Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 18

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“My plan for the workers at the factory is to split them into two shifts.”

“We’ve just started operating, so we don’t need to operate for twenty-four hours per day, however; someone on night-watch must go on patrol duty every hour. That person must watch out for fires. I’ll write an order. You pass it on.”


I wrote the order with lively and vigorous strokes and signed my name. I then stamped it with the seal and handed it to the messenger. The messenger made a small bow and then left my office.

Freya immediately came in after he left, handed me a document folder and reported, “Onii-sama, this is our temporary shift-allocations for the maids, as well as the name-list. Please check it. If there is no problem with it, please sign your name and it will take effect tomorrow.”

“Let me take a look.” I took the document and checked the names inside.

“Why are there now three personal servants?” I asked.

“Because as you are now the lord of a city, the duties as a personal servant have also increased. Miss Luna will be far too busy and tired if she is the only one. As such, I have added two more personal servants for Miss Luna’s sake. The two of them are Her Majesty’s personal maids. They are loyal and definitely good.”

“Forget it. Luna alone is good enough.” I scribbled out the two names and then elaborated, “Luna won’t be happy. I don’t really need a personal servant, either. If I can do it myself, I’ll do it myself.”

“Alright.” Freya won’t control my business excessively, which is a good thing.

I signed my name and then returned the document to her. I then asked, “Oh right. Freya, what else is on the schedule for today?”

“You will soon have to go and see the nobles and business representatives of this region. The factory has begun operations as well. You best go and take a look. Your personal guard unit’s training will also soon begin, so you had better boost their morale. In the evening, you have the banquet with the nobles and business representatives invited. You then need to take a look at the city defence plan designed today.”

“Alright.” I nodded and then picked up the cup of tea by the side for a drink. I shook out my cape and said, “Call Nier. I’ll prepare to go and see the nobles and business representatives. Freya, ask them to wait for me in the guest hall. I’ll be there right away.”

“Understood.” Freya made a small bow. She then looked at me and said, “Onii-sama. There has been a lot of work lately, so please take care of your health. After all, if you fall sick then you will do more harm than good. Also, the next full moon is right around the corner. I hope that you can look after your health.”

“Mom is here, this time, so there won’t be a problem.” I opened the door and turned to stroke Freya’s head. With a smile, I said, “You too, Freya. You must be more tired than me. You have to look after yourself, too. Don’t exhaust yourself. Ah, is there anything you want to eat? I’m going to go and see the merchants. I’ll buy you something.”

“Preserved cherry tomatoes!”

Freya revealed an excited smile like that of a child.

I watched her speak with eagerness. However, she then hid her excited smile in the next moment and swapped it for a mature and steady smile. She said, “However… if you are too busy, Onii-sama, do not worry about it. Further, preserved sweet cherry tomatoes are not cheap…”

“Preserved cherry tomatoes? Got it.” I nodded.

Next will be the meeting with just Nier and me.

Luna and Freya had to go and watch over the training of the new maids. Those girls from agriculture families had no experience with the work of maids, and the duties of maids are honestly not easy. It’s not as though just anybody can handle them. They need to undergo training now, which Luna and Freya will arrange.

There are thousands of things waiting to be done in the palace right now. I don’t intend to make my moms’ people handle everything.

Mom was planning to leave the people she brought along with me.

But I feel that they’re loyal to Mom, not me. Since this is my palace, they must be my people. Further, if the land is good, then this place is fantastic for work.

Once we’ve solved the issue with the land, I need to deal with their urgent matters before winter comes and they can’t get through it.

“Your Majesty.” Nier walked up to my side, pressed her hand on her sword-handle with a smile and then held my hand. She looked at the frown on my face and said, “Your Majesty, you pulled an all-nighter again last night, didn’t you? I said to leave the documents for the next day if there are too many. Can’t you do that? … Lucia is responsible, too… she doesn’t let you rest at all.”

“You wouldn’t let me rest, either if it was you…” I smiled and kissed Nier’s forehead. I adjusted my expression and said, “Let’s go, Nier. I’m alright. I’ll have a good rest afterwards. Let’s go and see our guests, now.”

“Alright.” Nier put on her expressionless look.

We went through the corridor that wrapped around the courtyard and walked to the guest hall ahead.

Honestly, I do indeed have a lot of work. I don’t have any work experience. I need to check their population numbers and placements since this place is a collection of lots of people from villages and towns.

I also have to check the situation of the towns and villages previously, not to mention all sorts of other reports. The city has just started to move so I need to deal with the things of the past and organise new jobs.

I don’t feel tired, though. I actually feel this is new, and I have a sense of duty like I’m on a mission. I feel happy and satisfied to be able to do work that I enjoy. I don’t feel tired. Instead, this satisfying feeling is spurring me on to work harder.

In the courtyard, Elizabeth placed her teacup down with concern. She watched her son’s silhouette quickly pass by.

She sighed, placed her chin on her hand and said, “I’m so worried watching him work so earnestly… He’s just a child and yet he has so much work. My silly son doesn’t delegate work, either… His body can’t handle this if he keeps it up.”

“Isn’t it you humans’ fault? You humans have to bother with every little detail. If we were in our elven lands, I would just do everything. What are you even testing? Do you not know that my son is the best?” Vyvyan looked at her with a slightly angry look and grumbled, “My son’s health has just stabilised. He won’t last if he continues this way.”

“I must let him rest then… hmm… let me see… what sort of places can he take a break nearby… We can’t go hunting, right now… He doesn’t like sword fighting either… Ah… drinking? Yeah, drinking will work! I need to go and find some wine! I’m going to get someone to bring my treasured wine from the royal capital here!”

“Is there nothing else other than barbaric activities and alcohol inside that messy, fried brain of yours?” Vyvyan glared at her.

She slammed her hand on the table and firmly asked, “Can’t he go to a hot spring?! My son can’t go to hot springs in the elven lands at the moment, but can’t he go to your hot springs, either?! Hot springs are the best way to relieve fatigue! If you don’t even have hot water, what are you doing constructing a city?!”

“Don’t you elves bathe in lakes and rivers?”

“That’s why I want a hot spring. A hot spring is best for my son to relax.”

“Unfortunately, there are none close by.” Frustrated, Vyvyan rolled her eyes. Her eyes almost rolled back into her head. She sighed and then demanded, “My goodness… Find me a vacant block of land, and there will be a hot spring by tonight!!”


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