Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 17

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“Goodness gracious. Making me, an elf, cross mountains and rivers and go through such cold places. You really make things hard for people, Your Majesty. If it weren’t for your big sis, me, being strong-willed, I would’ve turned around and went home halfway here. So, let sis warm up with your just-come-of-age male body… I was joking. I was just joking…” The red-haired lady waved her hand as she chuckled. She spoke while watching Nier and Lucia, looking alerted, behind me.

I smiled helplessly as I looked at my red-haired big sis and said, “It’s been hard on you. I have prepared your room for you. You can rest there for a few days and then go to check out your workplace.”

“I don’t mind. I heard Vyvyan and Elizabeth are both here. How rare for the two of them to be able to be together and get along. I want to go and see the two of them.”

My red-haired sister scratched her head. Her eyes hinted that she was looking forward to seeing some banter.

‘It looks like she’s really eager to see her two students meeting again. No, her gaze was the ‘looking forward to seeing a show’ type of gaze. I’m guessing she wants to see Elizabeth and Vyvyan fight.’

Elizabeth knocked on the door.

She came in, made a small bow and said to her, “You need not make the long trip, teacher. I heard that you had arrived, as well. How could I make you go out of your way to come and look for me, teacher?”

Vyvyan followed behind Elizabeth. She bowed to my red-haired sister and then revealed a smile, “Long time no see, teacher. Have you adapted to life in humanity’s lands?”

I could sense the two standing behind me freeze in place.

‘I guess it’s because the two of them never imagined this somewhat messy red-haired lady was the teacher of the two scariest women on the continent. Not to mention the amount of respect they showed her and the way they spoke.’

The red-haired lady was stronger than one could possibly imagine. According to what I’ve heard, this red-haired lady in front of me is the true number one sword saint. Elizabeth is an entire level below.

The red-haired lady smiled and walked over to stand between them. She patted the two of them on their shoulders firmly and said with a smile, “My, my, how nice, how nice. I finally get to see you two standing together again. I thought you two would never stand together again since you two went on a crazy rampage back then. Vyvyan, you sure are vicious. You knew that Elizabeth has no miraculous ways of healing and yet you still went and left a scar on her chest.”

Vyvyan smiled helplessly and then replied, “There are no such things as ‘too severe’ or ‘too light’ on the battlefield. Elizabeth did not pull any punches with me either at the time. She stabbed me without any hesitation!”

“Would that have happened if you had just obediently returned my son to me?!”

“He’s my son! Why should I give him to you?! He grew up in my body, and I brought him into this world! He fed on my breast milk and was raised by me alone, yet you dare try to snatch him from me?! What right do you have to snatch my son away?!”

The gun-powder in them surged up.

It was just as I said, the two of them are very friendly under normal circumstances. But, as soon as it comes to me, they immediately turn on each other. They completely forget their old friendship. That was their bottom line that was off-limits.

“Alright, enough you two. What are you arguing in front of your child about? You’re not fighting for Inard right now. My, my, it’s a pity that Inard isn’t here. While His Highness did some very strange things back then, he was all-in-all a wise ruler.” The red-haired lady laughed and wrapped it up.

She hugged her two students and looked at Elizabeth. With a nostalgic smile, she added, “I think the most correct choice he made was also his craziest choice, and that was to take you in, Elizabeth. But it looks like it wasn’t all that bad, after all, now.”

My two moms lowered their heads. Both of them fell silent when my father was mentioned. I initially thought the two of them had gotten over his death, but that doesn’t look to be the case, now.

There’s a particularly strange and sad feeling when a few people meet, but one is missing.

Please forgive me for being blunt, but I don’t miss this Inard nor do I have any feelings for him. Actually, no. I don’t think that applies to just me. Even the original Troy doesn’t have any feelings for his father. Maybe it’s because his father passed away before he could remember. All of his memories must be of his mother.

“All right, all right, let’s not talk about that punk who makes people sad anymore. Look at your child. Hmm, I must say, Vyvyan, Elizabeth, your child, in other words; Troy, really is an outstanding individual.”

The red-haired lady broke the gloomy silence. She looked at me and proudly said, “My, my, I was planning to live an easy life, but I ended up getting called on by your son. Good grief. Good grief. I used to work for Galadriel and Rosvenor’s daughters, and now I’m working for their son. Good grief. Good grief. I must be bound.”

“This does not count as ‘working’ for me, right…? I asked for your help…”

‘I think what you’re saying is getting stranger and stranger, too, sis! What do you mean I’m Vyvyan and Elizabeth’s son? Yes, it would certainly be a most beautiful scene for my two moms to be intimate in a sensual way. The unfortunate problem is they can’t give birth like that! How could I be the child of the two of them?!’

Vyvyan proudly puffed her chest up and boasted, “That’s a given! He’s my child after all! He’s inherited the Galadriel bloodline, was raised by me and is my son that I am most proud of. He’s the most perfect man in this world, right now! Not even Onii-sama can compare to my son!”

“Of course! My son can’t be a pet after all. Look at how he exudes the aura of a king when he handles matters, now. What I am most proud of is not some military accomplishment or how vast my territory is, but that I gave birth to such an outstanding descendant!” Elizabeth looked at me with tenderness and love.

However, it wasn’t the type of love for your lover but the deepest form of motherly love for your child. Her motherly love was so bright I virtually couldn’t open my eyes.

‘Please, mom and mom. Please stop saying that… I’m about to be spoilt to death by you two… I’ve only just started out. I’m nowhere near as amazing as you make me out to be…’

“This is good. This is good. You’re both here. Come, come, come. I have time tonight and you two are finally both present, so drink with me. My, my, it was so nice gazing at the moon while drinking under it in the snow, back then. It would be great if we could do that again on the full-moon night this month.”

“I can’t. I must stay by my son’s side on the full-moon night this month.”

“I can’t leave my son’s life in this woman’s hands!”

“What?! You want me to leave him in your care? How many times has he returned from death while under your watch?! I can’t believe you can still say that!”

“Do you have the right to blame me?! My son got the scar on his chest when he was with you! You keep saying that you protect my son well, but what have you done?! You don’t have what it takes to protect your own child as a mother!”

“You humans were the ones that came up with that plan!”

“You elves were the ones who carried it out!”

The red-haired lady watched the two of them argue. She sighed and then scratched her head. She then looked at me and asked, “Are we… going to just leave the two of them like this…”

I made a helpless open hand gesture and replied, “It makes no difference. They fight once every day. It’s become an everyday thing already. I’m no longer surprised.”

“Sigh, Your Majesty, it sure is rough on you…”

I wish I could cry but I had no tears, “Yeah… super rough…”


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