Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 05

I looked at the bar in front of me. This place is full of memories. This was the place Nier princess-carried me for the first time, though I was basically suiciding. But it’s still a very nice memory. It can be considered the first time we fought side-by-side. It might even be the place Nier fell in love with me. Uhm, that night where I drifted really was beautiful. I’ve got to do it again someday.

Wait, no, no. Drifting is dangerous.

I pushed the door to the bar open. It was as noisy as I remember it. I don’t get it, you’re soldiers, but you don’t need to be at your camp?! Why do I always see you people?! Which camp do you belong to? I’m going to go and report you now!

When they heard the sound of the bell ring when the door opened, they turned around to look at me. I stood in place, looked at them silently and then asked: “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Your majesty!!”

All of them suddenly raised their cups of wine up and shouted which gave me a fright. I nearly fell onto my ass. They laughed loudly and gulped their wine down. One of them then pushed a young man out in front of me. They laughed and said: “Hurry up and thank his majesty. You’d be dead right now if it wasn’t for his majesty!”

I looked at the young man in front of me who was trembling. He looked about the same age as myself. He looked very delicate and pretty. He gave off the vibe of a female. If he were dressed as a girl and wore on some makeup, he really would look like an actual girl. He looked even more like a girl now with the way he was sobbing and trembling.

“Thank you… thank you… thank you… for saving me, your majesty… if it were not for you… I… I……”

“Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Speak properly!!”

His tears started running down his face before he could finish, making him look even more like a girl now. Actually, he was gentler than a normal girl. The man behind him couldn’t stand it so he pulled him over to his side and patted him hard on his back. He frowned and said: “What are you crying for? You’re here to thank him not whinge to him…… Whatever. Forget it. Let me explain. He was originally a soldier, but he caught the church’s eyes so they made him their plaything. If you did not assault the church’s castle that day and rescue him, he might have died in there.”

I recalled my method back then…… Yeah….. he sure is lucky to have survived. I levelled the area around the castle and caused half of the castle to collapse like a huge wave from the lake crashed into it several times. I nearly killed him, but fortunately, it looks like he was alright.

I smiled and replied: “Don’t worry about it. I didn’t know the church did that sort of stuff. You should’ve told me about it from the start.”

“We did not know you were so insistent back then. We thought it would end with you submitting to the church’s wishes. We never expected for you to destroy the entire church. All of the branches have suffered repercussions and they do not dare to do anything now. Even the priest in the army is living in constant fear!”

They laughed. It looks like people are happy to see the church be done with. Well, they’re only so elated about it since they were the church’s victims. Under normal circumstances, people should be neutral about it because it’s got nothing to do with them. Their life after the church is gone would remain the same.

But they could take advantage of the chaos and smash the church since they’ve got nothing to do with it being winter. They could make themselves a quick buck too. They’d hit the jackpot if they could find some gold jewellery. Hmm, I need to deal with those opportunistic people. I need to pass down an order ordering all assets stolen from the church must be submitted to the royal family. It’s not a bad idea to make some spare change.

“Therefore we need to thank you for this, your majesty. You certainly are different to those officials. We admire your determination and bravery. As we mentioned last time, we will go through hell for you if you need us. We will do anything to repay you!”

The rest of them responded in support. From what mom said about finding people I got to submit to me, these are the people I think of. Sometimes, hatred is the best chain. People who all hate the same thing will be closely united and never betray each other. We hate the church while I destroyed the church. I think they’ve changed their opinion of me and are the most loyal to me.

I felt the timing was right. I looked at them, cleared my throat and said: “Good timing. I have something I’d like to ask you to help me with now.”

They slowly quietened down. I looked at them and earnestly said, “Gentlemen, I will soon have my own domain. Her majesty has allowed me to form my own guard-unit. After much deliberation, I decided to choose you. I really admired your bravery and the discipline you displayed during our last team-up. If you are willing, I would like to ask you to write your name and information down on the sheet of paper and become my guards.”

They all dawdled for a moment and exchanged glances with each other. A moment later, the young delicate and pretty looking guy wiped the tears by the corner of his eyes, looked at me and asked:

“L-Like the Valkyries?”

“Hmm… no, not like the Valkyries. I don’t want that sort of guard-unit either. I don’t want that sort of loyalty. I want guards who are happy to and willing to obey me. If you think that I am a prince worth your loyalty, then be my guards. You are not sacrificial warriors, but my guards, guards who shall protect my life, honour and future.”

I looked at them and earnestly continued, “As long as you’re willing to obey me and feel that I am a wise ruler, than come and guard me!”

“I’ll join!”

As soon as I finished, the young man raised his hand up high. He puffed up his flat-chest and loudly remarked: “You saved me, your majesty. And you avenged me. When I came out, I swore that I would serve you, even if it meant being just a mere servant. I am so glad to know that I can become your guard! If you can accept me, please allow me to pledge my loyalty to you!”

“He’s right! Your majesty! You are someone that is worthy of our loyalty! As long as you do not betray her majesty, we shall serve you!”

With that, the others felt encouraged and raised their arms up as they shouted. I watched them and nodded my head with gratitude and consolation. I then said: “Please write down your names and information on the sheet of paper. After some time, I shall came and find you to come with me to my domain. After that comes training. Your training won’t be easy. As my guards, you must be superior to others!”

“Roger! We shall serve you with our swords, our lives and our souls!”

I think that this group of men are most trustworthy because our hatred is directed at the same target, plus, we’ve teamed-up in the past. Further, there is no need to question their loyalty as they are the descendants of veterans.

I was soon proven right. These men never left my side no matter what the danger we faced was. They never let shame or disgrace taint the bright golden brooch on their chest……


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