Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 15

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Mom sucked intensely. Her chest, which was rising and falling in front of my eyes, made me dizzy. Mom virtually sucked all the oxygen out of my lungs. Mom positioned her face very close to mine, nearly touching my face. I could feel her eyelashes brush against me. I couldn’t breathe with her so close, while Mom’s face, which was right in front of my eyes, was blurry.

Mom let go and took a step back.

I panted for air.

Mom’s blood-red eyes were like a flame that could burn me to death.

Mom panted and then with a dazed look stuck her hands she held me with in her mouth…

‘She licked them! She licked her fingers that she touched me with! What the hell is going on?! What the devil happened? While Vyvyan does behave like this, she only behaves like this on full moon nights. The last full moon night was only over ten days ago. It’s still a while until the next full moon, so what’s wrong with Mommy Vyvyan?!’

I looked at Mom fearfully and called out to her, “Mom?”

I then immediately regretted it. I shouldn’t have called ‘Mom’ in that moment.

Hearing me call them ‘Mom’ was something worth fighting a war to the death over to my two moms. Calling Mom ‘Mom’ when she’s sensitive will basically make her go completely berserk.

Mom’s oppai-burial no jutsu took centre stage again, and this time, she went even more overboard. With my head buried deep in between her two pillows, she slid my head up and down between them while panting heavily.

“My son… my son… Aaaaahhh… My son… I finally get to see my son. My son hasn’t been by my side in a long time… You… you should be by Mommy’s side this month… Mommy can’t take it anymore… Mommy can’t hold it in… Mommy just can’t hold it in anymore… Mommy must be by your side. Mommy must breathe in your smell and feel your warmth… Let Mommy hug you. Let Mommy kiss you!”

‘You’re going way overboard Mom! Way overboard! I’m dying! I’m suffocating!! I’m suffocating! Your flower-scent is too prominent! No! No! Don’t do this!’

I heard the quick footsteps of a guard outside. It looks like he’s in quite the hurry, too. Perhaps it’s because I went missing. Just as I was about to shout out, Mom quickly sealed my lips with a kiss, stopping me from making any sound.

She wrapped her tongue around mine and then tried to bite my tongue.

A string of saliva hung between us. I didn’t dare to scream, but I didn’t want to continue like this, either. God knows what Mom is going to do next.

If it were Elizabeth, I would trust that she wouldn’t do anything. Vyvyan, however, is too unpredictable!

‘This is too freaking scary!! If Mom pushes me down here, how am I going to face Lucia and Nier?!’

‘Wait. If she goes that far with me here, the second war for me will probably start soon…’

Mom removed her lips from mine and then leaned in to kiss my neck.

I could feel her sharp teeth stab into my skin. A powerless feeling, from having my blood sucked, surged up inside me. My legs went numb, and I could feel them wanting to wobble.

Mom hugged me to help me keep my balance but her lips were plastered to my neck like she was trying to desperately suck my blood out.

‘As far as I’m currently aware, dark elves are the only bloodsucking elves! Is Mom a dark elf?!’

I was so frightened my entire body went floppy.

‘I thought Mera was the last dark elf, but I now suspect the Galadriel tribe is a tribe of dark elves! Mom’s mana increases exponentially on full moon nights, her eyes turn blood-red and she has a desire to suck my blood. Plus, the Galadriel tribe deliberately tried to slaughter all the dark elves!’

‘They used their blood to continue to increase their tribe’s mana, by passing it on to their descendants, and alas, they managed to raise a monster with mana purity at almost one-hundred percent, Vyvyan! If that’s true, how scary is the Galadriel tribe? How dark is the background of the glorious elven imperial family?’

‘Wait, no!’

Not only did Mom suck out my blood, but she was now sending blood back into my body!

I could feel my entire body fill up like a balloon. I was feeling a little weak, but it feels like my energy has returned to my body. I always thought that I couldn’t recover because I was tired from my journey and caught a cold, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now. It must’ve been a mana issue in my blood.

A moment later, Mom raised her head up. Her blood-red eyes had reverted back to their normal blue.

She cupped my partially numb face and in a concerned voice explained, “Son, how is your body feeling? Son, has your body recovered a little? Your mana has always been running berserk in your body until now, but the effect wasn’t major since you expended an excessive amount of mana. The mana in your body was continuously fluctuating, so the mana in Mommy’s body kept on fluctuating, too. Mommy just filtered your blood, once again. You shouldn’t have any problems now.”

I touched my forehead. I kept feeling a little dizzy before, but I was completely fine now. I looked at her blankly and in a somewhat hazy manner asked, “Mom, why… why… why does it affect you?”

“Because you are Mommy’s son. The mana in your body is forever linked with Mommy’s. So if you ever have any problems, Mommy can feel it right away.” Mom hugged me tightly, laughed softly and continued, “You’re my son. You’ll always be Mommy’s son. Your link with Mommy will never disappear. Mommy will always be by your side… Mommy can’t be without you. If Mommy can’t feel your breaths, Mommy will lose control…”

‘Uhm. I can tell. But Mom, please make sure to adjust your clothing when engaging in such sensual activities. And please remove your leg that’s gently rubbing up against mine!’

“Mom. Sorry. I haven’t been back in a long time…”

“Don’t come back…” Mom hugged my head and gently continued, “Before your body completely recovers, you must not approach our lands. You must not. The mana in your body just won’t settle down. If it goes berserk, it will cause your body to explode. Do not approach the elven lands.”

“Mommy will be by your side. Mommy will be by your side. Mommy will never leave. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. But promise Mommy. No matter what happens, do not use magic again. You absolutely mustn’t. Do not use magic again. You can’t control the power and amount. You will kill yourself like that! You really will kill yourself!”

“I… I know…” I looked into Mom’s eyes and kissed her gently on the forehead.

Mom giggled softly. She then frowned and said, “Every time you say that you end up making Mommy worry. You never listen to Mommy. Rely on Mommy more…”

“If I do that… I will not be able to establish myself here, will I?”

“That doesn’t matter, Son. Mommy won’t interfere with your business. Mommy will provide you with enough support, too. However, you must promise Mommy that you will come to see Mommy every day… Otherwise… Mommy will come to find you at night…”

‘Don’t! Don’t scare me! Don’t scare me like this!! Man, that’s freaking scary!! What are you going to do at night?! What are you doing to do at night?! Can you beat Nier in a fight?! No! You can! Crap! Don’t come! Do not come!’


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