Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 48

The three of them stood before the fully-armed elf soldiers. The Valkyrie had her long-sword drawn and was ready for battle. She asked Luna who was behind her: “Miss Luna, are you afraid?”


Luna shook her head and then watched the elven soldiers in front of her vigilantly. She quietly said to the human Valkyrie: “I came here on his majesty’s orders, so I cannot be scared. My only concern is that his majesty will be without a personal servant if I die.”


The Valkyrie smirked and then continued watching the elves. If an elf were to fire an arrow at them, the Valkyrie would start a slaughter. It would take three especially skilled imperial guards to subdue one Valkyrie. The seven elves present were no match for the Valkyrie in their current situation.

Luna looked at the elves and shouted in the elven language: “Fellow elves. Please do not be tense. We are not here to hurt you. We are only here on orders to deliver an oral message.”

The elves exchanged glances and then the leader angrily exclaimed: “What do the damned Galadriels want this time? You people drove us out and cut us off from the holy spring. What do you want to talk about? You want us to submit? We refuse that sort of peace. If that’s what you want to say, then let’s fight! We won’t acknowledge you Galadriels unless we die!”

Luna looked at his face and earnestly replied: “No. I am not a messenger for the Galadriels. I am the human prince’s messenger. I did not come to ask you to submit. I just came to discuss a deal with you.”


The elf than paused for a moment. He then revealed an even more irritated expression and exclaimed, “Humans aren’t our friends either!”

“But not your enemy either.”

Luna took in a deep breath and went on, “His majesty is not trying to exterminate you nor does he consider you his enemy. Though humanity is related to the Galadriel tribe, his majesty will not consider you his enemy because of that. He wants your help and will therefore provide you with what you need. I am his majesty’s only personal servant. His majesty treats elves and humans with equality. I have only brought two guards with me this time. We have no intention of threatening you.”

He looked at the earnest look in Luna’s eyes and determination to not back down. She had the Valkyrie stand behind her while she stood there in front with seven arrows aimed at her without any sign of fear.

A moment afterwards, the team-leader lowered his bow and arrow. However, he continued to aggressively threaten Luna.

“…… Alright. Let’s hear what your prince who let an elf be his personal maid has to say. But I’m warning you, unknown-elf, if you offend us, we will take your head immediately and send it to your prince.”

Luna had the Valkyrie sheath her sword. She then looked at him and nodded. Luna revealed a composed smile and said: “Please take me to see your tribe leader then.”


I didn’t tell Elizabeth about how I secretly had a wedding dress made for her. Consider it something I took upon myself. I don’t know why I had the thought myself, but I felt sorry for Elizabeth. Vyvyan was happy just to have me, but Elizabeth has only known me for a few months.

I care for this silly mom of mine.

I’m not Inard, but I can still give her a moment of bliss nevertheless, right? I believe that mom will think of Inard when she sees me so blissful on my wedding day. That would make mom really sad, so if I hugged her, she would be able to feel a little relieved.

“Did you want onii-sama’s robe?”

Vyvyan lingered. She never expected to hear this request from me. She bit down on her lips, thought about it and answered, “Mommy isn’t too sure either. However, male elves only have a few robes. Mommy will try to recall it and make a similar one…… But why do you want one like onii-sama’s?”

I looked at Vyvyan and guiltily explained: “I’m dad’s son after all. Dad can’t make it now, but I still want to let him see me happy……”

Vyvyan can read minds so it’s really hard to lie to her face. If Vyvyan even suspects me a little, my plan will go down the drain. Vyvyan will then lose it because she’ll think I like Elizabeth more. I might even get locked up that night……

Vyvyan frowned slightly and then revealed a happy smile. She then pulled me into her embrace tightly and tenderly stroked my head. She softly said: “Mommy is so moved, son. So, so moved. Mommy is very happy that you can still remember your father. If onii-sama knew, he would be very glad. You truly are mommy’s dearest son. Son……”

Vyvyan seemed to be so moved her voice got hoarse. I honestly didn’t dare to tell her it was for Elizabeth…… Vyvyan patted me firmly on my back and then said: “Alright. No problem, son. Mommy will definitely help you make a robe like your father’s. Mommy doesn’t need the one in the past nor does mommy need to gather mana. Mommy shall use mommy’s mana to forge a blessing.”

As a demi-god, Vyvyan could definitely forge a blessing. My preparations are pretty much done then. After saying goodbye to Vyvyan, I left her room and saw Freya who was standing to one side writing something in a small book. Freya has been very busy lately. Well, Castell was busy too because the two of them were responsible for everything.

“Onii-sama, I need you to think about it again carefully. You must consider it again…… Consider it as me pleading you, onii-sama, please.”

Freya was ready to cry. She exclaimed: “All of the reports in your palace come to me because you don’t have a personal servant. I have to organise things in your palace daily. They even ask me about cleaning your room. Please, please get a temporary personal servant during such a busy period. I told you already that one personal servant is definitely not going to be enough!”

I scrubbed Freya’s head, smiled and said: “I’m sorry, Freya. It’s been hard on you. I will make arrangements for Lucia and Nier to be responsible for my room. As for the matters in the palace, they can just ask me directly from now and don’t need to ask you. That should give you some breathing space, right? Delay things by a few days if you’re too tired. There’s no rush.”

“Onii-sama, why do you refuse to have more personal servants or assistants?”

“Because I made a promise to Luna.” I smiled and looked toward the north. I looked in the direction Luna left and softly continued, “I promised her that I wouldn’t have another personal servant. She will forever be the only personal servant I have by my side, just like my promise to Lucia and Nier…… I respect Luna and I also really like her. I won’t do it since she doesn’t like it.”

I lowered my head to look at Freya, smiled and said: “Of course, the same applies for you. Freya, you will be my only sister.”

“You sure do understand women as usual, onii-sama. You truly are a scary man, huh?” Freya chuckled softly. She then whipped her hair and said, “What can I say if you’ve said that? I shall put up with it for your wedding, onii-sama.”


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