’t doing to suck my blood this time. She did it purely because she wanted to leave a hickey! I wanted to push mom away but I noticed a shadow created by the fire at the corner of the wall. That meant that there was a guard there. If I made a sound now, what’s happening between mom and I would be exposed.

And so, I could only keep my mouth shut tightly and not make a sound.

A moment after, Vyvyan looked up and gently stroked the bite-mark she left on my neck. She then looked into my eyes and seriously said: “Just as I always tell you. Son… you must remember not to make mommy worry. Remember that. Don’t make mommy worry…… Don’t put yourself in danger. If you run into danger, call for mommy. Mommy will definitely go to protect you. Mommy definitely will!”


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