Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 36

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“Your Highness! Your Highness! The princess has given birth! She gave birth to a boy and the examination shows that his mana purity is comparable to the princess! His mana is only slightly less pure!!”

The maid made the announcement with glee while holding the mana detector.

The needle on the mana detector pointed to the furthest left side.

The elf king froze up and then laughed aloud. He gave his son firm pats on his back and said, “Nice. Very nice. Now isn’t this just perfect? You didn’t disappoint, Inard. Your child with Vyvyan is perfect. Of course, I feel like your sister now has a burden to carry too.”

“Father, Vyvyan is a demi-god while I am just an ordinary elf.” Inard chuckled bitterly. He had no way of telling his father that the child wasn’t his and Vyvyan’s. If it were his child with Vyvyan, he himself would be happy right now as well, because he’d be a second Vyvyan with such a mana purity level.

But the more powerful and pure the child’s mana was, the more pain he would suffer in the future because mana is meaningless to him. However, that meaningless thing would forever torture him until death.


“Your Majesty, why aren’t you running anymore? Are you surrendering because you know you can’t escape?”

The cavalry squad members came one after another.

I held my long-sword and leaned on the tree. I did everything I could to stop myself from being exposed to a single ray of moonlight. I looked up, then looked at the knight coming over with a ridiculing smile. He stood in front of me and slapped me with his hand that was covered with a metal gauntlet.

Yeah, I actually felt my tooth come loose this time.

I wobbled and fell in the dirt.

He stepped on my arm with one foot and forcefully shoved my face into the dirt. Dirt and rotten leaves that were tough and bitter filled my mouth in an instant.

“Yes, we can’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean we can’t beat you up. We just need to capture you alive. It doesn’t matter if we capture you in your pretty-boy state or if you’re hanging on to dear life barely breathing. We’ve angered Her Majesty, so we don’t need to care ‘how much’ we anger her. You’re just a willful brat who relies on his mother. Where’s your mommy now, huh? Where’s your mommy now, huh?”

He grabbed my sleeve and yanked me up. He spat his stinky saliva on my face and then pressed my face up against the tree hard.

The liquid dripping out of the tree and the blood on my forehead coursed down my face.

“You’re pretty tough, hey? You’re not crying or resisting. Aren’t you going to scream at all?”

He looked at me, sprawled on the ground like a string of noodle, and then kicked me in my back.

I softly said, “Because…”


Shocked, he went on alert and took a step back.

“Because, compared to the pain I suffer on full-moon nights, what you’re doing to me isn’t worth shit…”

I pressed my hand on the bitter dirt on the ground. I resisted the external and internal pain I was feeling and stood up. I leaned on the tree and sneered.


He smacked me again, except I didn’t fall down this time. He looked at me with rage and shouted, “Where are the others?! They left you behind to cover up their retreat, am I right?”

“You don’t have to concern yourself… with the others…” I tilted my neck left and right. My neck cracked each time like I was a robot. But the wounds, bruises and loose tooth he gave me will undergo a complete recovery in a second. The one thing I’m not worried about on full-moon nights is getting injured. As long as it’s not a blow that kills me instantly, my berserk mana will heal me in the next instant.

Mom is a demi-god. In other words, the mana in her body is extremely pure. If it were to be any purer, then her body would be a body of mana. What’s a body of mana? It means that the exterior of the subject’s body will be covered by a thick layer of mana which can be completely restored through mana.

God can create elves precisely because of the purity of God’s mana. When you possess the ultimate form of mana, creating life is as easy as the wave of a hand.

A ray of moonlight shone through the tightly grown trees and onto me. The knight in front of me froze up for a second.

An explosion then suddenly occurred in the air, filling it with the smell of blood and burnt flesh.

A trail of smoke slowly formed inside the knight’s helmet.

He then grabbed his face and cried painfully. He staggered backwards and desperately tried to remove his helmet. Unfortunately for him, he was reduced to a pile of charcoal before he could remove it.

“Sorry about that…”

I gently whipped my hand holding a fire on it, chuckled indifferently and said, “That was my first time using magic. I’m not quite used to it yet, so I couldn’t give him a more pleasurable instant-death… Now I shall bestow all of you with a benevolent, instantaneous, ending. You don’t have to thank me because I’m a benevolent prince.”

I don’t know if you guys have played a game known as DOTA.

If you have played it, great.

Don’t worry if you haven’t. You can just search up a hero that goes by the name of Kael on any search engine.

If you can’t be bothered, let me give you a simple explanation.

Kael has three magic orbs. Different combinations of the three abilities create different invoked abilities. He has a total of ten invoked abilities. The area of effect of his skills is massive, and he has basically every facet covered… He has all sorts of different invoked abilities, too.

Tornado, Deafening Blast, Sun Strike, Chaos Meteor, Cold Snap.


I don’t have a very good imagination. This is basically how I see magic in my mind.

And so that’s how I unleashed magic on the forest and the squadron of knights on that full-moon night…


Vyvyan quickly looked up and towards humanity.

It looked peaceful. Nothing was happening at the end of the forest, and the flying birds weren’t surprised, but since she’s highly sensitive to mana, she noticed a huge splurge of mana being released on humanity’s side just now.

There was only one other person besides herself who could use magic powerful enough to bring Heaven and Earth to their knees.

Vyvyan stood up with a blank expression, looked in his direction and murmured…


Behind her, Lucia was cheerfully trying on her wedding dress. Lucia walked over and asked, “His Highness?!”

Vyvyan turned around and looked at Lucia with a smile and said, “Lucia, you look so beautiful… Now that’s the girl my son likes…”

“You are exaggerating, Your Highness… But you mentioned His Highness just now… Did he run into some trouble in humanity’s lands?”

“Uhm… I think so… and it’s definitely no small matter…”


I don’t have the foggiest clue as to what happened next. I just knew that I discovered a much more ecstatic way of relieving myself compared to having Luna or mom suck my mana out of me. And that was to use up all of the mana in my body, annihilating everything in sight, humans, forests, mountains, rivers, as long as it existed and I wanted it destroyed. Everything. Everything. Everything. Everything. Be reduced to smithereens!!! The comfort I had never experienced before and the pleasurable feeling of destroying things made me laugh out loud.

I watched the knights cry and screech as they jumped into the water to try and put the fire burning them out. I watched them get elevated high into the air by the wind and then land back on the ground as mince-meat. I watched them get crushed to death by boulders and watched them die from suffocation in the water…

This feels amazing! This feels too damned amazing!!!

“Haha… Hahahahahaha! Go to hell!! Go to hell! Disappear! I’ll make sure not even your ashes remain! There won’t even be a molecular particle of you remaining!! Die! Die!! This is my empire! This is my power!! Hahaha!! Hahahahaha!!”

That was the power of God.

That was the power to create worlds.

That was the power to slice mountains and valleys, fill ditches and call upon the waves of the sea.

The forest became a field of ashes.

The lake dried up.

The land became a scorched block of land.

This is the fury of God.

This is the wrath of the Hero King.


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