Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 07

How many days have I been separated from my son…? How many days has it been…? Day seven… Day seven, four hours, thirty-five minutes…… I can’t… I can’t… I can’t take it anymore… My son isn’t here by my side…… I should be able to see him now but he’s on the other side. If it were a normal month, I would be able to hang in there, but the feeling of not having him by my side when he should be… I can’t take it anymore……

I can’t… I can’t survive… If I can’t smell my son’s scent again I’m going to lose control… I can’t take this… I think I’m going to go and snatch him back and then push him down. if I don’t recharge…… I can’t. I can’t. My son’s wedding is coming up. I can’t make a mistake during this time……

“Lucia…… Lucia…… Lucia……”

“What is the matter?! Your highness!”

Lucia went up to Vyvyan’s bed and saw her shivering with her eyes completely void of life. Vyvyan pulled Lucia into her embrace and opened her blood-red eyes like a hungry wolf that smelt the presence of food. She pulled her into her embrace aggressively and bit Lucia’s neck before licking Lucia’s skin desperately.

Lucia’s entire body went numb like she got electrocuted, numbing her muscles and nerves wherever she got licked. The tip of Vyvyan’s tongue skilfully danced around on her white neck and would suck on her neck aggressively every once in a while. Lucia’s body started to turn powerless. She couldn’t hold back her moans and her face started to turn red. Vyvyan sucked every spot she licked leaving behind a red lip-mark.

“Y-Your highness……”

Lucia’s gaze started to look hazy. Vyvyan pushed her away. She then clasped her face like a lover and kissed Lucia on her lips. Her tongue went wild inside Lucia’s mouth, swallowing all of her saliva. Lucia’s tongue began to react and move without her control as she clumsily followed Vyvyan’s movements. She couldn’t stop herself from hugging Vyvyan. Vyvyan who was a higher-being among elves was naturally attractive to Lucia on an instinctive level. Lucia’s mind was completely blank. She came in when she heard the queen’s shrieks, but never imagined this would happen.

Vyvyan retracted her tongue and then grabbed Lucia’s hand. She stuck Lucia’s fingers into her mouth one by one and sucked on them. Lucia’s legs jerked themselves intensely. She then moaned and dropped to her knees on the ground. Her flushed look and hazy gaze exuded a lustful aura.

Elves don’t usually get horny, but because of Vyvyan’s magic and lust, Lucia feelings became directed toward Vyvyan in front of her instead of her husband.

“Fuu… fuu… fuu… fuu……”

Vyvyan threw Lucia down and then panted. She buried her head in Lucia’s breasts and took in big breaths, devouring the scent on the young girl’s body like a tobacco addict catches the scent of tobacco. Lucia’s scent was a fragrant smoke to Vyvyan right now.

“Ah… my son… my son… my son……”

Vyvyan clasped her own face, roared and shrieked in an unseemly way. She ran her hands all over her face leaving countless traces of blood.

“Y-Your highness… You… you……”

Lucia awakened from her stupor and looked at Vyvyan in front of her with terror. Vyvyan yanked her over with one arm and ripped open the section on her dress where her breasts were. She ripped her pendant off and tossed it into her mouth. A moment later, the savage look in Vyvyan’s eyes slowly disappeared. She spat out a small bottle and then sat to one side as she panted.

The blood-red look in her eyes slowly reverted back to their usual calm and graceful blue. She froze in place and spaced out like a machine that ran out of batteries. The entire room went silent with only the two of them panting intensely as well as their scents mixed together in the air.

“Your highness… what… what… what… what……”

Vyvyan hugged Lucia who was completely flustered. She revealed an exhausted smile and said: “Don’t worry, Lucia. I was just missing my son…… At present, the person who carries my son’s scent most prominently is you so I needed to suck out some of my son’s scent on you to calm myself down…… I can’t be without my son. If I don’t see him, I’m going to go berserk. I don’t want for that to happen before you get married. This is my only option since my son isn’t here with me.”

Lucia trembled as she stood up and looked at the carpet she made wet and blushed. She held her clothes Vyvyan tore together tightly and said: “Your highness… your highness… Are we not heading to that city tomorrow? …… You will get to see his highness soon……”

“So I need to hold it in for a while longer… I’m going to go and look for my son tomorrow… But Lucia, the scent on my son has faded a fair bit too. You haven’t seen my son in a long time as well, right? That Nier is lucky. Lucia, you must get pregnant before Nier no matter what. You do have the advantage though since your chance of getting pregnant on a full-moon night is one-hundred percent. And it’ll be hard for her to get pregnant since she’s human while my son is an elf. As long as you manage to get pregnant, my son won’t get too close to humanity for several months.”

Vyvyan recovered her composure. She waved her hand and the torn bits of cloth on the ground returned to Lucia’s body and her dress was repaired. Lucia struggled to get up. She then looked at Vyvyan as she asked: “I just have to get pregnant? …… I just have to be with his majesty on a full-moon night?”

“Uhm. However, my son’s mana will be most potent on a full-moon night. I don’t know if you’ll be able to handle it…… I think I’m the only one that can stand it.”

Vyvyan looked at Lucia, smiled and continued, “Just put up with the pain for a bit since this is a very important issue after all. You want to have a few kids with my son too, don’t you?”



Vyvyan stood up and said: “Don’t worry, Lucia. You’ll get to see my son tomorrow. You’re not the only one who misses him. I miss him too. Cling to him after you see him. My son can’t come back with his body’s condition. It’s tough on you too since you have to stay here with me even though you love him so much.”

Lucia looked a little excited now. She was going to get to see her loved one soon. Her excitement was like that of separated lovers who run to the train station to see each other. However, Lucia was slightly unhappy because she didn’t know what Nier had done by his highness’s side. She is so happy with his highness, and yet she has to hand him over at night.

But Lucia really looked down on Nier. From Lucia’s perspective, Nier is just after physical pleasure which made her no different to an animal. Her feelings for his highness were truly pure love. She didn’t love his body but his soul. Thus, Lucia didn’t mind handing his highness over to Nier at night.

Her love for his highness was truly pure after all. But Nier was fine as long as her demented lust was satisfied. It was just like raising a dog, so what?

With that train of thought, Lucia considered life as it was to be quite good.

Of course, the happiest news yet was that she was going to get to see her beloved prince tomorrow! She wasn’t going to let herself be sad and in despair like that time when they meet!


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